Jnes Version 1.0

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The following Windows packages are available for this release:


What's New:

  • bugfix: command line arguments, added switches -relaunchmce -exitonclose
  • bugfix: fixed multiple rom browser sorting issues
  • bugfix: fixed input POV-hat diagonals
  • bugfix: fixed palette dialog
  • bugfix: PAL raw audio timing
  • bugfix: vsync no longer lags
  • upgraded to a static zlib 1.2.3
  • options are now stored in Jnes.ini instead of registry
  • added software filter to 4x windowed and fullscreen
  • added windowed mode vsync (experimental)
  • added fullscreen status messages for states, kaillera, low battery
  • added setup and autoconfig buttons to input dialog
  • added a limit fps option
  • added mapper #225,#235
  • new browser artwork display mode available in settings dialog
  • rom browser now caches things quietly for quicker startup
  • support for capturing movies and rendering them to an AVI
  • new kaillera dialog to streamline using it
  • support for external languages in utf-8 format
  • redid rom info dialog into a nicer table
  • new system information dialog
  • added warning for netplay regarding extended vblank
  • extended kaillera packets with mini state information
  • kaillera chat via Ctrl+T in fullscreen
  • new palette options
  • added blargg's nes_ntsc filter

Comments 35

John 1204100867000 #1

Great Emulator. But I noticed some games don't work right on this version for some reason. The World Map screen on Zelda 2 - The Adventures of Link is badly messed up.

hiryuz 1204659437000 #2

Jabo I writing here because I forgot pass to emu-talk and after two days I haven't reveived e-mail to restore pass ;/
I have updated PL translation of JNES (added short-cut's) - where I should put it ?

squall_leonhart 1204678343000 #3

hiryuz, if you have a hotmail or msn account you can upload the files to skydrive.live.com

hiryuz 1204698055000 #4

I don't have any of acc u mentioned and I don't want to have any
Maybe I just upload it to some sharing site and jabo will put in to correct place ?

skour 1205364047000 #5

"options are now stored in Jnes.ini instead of registry"

Thanx a lot for this!!! Other changes (your hard work) also awesome! Great small piece of software!

Beatles 1206550411000 #6

Hey there. I have been using Jnes for quite some time now, but when I wanted to make demos I realized that 0.6 didn't have that ability. So I tried FCE Ultra, which sucks, and screen capturing software, which also sucks. Then I saw that this version had that capability. It works very well, and I am very impressed. I would just like to thank you for your amazing work. Jnes is definitely the best NES emulator. I hope you continue improving it.

lippness 1206901648000 #7

I've noticed that on both v0.6 and 1.0 Bases Loaded freezes after the first half of the first inning (when the players are jogging off of the field) when you choose "Jersey" as your home team. Anyone have any fixes or ideas why this happens?

Iconoclast 1207051541000 #8

Bases Loaded (U)

US Mode > letter J
game becomes unresponsive

This also happens on FCEUltra, Nestopia, and NNNesterJ.

I did not find any emulator that would resolve this.
REPLY updated 1207051412000

squall_leonhart 1207337718000 #9

could be a bad rom.

SamInNorthCakal... 1207573603000 #10

Saved data question...I'm trying to get the stats from a saved league of Baseball Stars. I've opened the .jst file using some of the file readers out there (thingy, etc.) but all I get is just one of the teams listed and the rest is gibberish. I'm guessing the teams are stacked on top of each other like a table where only the first row is seen. Does anyone know of a way to extract that data? I'm not a programmer but not a novice either so any leads would be welcomed.

Thanks, Sam.

Iconoclast 1207998391000 #11

Sometimes text data is separated by null bytes or numerical data for the game is stored as one character at most legible. I would best consider these fields as encrypted, but if you wanted to extract any legible text, you could use Notepad to open the file and use copying and pasting, removing any excessive bytes afterwards. It is not unusual to open these types of files and see nothing but binary patterns.
REPLY updated 1207998259000

millwood 1208091981000 #12

how do i get my games to start the game comes up and i can move the arrow or hand what ever the game uses i have hit enter tried to click on it with my mouse but i can't get the games to star in to play.. the title screen comes up and thats as far as i can go

SnIPe 1208241221000 #13

where is soucer ?

Iconoclast 1208281198000 #14

That seems like a problem with the default controller configuration.

If you want to change or view the set controller configuration:
Options > Input...

If I am wrong, please give the name of the game, and I will verify this.

Hippi 1208626059000 #15

I just wanna Thank you for this great peace of Software.

