Jnes 0.6 on site

posted by Jabo Jnes
The latest jnes release is now available for download on the site, the major new things are the cheats interface, the updated rom browser and better input device support. In the short term I'd like to issue a small update that fixes a few minor issues with this release, look for 0.6.1
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Jess 1177934912000 #1

Sooo cool

Fernando 1178291505000 #2

Great emulador, great cheating mode, need better pallete default, middle compatibility

Deepak 1178780435000 #3

Thanks for so Great Emulater

Jason 1181052433000 #4

Thanks from Russia for small, but cool piece of emu-software! I've use it for everyday!

Gilberto 1181134980000 #5

It's really good

esl 1182822526000 #6

it's soooo good

fj 1182905811000 #7

Best NES emulator I came across. Just wondering if a speed toggle may be in the future?
Like in a couple other emulators, hitting 'TAB' or something will speed up gameplay to 120fps and then hitting 'TAB' again brings it back to 60fps.

If not, still one of the best nes emulators I've tried.

esl 1182955617000 #8

very good program

Jabo 1183187178000 #9

Yes I can confirm the next version has a 'Limit FPS' option similar to what we have in Project64 actually. Same shortcut key as well (F4). I'll hopefully blog some more about the next version this weekend!

unnamed 1183968211000 #10

Pure it ! Easy it ! Safe it !

I like !

nothappy 1185297543000 #11

I dont even know what to say... absolutly NOTHING good so far. I just downloaded this to play a game and now what do i do??????????????? all it does when i open it is open my C drive files?? wats the point of that?

As far as i see this is a highly annoying program.

VeryHappy 1185298331000 #12

Ok i just found out how to use it, its cool now im still a noob at the program >.>.....

Gurgg 1188027422000 #13

I'm having a problem using my xbox style controller. When I try to map a button in the input config, it immediatly says Ry- as soon as I click on the button.

Any suggestions or fixes?

Gurgg 1188028117000 #14

Well it seems like it's just the most recent version that doesn't work for me. 0.5.3 works fine with my controller.

Gurgg 1188029361000 #15

aww...... Fester's quest still doesn't work with 0.5.3

The game restarts when you use a key to enter one of the boss buildings.

Brute 1188138172000 #16

I contributed $50 for the whole pj64 1.7 project and would gladly donate more to get the development going on for Jnes 6.1. As i love to use Jnes, I wish it had many more mappers(all if possible). and not sure if this is a bug in 6.0 but in Werewolf - The Last Warrior when you use your special when your a Werewolf by holding A then release, the fps drops for a couple of seconds even on a 2.33 core 2 duo

Crazy 1188138726000 #17

The Power Pad! I'd like to see that emulated so it works with Stadium Events.

Jabo 1188225665000 #18

I'm having a problem using my xbox style controller...

The input code in 0.6 was somewhat outdated, I put a lot of the code from PJ back into Jnes which should fix a few issues. Your best bet is to check if PJ 1.6 works, if it does likely the next version of Jnes will as well.

aww...... Fester's quest still doesn't work with 0.5.3 ...

have you tried 0.6? This is also a known issue unfortunately, I hate it as well (check the help section)

...and not sure if this is a bug in 6.0 but in Werewolf - The Last Warrior when you use your special when your a Werewolf by holding A then release, the fps drops ...

That's a new one, can't say I have that particular game, I'll keep an eye out for it.

Rapper 1189391783000 #19

Hi, I have downloaded the Jnes and all the saves. I tried to open the JST files but it does not open. Can you guide me where I can find .NES or .NSF files.

Im Crazy Brute 1189629796000 #20

I forgot to say when I play "The Legacy of the Wizard" or "Dragon Slayer 4" when you fight the last boss of the game, It bugs out and it kills you like right away. I've tested the game with NesterJ emulator and that piece of the game worked normally. Heres the passwords I have for it, both of them has all items collected but one of them doesn't has the bosses defeated yet(I did this so I can fight the bosses whenever I want without having to recollect everything else again).
Sorry for the long post but I could never kill the dragon due to emulation error as I had always had to change to a different emulator to beat it.

Jabo 1189755087000 #21

cool thanks for letting me know!

