Project64 is a N64 emulator for Windows, originally released in 2005, that I worked on for many years following. It was one of the best experiences, and I had the privilege of meeting some of the greatest people while learning a lot about the N64. For more information about this wonderful project visit the website.

I've made an update to the 1.6 release that includes bug fixes to the plugins. Many of the improvements in this update are from Project64 1.7 beta, and some are last minute fixes. There will not be any additional releases or source code so please do not ask.

There is a patch available to apply these updates as well as a ZIP archive for those who prefer to download and manage the files directly. If you use the patch file make sure you have install 1.6 first.

Project64 1.6 Download
Project64 1.6.1 Update Patch ZIP File

What's New
Jabo's Plugins for Project64

DirectSound Audio Plugin:

  • Disney's Tarzan and Hydro Thunder (Midway) have audio now due to buffering changes

DirectInput Plugin

  • configuration dialog gamepad polling stops at first hit now properly
  • ported the polling order from 1.7 which should be more reliable
  • uses system keyboard names now
  • updated layout to be more like 1.7 changes

Direct3D8 Graphics Plugin:

  • bugfix: fixed a problem where the plugin could crash if it ran out of video memory
  • bugfix: fixed microcodes for Blast Corps, Body Harvest, O.D.T. (Or Die Trying), and Asteroids
  • 1080 Snowboarding: fixed europe region effects
  • 40 Winks: fixed strange texturing issue
  • Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh: sprite edges should look correct
  • Banjo-Tooie: fixed puzzle rendering and other regions
  • Cruisin USA: brake lights work
  • Dragon Sword: menu text drawing and scaling fixed
  • Dr. Mario: fixed background in versus mode
  • F-Zero X: fixed potential triangle overflow issue
  • GoldenEye 007: fixed calculations of sky triangles
  • Lego Racers: fixed players going out of sight
  • Mario Kart: fixed whomps in bowser castle
  • Mario Kart: racetrack frame buffer support
  • Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: end of game subscreen issues
  • Paperboy: fixed map drawing in game
  • Perfect Dark: fixed scanners
  • Disney's Tarzan: fixed butterfly and health meter
  • Vigilante 8: fixed some textures
  • Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask: fixed day transition borders and lens of truth in snow areas
Comments 177

Retrozify 1313930906000 #1

I play the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, when I get the upgrade of the Deku stick and return to the Kokiri Forest, it automatically end the emulation and a error box pops up and the screen freezes when I have it full screen.

Retrozify 1313930997000 #2

One more thing, I have Project 64 v1.6

squall_leonhart 1316100318000 #3

can i get a zip upload, i hate installers.

anonymous 1316242233000 #4

Thanks for the patch & all your hard work over the years Jabo,good luck in your future endeavors!!

greatfull 1316242735000 #5

i have to say thank you very much for the emulator brings me back to n64 days got a xbox controller to play on the comp and everything

Fatboyblue 1316356588000 #6

Ooooooo great Mr. Jabo congratulations for continue performance this emulator. To remember old times:)


Searcher 1316389095000 #7


don't be lazy, you can extract the installer.

sl 1316539633000 #8

yeah man, just unzip the exe, that'll work B)

Jabo 1316623245000 #9

I haven't tried it out but:

seems like an easy useful tool to extract the files if you are interested in simply unzipping it.
REPLY updated 1316623279000

Maverick_Hunter_X 1316644451000 #10

I don't see what's wrong with the update package installer and any need to extract it for that matter, just a few clicks and it was done in seconds.
Why bother with anything else?

Did a clean installation of Windows, Project64 1.6, the update package + the rdb and gamefaq update, worked perfect.
Made a backup before I ran it so I don't ever have to do it again.

Oh well we all have our methods, I don't say it's anything wrong with unzipping it just that it's unnecessary.

squall_leonhart 1316718155000 #11

Why bother with anything else?

maybe because pj64 was never installed for an MSP update pack to work?

