Jnes Version 1.0.2

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The following Windows packages are available for this release:

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What's New:

  • bugfix: full screen filters were broken
  • bugfix: video dialog would accidently clear the filter while changing resolutions
  • bugfix: rewrote mapper 23 (vrc2) vrom handling to fix Crisis Force
  • Added language translations
  • Updated english example
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squall_leonhart 1271517646000 #1

yo Jabo, somethings up with jnes, SMB and others are running too fast. the timer is 2x faster then it should be

squall_leonhart 1271517724000 #2

yeah, both PAL and NTFS are running faster then they should be.

Jabo 1271694533000 #3

I set up a test using Super Mario Bros (JU) (PRG 1). I loaded it up in FCEU and the latest version of Jnes at the same time, wasn't sure how you concluded it was too fast so this seemed like an easy test. I ran them both side by side and watched as the time in the first stage counted down on both emulators, they finished pretty much at the same time... anyway that was my results, haven't tested with PAL.

squall_leonhart 1271702721000 #4

:P i set up my nes to test, and the timer on the emulators counts down far faster than the console.

FSzabolcs 1272689342000 #5

Jabo master, if you need Hungarian language (menu) update for your Jnes software, pm me at fszabolcs@postafiok.hu!

Jabo 1272912691000 #6

hehe well I'm interested in finding out more about the countdown, just not sure when I can take a look.

Jabo master, if you need Hungarian language (menu) update

Sounds great, I don't think the language file changed lately but if you notice anything just give me a download link to megaupload.com
REPLY updated 1272912706000

FSzabolcs 1273221758000 #7

okay master!

enjoy Kunio remix Yeah, bring back memories, cool remix! XD


FSzabolcs 1273280228000 #8

and what about automatic (integrated) update (download automatically and install latest version if it needed I mean) if you have internet connection? this is just an idea, because I don't know how hard to work on a projekt like this Jnes


Bookmark 1276747515000 #9

I made a Chinese Simplified(????????????)
This Address can let you get it
and it have my Chinese Nickname


Precaution, make a backup

Jabo 1276801820000 #10

made a Chinese Simplified(????????????)

I downloaded it successfully, thanks!

Yvan 1292812942000 #11

The quality is very good!
Thank you so much!

FSzabolcs 1297404954000 #12

I updated the Hungarian lang with more precision I know nowadays

download here:

Jabo 1297882464000 #13

great thanks for the update!

FSzabolcs 1298461164000 #14

Of course,
for this great emulator project!!

PsYcHo 1299812524000 #15

Hey heres a good idea for the next version you release, try removing the goddamn restore option under system that doesnt need to be there, no fucking reason for that shit, what if someone accidentialy clicks it then what, there file is fucking gone.

squall_leonhart 1299828991000 #16

Psycho, clearly you're a dumbass. so kindly stfu.

squall_PsYcHo 1300134539000 #17

Why you gotta do that man what if that happend to you, you would be pretty pissed off wouldnt you. There is a easier way to start a game over again, no restore button needed. This is a fucking valid issue.

Jabo 1300301557000 #18

Hey heres a good idea for the next version you release...

Save states are one of the most common features in emulators, they aren't unique to Jnes so removing it is a bit of a silly idea. The restore menu you mentioned only reverts to a previous state if you've saved one prior, otherwise it does nothing. Squall is reacting to your rather brash comment, while I can understand the frustration of loosing a saved game, I would just chalk it up to making a mistake and not go flaming the authors that let you play the game for free.
REPLY updated 1300301572000

Weetabix 1300461407000 #19

Why not adding scanlines? Would look better.

squall_leonhart 1300556994000 #20

play on a tv then.

Gerhalt 1302781623000 #21

Okay, squall_leonhart what game are you having trouble with? I'm neither an expert nor a qualified pro. Nevertheless I may be quite helpful (may I?) sometimes. Afterall we're all here to support THIS AWESOME PROJECT. Godspeed!

happygamer 1303647165000 #22

what is the deal with the jnes needing to shut down after I finish entering in game genie codes I tried this on this version and the one before and they both do that. then when I go back to the game to see if the codes I just entered are there they are gone. I did not know if you where aware of this or not. I do believe there where earlier versions where this did not happen. Any help? Fixes?

Gerhalt 1303913494000 #23

what is the deal with the jnes needing to shut down after...
Okay, as far as I know, there aren't any prompts of restarting the app after you've entered your GG/AR codes. If everything's done correctly then you'll be able to enable the cheat once you've added it. Problem may lie in wrong codes you're entering (I had such experience); anyway take a look at JNES help - it's described there in details.

d3n1 1310449894000 #24

nice Apps.. nice simply gui
I hope next release just usinng own directori
for scan & browser all folder needed..

Thank U (Neser)