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posted by Jabo Jnes
I've added an additional download that collects all the languages since the 1.0.2 release, you can find it in the downloads section. Also due to popular demand I've added a download for the latest version as a zip archive. Thanks to everyone who has submitted new files or updates!
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Rob 1324518423000 #1

Will this have a volume control? (slider) in future releases?

Jabo 1324656107000 #2

No, Windows 7 includes per application volume controls.

krnl386 1328041997000 #3

any plans for x64 support in future?

Jabo 1328441582000 #4

I'm expecting Microsoft to keep x86 support for a bit longer, there is no advantage to x64 for Jnes. I suppose in a year or two I'll have to deal with ARM at the rate things are going...

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