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Jnes is distributed as freeware, there is no charge for you to download it. However if you wish to express your appreciation for the time and resources the author has spent developing it and encourage new development, a donation is welcome.

Jnes Version 1.2.1

January 15th, 2017 by Jabo Downloads comments: 7

Change History:
  • fixed pov inputs
  • fixed windows xp

The following packages are available for this release:

Windows x86 self-extracting (32-bit)
Windows x64 zip file (64-bit)

I recommend the first package, it includes a nice desktop shortcut.
Jnes Version 1.2

December 25th, 2016 by Jabo Downloads comments: 0


Change History:
  • bugfix: mouse is no longer required
  • bugfix: konami vrc2 games
  • bugfix: puzznic, bases loaded 2
  • bugfix: large IPS files
  • better support for mmc5 graphics
  • improved emulation accuracy
  • cheat search workspace auto-saves in case of crash
  • upgraded to Direct3D 9.0 and DirectInput 8.0
  • added konami mappers 75 (vrc1), 85 (vrc7)
  • replaced audio channel menu with volume mixer
  • updated app icon

The following packages are available for this release:

Windows x86 self-extracting (32-bit)
Windows x64 zip file (64-bit)

I recommend the first package, it includes a nice desktop shortcut.
Jnes Version 1.1.1

June 22nd, 2013 by Jabo Downloads comments: 85
~~ Download ~~
[.zip file, .exe install]

  • bugfix: editing par codes
  • bugfix: saving settings on exit
  • bugfix: proper handling of 6502 B-flag
  • bugfix: megaman audio artifacts
  • bugfix: zelda intro scrolling
  • bugfix: ninja gaiden 2 train level
  • bugfix: tmnt1 technodrome crash
  • bugfix: apu envelope resets correctly now
  • bugfix: vrc6 phase was broken
  • improved ppu sprite0 emulation
  • dpcm and triangle channels should decay better
  • added mapper vrc6b
Jnes Version 1.1

February 26th, 2012 by Jabo Downloads comments: 24
~~ Download ~~
[.zip file, .exe install]

  • bugfix: window sizing was slightly wrong on windows 7
  • bugfix: window icon would disappear when coming out of fullscreen on windows 7
  • bugfix: rom browser mode changes didn't update the window properly
  • bugfix: multiple monitors should work now
  • bugfix: input Z-axis was be read incorrectly
  • bugfix: california games bmx event fixed
  • bugfix: NSF works again properly
  • bugfix: stereo audio splits channels again
  • all save and open dialogs now default to the user documents folder
  • rom browser is now faster when used with a network share
  • kaillera should be significantly more reliable to use
  • improved timing and removed extended vblank
  • rewrote artwork rom browser mode into tile view
  • cheat memory search
  • ability to modify cheats now available via right-click menu
  • replaced 2xSaI with HQ filters
Jnes Version 1.0.2

February 6th, 2010 by Jabo Downloads comments: 24
~~ Download ~~
[.zip file, .exe install]

  • bugfix: full screen filters were broken
  • bugfix: video dialog would accidently clear the filter while changing resolutions
  • bugfix: rewrote mapper 23 (vrc2) vrom handling to fix Crisis Force

Updated Package:
  • Added language translations
  • Updated english example
Jnes Version 1.0.1

September 14th, 2008 by Jabo Downloads comments: 32
~~ Download ~~

  • bugfix: PAR cheats value selection
  • bugfix: mapper 69 irq default value
  • bugfix: solar jetman sound issue
  • bugfix: bank masking issue
  • rewrote fullscreen network chat to be faster
  • added command line option -disablestatehotkeys
  • custom palettes subfolder with drop down list
Jnes Version 1.0