TheCrazyBrute 1190054375000 #22

the games
Urusei Yatsura - Lum no Wedding Bell (J) [hM03][o2]
Urusei Yatsura - Lum no Wedding Bell (J) [hM03][b4]
Ys 3 - Wanderers From Ys (J) [b1]
Ys 3 - Wanderers From Ys (J) [o1]
have mapping errors, I really wish there is a better way to contact you about bugs or any types of errors or else I might be flooding this page lol

Jabo 1190055941000 #23

traditionally jnes has not had great support for japanese games, so it does not suprise me, also I'm not sure if anyone remembers but there is a forum at emutalk for more extensive discussions, this is more informal, altho I prefer this format lately it seems

MC 1191529388000 #24

Jabo, great platform. One question, how can I speed up the turbo function? Although it's separately mappable, it seems to be slower in 0.6 than it was in 0.5.3.

Jabo 1191595318000 #25

it seems to be slower in 0.6 than it was in 0.5.3

I'm happy to say I looked this up and the value hasn't changed between 0.6 and 0.5.3, I'm not sure why it would be perceivably slower.

It tries to simulate as best as possible a NES MAX gamepad basically, but I'll take the idea for it being an option into a wishlist entry.

HedKase311 1191861058000 #26

I downloaded JNES, but I cannot get it to open....some hgelp please!!!! HedKase311@yahoo.com

squall_leonhart 1191887770000 #27

yeah, we don't answer to emails.

it saves our accounts from spammers

duongqua 1193176196000 #28

pls add logitech dual action game pad to your supported input device list in next version of Jnes, thank you so much, good luck to you

squall_leonhart 1193177849000 #29

there is no supported input device list. if its a dinput device it should work, regardless.

there are a great number of issues with the dual action pads though

BOFRyu 1196154430000 #30

The only good thing that is missing is chat support during online play (kaillera). It would be great if we can just press the "T" button to chat while playing online at the same time

esteban4_4@hotm... 1215354009000 #31

francisco de jnes

dumbandconfused 1230297515000 #32

okay so i dled jnes and a couple of games for it but i cant get it to work it just opens a my computer file when i try to play

gaga 1234979806000 #33

i just start the level and i die

gaga 1234979970000 #34

how do you get codes for this

banging357 1238893593000 #35

It is the instrument of cheating where somewhere u can conquer those very annoying level of impossibility of finishing...
God Bless jabosoft's boss and staff... May your clan glow.

squall_leonhart 1239120286000 #36

lolwut? stfu.

Airamith 1294842399000 #37

So I've downloaded 0.6 version, since it works awesome for my bf and I'm seriously jealous and want to play, but for some reason it won't work for me. Probably because I'm doing something stupid and n00b-like, but still. I open the emu, and try to open a .nes file, but I keep getting an error that says iNES header not found. This is for ALL .nes games I try to play. Any idea what's going on, or what I'm doing wrong?

Flami 1315363829000 #38

I tried JNES tonight, and the sound when people were talking in Dragon Warrior 4 was REALLY annoying! It sounded like one long beep! Is that a known issue?

Iconoclast 1315510326000 #39

banging357 wrote:
It is the instrument of cheating where somewhere u can conquer those very annoying level of impossibility of finishing...
God Bless jabosoft's boss and staff... May your clan glow.

squall_leonhart wrote:
lolwut? stfu.

Time to bookmark this before I forget again.

troian 1329756491000 #40

i need help. i absolutly love this emulater and it brought back alot for me.. but now its messing up. you see... it all started when i was playing megaman. and i tried to hit enter with is the S key. but it didnt work. so i tried the rest and still it did not work. at the bottom when ever i hit a key it says something like.... save state slot megaman4 js1,2,3,4,ect. can someone plz help me on this one

Sal Blandino 1388810011000 #41

Why does the screen sometimes blow out when playing a game on the NES Emulator? When this happens I have to keep resetting the plays all the time. What will happen is the screenshot will be normal and then all of a sudden it will start to flicker and then just turn all red and give out which then i'm no longer able to play the game due to this always happening. Can someone please give me adivce on how to prevent this from happening?