It is so great to play all the Classics
from back in the day when i was young

and also to show this Great Era of Games to a New Generation so the dont forget the Roots !

Wourds can´t express....

( i thought i write you a email , but i dont find it... so.. i hope you see this)

Respect, ! and Thank you so much

OrangeRibbon 1211160132000 #16

Wow this emulator has become so great since the first time I D/Led it. I was wondering, Is there a way of applying the rom or header name and a number to a snap shot? I have been looking for a general Emulator front end to handle multible systems and have a pic of the game in game. (kinda like the newest NesterDC.)

Iconoclast 1211208886000 #17

One emulator that uses this screenshot-naming convention is Project64. Since the user's file-naming preference is not automatically known, the generic "snapx" convention is used. Jabo could add a setup for screenshot-naming using variables like the game name and other fields.

Bonez 1213645991000 #18

I can play the NES games fine using jnes but what do you use to play SNES games?

squall_leonhart 1213848117000 #19

Snes9x, or Zsnes

sumguy 1214474779000 #20

where do i get the roms?

squall_leonhart 1214628564000 #21

get lost idiot.

fantsu 1215520941000 #22

Many games works worst than in the 0.6 version, what I'm doing wrong?

Example? Super-C (US version)

squall_leonhart 1215662767000 #23

you have a bad dump, Super-C works fine.

Jabo 1215972681000 #24

Many games works worst than in the 0.6 version, what I'm doing wrong?

If you can define what you mean by works worse we might have a better idea of where the problem is, consider starting a thread on emutalk.net this isn't a great place to diagnose problems

squall_leonhart 1216092574000 #25

Jabo you should ask for a board on Ngemu, emutalk goes down so much these days

fantsu 1216138102000 #26

yeah, sry my english
I mean JNes is the best emolator around, but why 1.0 is "picky" about these things, when 0.60 "doesn't care"?
There are maybe 100 games, that work with 0.6 better (graphics, some doesn't even start with 1.0), I know I got bad dumps, but why only 1.0?

PS. I don't like emutalk, it is crashed most of time, and you really don't get answers from there.


squall_leonhart 1216141546000 #27

the removal of hacks is a possibility.

Iconoclast 1216151743000 #28

fantsu: You're the first to report 0.6 as prevailant over the new 1.0 version for even just a single game. Jabo is likely wanting to know a strong example you may have out of these many cases; possibly the 1.0 version changes include a side effect for users with certain system properties. In other words this notice of yours could be dependent to your system for some reason, but what's just one game you notice working better on the old version? What's another famous game...one that you notice works just fine on both versions?

EmuTalk's actually fixed when the server's down. Somewhere in this world that spiral-twisted server is waiting for Martin to harpoon it.
REPLY updated 1216151623000

squall_leonhart 1216177155000 #29

Iconoclast, i can verify that confirmed bad dumps or hacked dumps may not work on 1.0 as they would on 0.6, but good dumps never have a problem, and Jnes has more overall compatibility then nestopia even.

Iconoclast 1216213789000 #30

So this report coincides with the 1.0 changes for lower support for hacks; therefore he might be using hacked versions. I've never purposely tested hacks before so wasn't aware of this, but recently I found that the good dump verified marks have been mistaken on some sites. To my perception the lower support for hacks would be a technical issue in that accuracy may be dropped, but as an emulator meh.

fantsu 1218074741000 #31

Ummm... one more thing...
about 4 controllers...
is it coming to next version?

I know that there is only about 25 games that support the original FourScore or Satellite, but still, any plans for "4 player games" coming?

chistian 1218535445000 #32

Hey guys, I can't get the Solar Jetman work properly in 1.0, has it been tested?
I got good dump (Solar Jetman (U) [!]), and it works in 0.6 perfectly.

I might have some trouble with JNes options, or?

chistian 1218536970000 #33

Sry for double post, but I fixed the video, there is still one problem, THE SOUND. I tried it in 0.6 also, and it was same, the audio is missing something.
Is this a known bug for JNes?
The game is missing sound of the shots you shoot, TOTALLY.

Iconoclast 1218791743000 #34

confirmed .. The quickest way to get the correct sound output results is to use Nestopia.

I know in N64 emulation the DirectX engine can indirectly conflict with audio output because of other things.
REPLY updated 1218791814000

Jabo 1218816993000 #35

Ummm... one more thing...
about 4 controllers...
is it coming to next version?

Already on the wishlist, someone else asked I believe

The game is missing sound of the shots you shoot, TOTALLY.

Hrm that completely does suck doesn't it, let me take a look at that.

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