Maverick_Hunter_X 1316733220000 #12

Hmm I'll take it as if you never installed Project64 with the installer?
And by that I can guess that it's complaining that Project64 isn't installed hence you can't install the MSP update package at all.

Well then I understand completely why you need to extract it if that's the case.

I was just lucky that I had a re-installation of Windows scheduled when I found these news of an update.
It makes things so much easier then with installation packages.
Click click click and done.

Jabo 1316796065000 #13

Yea I happen to agree, it's a fantastic packaging technology, but for those who have not used the installer there is a workaround link (or they can just install the original distribution).

Amnesia 1316827226000 #14

Hi Jabo, I don't know if custom shader support is a waste of time or not as I have not been able to look into it much yet with N64 emulation. The 1.6.1 plugin can't be used with the 'enbseries dx8 to dx9 converter' as an error message box pops up as soon as Project64 tries to initialise the 1.6.1 plugin. I tried the old Jabo 1.6.0 dx8 plugin and there was no error message box so must be a conflict with the 1.6.1 plugin. Just wondering if it would be easy to make the new Jabo 1.6.1 work with the 'enbseries dx8 to dx9 converter' or not? If Jabo tells me it is a waste of time or effort to pursue trying to use custom pixel shader effects with a dx8 plugin then I will accept that view and forget the idea completely. Error message is ~ Direct3D failed to initialize Error code: 8876086C D3DERR_INVALIDCALL

Iconoclast 1316892530000 #15

I haven't tried it out but:

seems like an easy useful tool to extract the files if you are interested in simply unzipping it.

Strange parsing affected the original link. Below should work better.

[edit] lmao never mind, guess you couldn't fix it either
On this site, a link like that may need character escapes XD

And yeah I noticed last week though just re-installed elsewhere using an official installer, copied the modified plugins, then uninstalled.
REPLY updated 1316892957000

Jabo 1316942816000 #16

that url issue should be fixed now thanks for pointing it out, and yea I'm expecting a many people may have done similar with the installs!
REPLY updated 1316942828000

suc 1317383842000 #17

Why don't you offer a single package already updated?

Iconoclast 1317471206000 #18

Wasn't really a need for it, I'd imagine. Due to the way the plugins access various configurations (in the system registry or even local text) connected to Project64, being that they were designed for that specific emulator, isolating them from the Project64 package introduced a few technical concerns. Thus for convenience they were always distributed with Project64 or as an additive if you had it installed already.

Luke 1317931795000 #19

Thanks for your hard work on this over the years. I have been a relatively infrequent user of pj64 and nothing more than a lurker on the forums, but I wanted to show my appreciation for what you and your team have done.

Maybe work will progress on the project at some point in time in the future, maybe not. Hopefully we haven't seen the last of this great emulator, because God knows that the nintendo 64 was one of the best systems ever made.

Deuce 1318074442000 #20

Not much more to say but thanks for your hard work, Project64 has allowed me to experience the games I loved in my youth even more now, and even more importantly, allowed me to share something from my own childhood with my children today. Watching my young son have as a good time running around in Super Mario 64 as I did all those years ago almost brings a tear to the eye.

zelda 1318078289000 #21

Great job!
But, I always asked myself why you didn't released it open source (for example GPL) long time ago, when the emulation of N64 was much more attractive.

Anyway, thank you! PJ64 is really a great emulator!

squall_leonhart 1318206289000 #22

because open source is "Not All That" and allows for useless derivative works that do shit all for progress.

Acidnine 1318535009000 #23

Could you please explain the difference in:

Jabo's Direct 3D8 VS Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6.1
Jabo's DirectSound VS Jabo's DirectSound 1.6.1
Jabo's DirectInput7 VS Jabo's DirectInput7 1.6.1

Did you make the 1.6.1 versions better than the 1.7 versions?

Jabo 1318678467000 #24

In general the 1.6 versions are better, specifically 1.6 has more emulation and game fixes. There are features missing from 1.6 like centralized configuration in Project64.cfg, as well as texture loading capabilities in the graphics plugin which had debatable usefulness.