December 25th, 2007 by Jabo Downloads comments: 35
~~ Download ~~

  • bugfix: command line arguments, added switches -relaunchmce -exitonclose
  • bugfix: fixed multiple rom browser sorting issues
  • bugfix: fixed input POV-hat diagonals
  • bugfix: fixed palette dialog
  • bugfix: PAL raw audio timing
  • bugfix: vsync no longer lags
  • upgraded to a static zlib 1.2.3
  • options are now stored in Jnes.ini instead of registry
  • added software filter to 4x windowed and fullscreen
  • added windowed mode vsync (experimental)
  • added fullscreen status messages for states, kaillera, low battery
  • added setup and autoconfig buttons to input dialog
  • added a limit fps option
  • added mapper #225,#235
  • new browser artwork display mode available in settings dialog
  • rom browser now caches things quietly for quicker startup
  • support for capturing movies and rendering them to an AVI
  • new kaillera dialog to streamline using it
  • support for external languages in utf-8 format
  • redid rom info dialog into a nicer table
  • new system information dialog
  • added warning for netplay regarding extended vblank
  • extended kaillera packets with mini state information
  • kaillera chat via Ctrl+T in fullscreen
  • new palette options
  • added blargg's nes_ntsc filter
Jnes Version 0.6

February 4th, 2005 by Jabo Downloads comments: 0
~~ Download ~~
  • zapper now changes cursor to crosshair in game
  • rom browser part of main window, auto selects last rom, recent dir list
  • fixed mutex for video dialog
  • major cheats rewrite and database update, support for PAR codes
  • automatic region setting (uses GoodRom name convention)
  • added some simple mappers: 32,71,79,113
  • fixed sleep in background issues introduced in last release
  • support for ppu monochrome mode
  • input now supports Z,Rx,Ry,Rz axis
  • turbo buttons are mappable separately
  • slot menu now has the timestamp of the state
Jnes Version 0.5.3

June 4th, 2004 by Jabo Downloads comments: 0
~~ Download ~~
  • fixed browser with zip files
  • netplay now caches rom list, useful if you have thousands of roms
  • fixed auto full screen preference saving bug from 0.5.2
  • fixed audio graph performance on XP
  • fixed NSF playback timing
  • palette open default current dir, and saving fixed
  • added support for PAL 50fps
  • updated dinput from 6.0 to 7.0
  • fixed windows 98 compatibility bug from 0.5.2
  • updated documentation slightly
  • modified audio timing slightly to reduce lag
Jnes Version 0.5.2

November 4th, 2003 by Jabo Downloads comments: 0
~~ Download ~~
  • Added 48x48 icon for Windows XP view
  • Now supports play/stop on some multimedia keyboards
  • Fixed windows message queue handling problem
  • Rom Browser separates path now
  • Full screen resolutions can use Super 2x SaI
  • A stretched version of Super 2x SaI added to 3x and 4x
Jnes Version 0.5.1

February 28th, 2003 by Jabo Downloads comments: 0
~~ Download ~~
  • Fixed multiple audio thread creation (woops)
  • Centered full screen non-stretched screen updates
  • Joypad reads now have correct upper 4 bit bus data
  • Fixed joypad configuaration bug
  • Added turbo fire for buttons A & B option
  • Kaillera rom directory is now global, and supports .ZIP files
  • Fixed some MMC5 things, still doesnt work great tho
  • Updated direct draw to newer interface
Jnes Version 0.5

January 17th, 2003 by Jabo Downloads comments: 0
~~ Download ~~
  • Audio thread now runs all the time, stopping emulation is faster
  • Full screen clears all buffers for triple buffering, and correctly saves window position
  • Fixed some minor user interface bugs
  • Fixed NSF screen and made look nicer
  • Implemented more input axes such as POV and slider
  • more cheats, dbase also works better on win9x
  • changed dpcm frequencies slightly, older style
Jnes Version 0.5 Beta 2

July 19th, 2002 by Jabo Downloads comments: 0
~~ Download ~~
  • Fixed recent menu saving to registry
  • Fixed status bar when rom is opened
  • Windowed blitter now has choice adds Super2xSai and Scanlines
  • Fixed mask generation, more roms should work
  • Main window and rom browser positions saved on exit
  • Cheats window moved around, multi-line cheats in dbase supported
  • Packed more into each 24bpp xlation write, hopefully improves speed
  • Fixed 15 bit color mode
  • Cheats file has seen some enhancements
Jnes Version 0.5 Beta 1