I really don't feel like digging through everything but those are the highlights, I'll be using 1.6 when I play games.
REPLY updated 1318692930000

GingerbreadMan 1318961165000 #25

Hi Jabo,

Big fan of your plugin(s).

Was wondering if you could help me with something. I am currently using 1964 0.85 (with PistolGrip's unofficial 0.85 exe) and also using your awesome 1.6.1 video plugin.

Now, Goldeneye runs at 60fps at all times and I've finally got the sky! Perfect.

However with Perfect Dark, I also get a nearly constant 60fps, but occasionally it 'throttles' down to 30fps, which, strangely, can be fixed
by switching weapons.

This 'throttling' occurs somewhat randomly, sometimes by selecting particular weapons (e.g. the magnums), also it can occur after turning a corner.

Your plugin is by far and away the best for getting the bets mixture of graphics and fps, and I was wondering if this little issue is anything that
may possibly be fixed by a video plugin update in the future?

If you haven't tried this combination of emulator/mod/plugin (I suspect you will have) I would definitely recommend you try it out. Then, if you're impressed, and also experience this 'throttling', you might possibly be able to help out?

Thanks again J

GingerbreadMan 1318962730000 #26

Just to add, that I think it might be a long-shot asking you.

I haven't got that much experience with emulators, but maybe on the video plug-in side of things, you may not have any power to fix this issue.

In any event, thanks for your hard work.

Jabo 1319277126000 #27

Yea I'm not going to be able to help much in this regard, I would try posting somewhere else like, it's a bit out of topic for me.

Jim 1319366970000 #28

I installed a fresh copy of PJ64 1.6 and tried to open the windows installer file but that last said imppossible to access to windows installer, contact assistance support

That`s a shit away.

NMagoo 1321095651000 #29

Thanks for your hard work, Jabo! You're Awesome!!!

daarky 1321269689000 #30

Thank you very much, Jabo! Great work!
I have noticed one small issue in the video plugin:
If I want to switch back from fullscreen via Esc, the entire
windows freezes (but PJ64 is not freezing... the sound does not freeze). I don't know if this happens to other users as well. Please consider fixing this small bug.
Also it would be nice if you include the controller-picture into the input-plugin(as i've seen in 1.7beta).
I know PJ64 is only a hobby for you , but it would be nice to see these features in PJ1.6. Greetz daarky

Iconoclast 1321299072000 #31

Bah, looks like that command line URL broke itself again. Meh, it's still easy to figure out for anyone who could follow the directions.

I have noticed one small issue in the video plugin:
If I want to switch back from fullscreen via Esc, the entire
windows freezes (but PJ64 is not freezing... the sound does not freeze). I don't know if this happens to other users as well. Please consider fixing this small bug.

I've never had this issue with any of Jabo's plugins, but on some other cards I was testing it could be reproduced on other plugins. It might be a faulty or unofficial driver version you're using for your video card, so if you're using an NVIDIA chip-set you should go to the NVIDIA website to try to get your drivers upgraded.

Otherwise, maybe the GUI is just frozen because another shortcut key was pressed that locked the interface from within N-Rage's DirectInput, if you're using that. It's quite annoying when the mouse lock/unlock thing gets in the way, so try temporarily testing with Jabo's DirectInput if you aren't already.

EmuNoviceUser 1322226958000 #32

Thank you Jabo for all of the time and work that you put into this project over the years. It was sad to go back to Emutalk for the first time in... ok, so I don't remember how long it was since I visited before today... and read that the project has still not reached a new stable release after all of these years. In my opinion, your choice to release this is one of the best unofficial options.

How do I know if the patch applied correctly? I assume that it has, but I don't know if there is anything obvious to look for that will indicate this.

Iconoclast 1322235131000 #33

The patch is to install the updated plugins with changes from the development in Project64 1.7. The files "Jabo_Direct3D8.dll", "Jabo_DSound.dll", and "Jabo_DInput.dll" should all have been last modified as of September 10th, if the patch installed correctly.

EmuNoviceUser 1322243366000 #34

I noticed under the Plugin settings that the version numbers were all listed as 1.6.1 so I'm happy.

Thanks a lot!

daarky 1322278031000 #35

It might be a faulty or unofficial driver version you're using for your video card, so if you're using an NVIDIA chip-set you should go to the NVIDIA website to try to get your drivers upgraded.

Thanks for your help, Iconoclast. I installed the latest driver that works on my laptop 186.52. I can not install newer drivers since my laptop has problems with newer nvidia drivers (nvlddmkm bluescreen). I am using only Jabos plugins (input/audio/video) and the older videoplugin 'Jabos Direct 3D6 v1.5.2' works properly. Do you have any other suggestions.
Thanks for help.

nhapi 1325393516000 #36

Great! Thanks for the update...!
Any workaround to the white lines around the boxes in Pokemon Stadium 2 battles? Pretty annoying D: !

Iconoclast 1325456215000 #37

Whoops...dang, managed somehow to miss those last replies.

^ Dunno what that is, but Direct3D clear mode or another plugin will do wonders.
[edit] heh unless it's texcels, in which case boy do I miss that software device render

I installed the latest driver that works on my laptop 186.52. I can not install newer drivers since my laptop has problems with newer nvidia drivers (nvlddmkm bluescreen).

Oh yeah, worth noting that generally laptops aren't quite made for keeping drivers up-to-date like desktops are. Sometimes that could just be the wrong version (OS, exact card name, etc.) causing the BSoD, though, so I wouldn't have given up hope personally.

I am using only Jabos plugins (input/audio/video) and the older videoplugin 'Jabos Direct 3D6 v1.5.2' works properly.

That's a lot of info...I'd isolate whether it happens on 1.6 as well or just 1.6.1 and also if it's just an emulator write-back thing only when using the plugin with Project64. Personally I'd try using Alt+Enter instead of Esc as well for switching modes.
REPLY updated 1325456278000

Iconoclast 1325572784000 #38

I find it funny that others are bitching about open-source on EmuTalk.

I mean, from the perspective that you bother to release updated versions of your software for people to upgrade, it's selfish that you leave them closed source, but it's not selfish from the perspective that you don't open-source any versions because you haven't even created or released them? I mean, I don't get it, lol.

True, the better you make your plugin, the more everyone else stands to gain from it being open-source to the teamwork of a different author, but not once have I seen anyone ask to be released the source of any modern emulator, who knew the first thing about emulation science or algorithms, anyway. They're just general software religiots that make programming a religion.

Why, just the other month, when I started working on my own controller plugin using zilmar's 1.1 specs (btw wondering why nobody used those), the first thing I hear from this one pothead, is, dude!! You should open-source it. It's like, you tell someone you're working on an unknown DLL for an unknown program, and the very first reaction is open-source. Actually my plugin is open-source atm, but just the assumption that I hadn't open-sourced it was enough proof that the lardass didn't have the initiative to make use of that himself.

Everybody a-knows !! that it's better teamwork philosophy to make software open-source, but it has nothing to do with emulation or non-common-sense things that people don't already know. If there were less fatasses in the emulation scene browsing the interwebz and doing nothing for emulation but posting news and mirroring software uploads or meddling with the packaging all the time, praying for almost worthless things like 64-bit releases or x86 assembly rewrites, and assuming that emulation revolves all around their experience of it and not the scientist's task of challenging himself to writing it, there would probably be less people afraid to additionally open-source their emulators and plugins as well at risk of a bunch of foreign dudes plastering their names and things that take no work, like Kaillera, over someone's work.

I'm not afraid of it, personally. That's why my stuff up until now has been open-source, but there's equal reason given that the people who bitch about it aren't in the position to bitch about it. Asking for you, yourself to have the source can be reasonable, but just asking for the general public to have access to something to entertain you is bullshit. Play the actual console if you need entertainment.