July 9th, 2002 by Jabo Downloads comments: 0
~~ Download ~~
  • Fixed Deady Towers, Mapper 34
  • Fixed an issue with palettes that affected Archon
  • Added code toggling to the game genie interface (usually works without reset)
  • Cheats are now a single file, and some popular ones are included
  • Game genie usage in MMC3 games is now fixed
  • Tweaked noise a little bit, more like 0.30a which was better
  • Added a NES stereo sound option, usually pretty nice!
  • Better menu handling while files are not active
  • Recent menu is a little nicer, stamping is better, also deletes invalid entries
  • Fixed bitmap capturing in triple buffer full screen
  • Rewrote Direct Draw locking logic
  • Direct Sound library used is same as other projects
  • Using accelerators now, keyboard shortcuts improved and more reliabile
  • PPU rendering rewritten for palette based rendering (slower, more accurate..)
  • Added network play support via the Kaillera 0.90
  • Added a video timing option to allow and extra line of vblank (fixes graphics glitches in bubble bobble 2, blades of steel, etc)
  • Window position remembered when returning to windowed mode from full screen
  • Put back 24-bit rendering (works?) and removed 8-bit from full screen
  • Rom Browser added, sort by name, mapper, and battery saves
  • j6502 was ported back to C from X86 assembly (hopefully no difference... maybe slower on old computers)
  • New settings dialog: file association (thanks zilmar), IPS patching functionality, directory paths
  • Direct Input library has improved error detection for disconnected joypads on load, and tabbed dialog
  • New video dialog, replaces the old series of menus, also adds enumeration of full screen display modes
  • Brand new help file (thanks to smiff for the inspiration)
  • ZIP file support using ZLIB 1.1.4 DLL, only for NES roms
  • Almost every other aspect has seen rewrites and cleanups over time..
Jnes Version 0.4 Beta 2

January 20th, 2001 by Jabo Downloads comments: 0
~~ Download ~~
  • Put a cap on direct input error handling during game play
  • Rewrote some window handling routines for full screen
  • Fixed a bug in the window size menu-check handling
  • Initialized the task variable to zero correctly, hopefully this fixes problems people experienced with save states doing odd stuff!
Jnes Version 0.4 Beta 1

January 5th, 2001 by Jabo Downloads comments: 0
  • Implemented audio updates 4 times per frame via queue, might slow down performance so I waited this long to do something drastic like this, sounds great
  • 16-bit audio and mixing
  • Raw PCM emulated nicer now..
  • Noise and Pulse volume enveloping corrected I hope
  • Tri counters fixed? (Thanks to Matt Conte for the doc on nesdev a while back)
  • Pulse freq sweeps rewritten finally, put this off a long time
  • DPCM rewritten from scratch, big difference in beat style
  • Vertical scroll problem fixed in TMNT
  • Changed the scanlines back to 262, this makes a game I know not work right but I feel having correct timing is the right way to go
  • Another NSF loading problem fixed
  • Sunsoft Mapper fixes and speedups
  • Implemented an accurate real-time zapper read handler, didnt realize necessary..
  • Small transparency fix for some games (Windowed only)
  • Added ability to load external palettes or keep default, 3-byte RGB triplets
  • Integrated NSF support into the j6502 main cpu core, via small hack
  • Rewrote sign flag, and IP handling in j6502, speedup
  • Window 3X mode added
  • Added an option for NES 8-pixel clipping emulation
  • Sprite0 hits tweaked a little
  • Rewritten Game Genie from scratch, max codes is 64 per game
  • Rewritten PPU Rendering, which removed MMX/ASM speedups, still fast tho
  • Rewrote direct draw frame locking technique, dangerous when jnes crashes..
  • Removed 24bpp rendering support, useless, slow etc, use 16/32
  • Rewritten entire banking system for cpu and ppu, speed boost
  • Added a recent menu into the interface, quite nice
  • Rewrote every mapper, less memory used, faster speed, save state friendly
  • Rewrote sound graph, more friendly to direct draw these days
  • Rewrote bitmap capture code from scratch, faster and nicer.
  • Finally released the partial MMC5 support, not the most accurate emulation, but it is good enough to play Castlevania III US well, which is good enough..
  • Tweaked save states to save the new structures as well
  • Rewrote ppu mapper tile handling, works right now, no hack
  • Started allocating and releasing large chunks of memory nicely
  • Direct Input 2-Player code rewritten, smaller, easier to maintain, as well as the option to completely? tweak the devices
  • Changed quick-save to F7 key, F6 was too close to F5 really, you could hit it accidently
  • Added save slots selection to the Cpu menu, it might of been confusing because it was previously only accessible on the keyboard
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