UltimatePSV 1326212945000 #39

I'd just like to say thanks so much for all the hard work, Jabo, I really appreciate this.

Cheatdragon 1326881153000 #40

Is paper mario fixed?
Because if I remember right it didnt work good at all on the 1.6 plugin.
But it worked on the 1.7 plugin.

darkjezza1 1328213900000 #41

i boughtn64 controllers and an adapter but it wont register that there plugged in the computer downloaded the software needed from windows up date but the emulator wont aknoladge that its there

Markus 1329363179000 #42

Is there a chance to get the missing-texture-bug on Intel graphic chips fixed in your plugin? Is seems to be a depth-buffer problem:

squall_leonhart 1329489614000 #43

that issue is already fixed in 1.6.1, it was a z masking glitch that was introduced on SM3 and newer hardware.

Bighead 1329840949000 #44

Thank you for the plugins Jabo, and great work all these years. Very happy to see you released these, definitely a nice update! Your work is very much appreciated. Just wish I caught this post sooner.

silencegothgirl03 1330005566000 #45

Hi Mr. Jabo. I have the Project 64 emulator and I'm having problems with the joystick settings. It moves on its own when I'm not touching it. Do you know the cause and how I can fix it? Thank you very much.


Jabo 1330179895000 #46

Hmm not really, I'd be curious what kind of joystick you own however, alot of the playstation and xbox things don't work that well.
REPLY updated 1330183566000

hellothere 1331291603000 #47

If you have trouble installing the *.msp file try the follwing:

1) Open an admin console / command promt ( right click on cmd.exe -> start as administrator

2) locate und run the msp

hope it helps

Ventus 1332578583000 #48

Oh boy thanks for this This has made Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon work at normal speeds! Thanks you so much!!!.

This is about the the best thing I've ran into today .

Nastlevania 1335950198000 #49

You rock man! I can't wait to try out your new plugins on Project 64k's online play.

ChmLmb 1340452570000 #50

Exist a Jabo's plugin in OpenGL? I need a plugin with OpenGL (Jabo. Rice and oters are so bad) because DirectX 8 does not have "Pixel Shader" with my video card. Sorry for my bad English.

squall_leonhart 1340468402000 #51

There was a Jabo OpenGL plugin, however it is very basic in its capabilities

Lorddard 1340552042000 #52

Anyone familiar with the N64 game "Body Harvest"? Yes? I cannot progress beyond the 2nd stage "Java" because the platforms that form ramps to the doors to the huts that contain mission objectives critical to game progression are not allowing me to walk playing character just walks right through them!

Help; please.

Lorddard 1340552108000 #53

Anyone familiar with the N64 game "Body Harvest"? Yes? I cannot progress beyond the 2nd stage "Java" because the platforms that form ramps to the doors to the huts that contain mission objectives critical to game progression are not allowing me to walk playing character just walks right through them!

Help; please.

William 1340630939000 #54

I think you have done a great job for the video plugin on the project64 emulator. Without you the emulator would be nothing as it wouldn't have a video plugin to process the video. Also it was very nice of you to release the plugins and update the old project 64 emulator. I was kind of going nuts over some games not wanting to work because of graphic problems. Also I believe it would be really cool to see the project 64 move its way to the PS2. I have heard that it wouldn't be powerful enough to emulate 64 games but that wouldn't stop some from trying.

squall_leonhart 1340706668000 #55

Body Harvest is NOT SUPPORTED on ANY emulator

William 1340729158000 #56

I thought the game was playable? Anyways I have an idea. If anyone knows how to make gameshark codes then maybe they can make a press gs button to levitate to get around the platforms you need to levitate up to the doors you need to go and open them.

squall_leonhart 1340891068000 #57

the game is marked as having core issues, which insinuates Unplayable.

It expects a level of precision from the RSP that currently no interpreter, let alone Recompiler can handle

jimmarley 1341168817000 #58

este tiene el de conker`s bad fur day

Composednobody 1349097854000 #59

Pokemonsnap has issues!

-Pokemon signs aren't recognized
-Certain events aren't triggered when the pokemon are 'snapped'

kirbyfan 1350524340000 #60

Oh and another thing Jabo I forgot to mention you really should fix that in "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" I have the same problem as retrozify. No matter what Project 64 1.6.1 automatically ends the emulation then this error box pops up and the screen freezes when I've put it in full screen.

james bond 1351224518000 #61

The Goldeneye's sky is working now, but it will be better if you can fix the walls texture.

james bond 1351225116000 #62

I forget say thank you, good job!!!
PD: The water is green now.

juan marquez 1351277773000 #63

love that game you should use the cheats click ctrl. C adn the cheats will pop up select the cheats yoy want see if that would help

Yoshistar95 1351629423000 #64

I have no problems with playing Zelda: OoT Kirbyfan. I use 1.6, bbut I'll try 1.6.1 later

btw, Perfect Dark loads the levels too slow... on a real N64, it loads in a few seconds. On the 1.6 emulater, it takes about 10 to 15 seconds to load but like I said, 1.6.1 could not have that problem... but is it possible to make the loading faster? Since Perfect Dark is one of the most advanced games ever made for N64, the emulator has quite difficult to keep up the speed load...

Also... some graphics are not quite detailed...

squall_leonhart 1352010658000 #65

Pokemonsnap has issues!

-Pokemon signs aren't recognized
-Certain events aren't triggered when the pokemon are 'snapped'


ancient issue, next time post something new.

Btw Jabo, theres some unusual timing issue in the 1.6.0 plugins (and the official 1.6 executable) that causes the Majora's Mask pictograph to almost always hang on a white(1.6) or grey(1.6.1) screen for up to 10 seconds.

I can rectify this by using an executable built from the latest deathdroid commit, the 1.6.1 video and sound plugins and Creative Alchemy, or 1.6.1 video with Zilmar Audio plugin, without alchemy, and enabling usetlb in the rom settings.

might be worth a look into

New_Usr 1352085593000 #66

I've tried Majora's Mask with your d3d8 1.6.1 plugin. And I find the lens of truth still works wrong in snowhead temple.
The glitch is that when you using the lens of truth while using the arowbow to foucus on the ceiling in the 2nd floor where there's supposed a crack with a fairy bubble in it, the fairy bubble displays like it's beyond your bow.
And most of the ice, the "ice monsters" and the stray fairies disapear whenyou using the lens of truth. However, the ice in the room mentioned above can be seen in the circle of the lens of truth, but part of the ice exceed the circle disappear.

Paku 1352339378000 #67

To load faster, press f4, then when loaded press f4 again.

rishmit 1352468385000 #68

hlo sir...!!
everytime i open pj64 it shows d3d failed to intialised (i have xp)
the thing is i have downloaded and installed jabo d3d
stillits showing the same msg...
plz help...

Yoshistar95 1352492583000 #69

Maybe you should update your graphic card. I've heard a lot of responses with the similair problem which has this kind of answer... so have a look to that.

If that doesn't help (I had that problem too some time ago), then try something else...

New_Usr 1352867384000 #70

I'd like to know if Jabo still works on Project64 1.6.2... Orz

kirbyfan 1353200600000 #71

Jabo are there still plans to complete Project64 1.7?.

Yoshistar95 1353442233000 #72

Will the next version have a graphic plugin that gives Super Mario 64 a proper graphical reading? It doesn't show some graphics while they have to be there, and the fences shows visible white edges (blank graphic that should be invisible)

Yoshistar95 1353503008000 #73

I know a lot of glitches of Perfect Dark, which I know how to do them
So far, I've found about 110 glitches (including the ones that are pretty the same, but done in different level). From going through walls, to rare types of glitches in which they're hard to do.

But I've found another one recently

Enemies die twice XD

Jabo 1353537889000 #74

As I mentioned on my blog, I will not be working on Project64 in the future. I've updated this download to reflect that status. The information posted here is is nice to know, but I have no plans on doing anything additional releases on this emulator.

Gerhalt 1353618221000 #75

As I mentioned on my blog, I will not be working on Project64 in the future.

I guess this is due to the lack of spare time. am I right?

dazey238 1353619898000 #76

Don't think the reasons behind it matter too much - it is what it is.

Good to fully draw a line under it though, so that there's no confusion. Anyone screaming for open source has plenty of other existing plugins to choose from if they want to get involved with development.

Ambient_Malice 1353738030000 #77

Thanks for this Jabo.

By the by, Perfect Dark (U) works better than Perfect Dark (E) when it comes certain special effects such as screen distortion on the Area 51 mission and the Infra Red vision doesn't work at all on (E). So I recommend anyone who wants to play PD use the American version, despite it having resolution issues.

Yoshistar95 1353748217000 #78

I use the (U) version, so I'll have to stick with it. Good advice Ambient_Malice I'll remember that

Maverick_Hunter_X 1353754383000 #79

If y'all want to use a excellent GPU plugin just use the Glide64 plugin: from May 19th

I use this for all games today except for Mario Kart 64 to fix the in game monitors on Luigi's Raceway and Wario Stadium.

It's really one of the best GPU plugins at the moment.

Let me elaborate this:

Doom64: Works well with both Jabo's 1.6.1 and Glide64 plugin but Glide64 is in favor.

GoldenEye 64: Glide64 should be used here because it fixes various GFX problems that's haunted Jabo's plugin for years.

Perfect Dark: Glide64 should also be used here.

Super Mario 64: Works well with both Jabo's 1.6.1 and Glide64 plugin but again Glide64 should be favored here.

Paper Mario: Can't remember if the flickering went gone with the 1.6.1 update but Glide64 plays this game almost perfectly without flickering and the start menu looks OK too.

Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire: A game that certainly needs Glide64 due to flickering.

Yoshi's Story 64: I think 1.6.1 cures some flickering but it's even better with Glide64. There are some levels like the jungle levels that have a big black line across the screen but other then that it's peachy.

The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time: Have worked near perfect with Jabo's plugin for as long as I can remember but Glide64 makes it a little more better.

The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask: Used to have some minor glitches like the sun looking funny when the game starts and the day transition. Both should be fixed in Jabo's 1.6.1 plugin and Glide64 but overall Glide64 looks better.

Mario Kart 64: The game is close to perfect with Glide64 except that the in game monitors like mentioned ain't showing correctly but Jabo's 1.6.1 plugin is brilliant for this game.

Super Smash Bros: Works great with both plugins but again Glide64 have a minor advantage.

Jabo 1353765546000 #80

This update gives the plugins a bit more polish in many games which I'm very happy with. There are other plugins available, the community efforts around Rice and Glide64 have achieved fixes in many games, they are worth checking out if you find yourself having problems. Although I don't wish to discuss the details here, let's leave it at that, everyone has their preferences.

DarkProdigy 1354010307000 #81

Project64 Is nothing short of elegant... I have enjoyed playing my old favourites on your emulation program, and have never had a problem.... THANKYOU!!!

anonimus 1355796562000 #82

existe o gamefaq traduzido em portugues?

Yoshistar95 1356036622000 #83

Hey Jabo, can you also add the movie record feature? Jnes has one, VBA has one (Gameboy Advance emulator) and maybe more of them...

I really love the movie record VBA has a .avi revord though, but they have 2 different ones...
And why won't The New Tetris run?
All what I get is Game pak data error it may be the computer itself...

??gg 1356931903000 #84

I don't normally use msp files, but when I came across this one, I got an error message:

Windows cannot open this file:
File: pj64update.msp

I had to open it using the command line:

msiexec /p pj64update.msp

if msiexec is not recognized as a command, download it here:

I hope this helps anyone else who runs into the same issue.

Sarah 1357441077000 #85

Hi, sorry to bother you, but I was hoping someone could help me figure this out. I downloaded the file and everything, and it downloads fine and when I click for it to launch it loads the game I downloaded and I can play. However, sometimes the sound completely shuts off. And then, if I close out of Project 64, when I go back through and find it (I can't use the search function on my start menu; it can't find it) it won't load the game. It's very frustrating and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

gaming fan 1360678044000 #86

wtf man when i try to open teh emulator it says:Direct 3D failed to instalize.Error code:8876086A D3DERR_NOTVILABE pls help

Yoshistar95 1360689802000 #87

Same happened to me, but it was on a virtual computer (and I use a real one).

But maybe you should update the Direct3D drivers, codecs, whatever it uses... or the whole DirectX.

Chris Neff 1360967802000 #88

Well I too need help. How do I get Project 64 to run Paper Mario correctly? When I start the white screens are fast and weird and not the waythey are supposed to be and when the intro scene starts sometimes it shows random flashes of different parts of the game for a second and when I get to the start menu and push start the file select boxes are black and all weird and when I start the actual game and make a file there's still weird shit and then when I tried changing graphics settings now I get some really stupid Violation error that pops up when the intro scene starts and it makes me push okay and it pops up every few seconds and I even tried restarting the emulator and even uninstalling, erasing the download file, erasing the game, and pretty much starting over from scratch and even went so far as to download the emulator abd game from multiple sites and this time didn't change any settings just left them at default yet I ALWAYS get that violation error whwn I start up Paper Mario no matter how many times I start over from scratch and no matter how many different sites I download from so PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME ASAP!!!

fernanado 1361336685000 #89

pues ojala ma sirva que lo necesito !!!!!!!!!!

PJ64user 1362011362000 #90

Dear Jabo:

Maybe you never knew about this, but you made lots of people around the world happy with your work.

As an adult now, i want to thank you and your PJ64 team for your hard work in making the best N64 emulator (IMHO). Thank you for giving us some bits of our childhood again!

Please do not permanently vanish from the emulation community (well, just say "i??m here" from time to time LOL).

I wish you the best in your future projects.

A PJ64 user/fan in Uruguay (yup, far far away)

DKfanatic 1362444991000 #91

the pj64 been updated (2.0), but the video plugin not... and you, jabo, is the only one who can do this.
why not go back to work in the plugin? please do not let the best n64 emulator be discontinued!!

Mucky Solver 1363016292000 #92

Thanks Jabo, what you done is really useful for us....

I hope this spirit is never vanished.... good jobs....

Sumgi 1363144793000 #93

Well cripes. Looks like I picked a bad time to try to get the plugins. Tells me that "The file specified was not found" when I click the link

Jabo 1363219121000 #94

Fixed it.

Sumgi 1363236692000 #95

Woot. You are, and always have been, awesome.


rockyfrog 1365461430000 #96

Hey Jabo it looks like another group of people made a recent Project 64 2.0

You gotta check it out Jabo.

halotroop2288 1370732423000 #97

I play the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, when I get the upgrade of the Deku stick and return to the Kokiri Forest, it automatically end the emulation and a error box pops up and the screen freezes when I have it full screen.
I have the same problem that Retrozify has, except I am using Version 2.1 and it happens when I meet Gannondorf for the first time at the Castle, after the cutscene. (Also it may have to do with me having cheats on but I doubt it.)

halotroop2288 1370732573000 #98

Also the 1.6 Installer doesn't get passed the intitializing before it stops.

The Master 1372024490000 #99

:P *-*


DDX 1373042718000 #100

Is there any way to fix the Polygon errors in Donkey Kong 64?
I tried a lot to get it to work without problems,nothing works :C

Zane 1374086841000 #101

"It's a windows installer patch, don't like that? too bad!"

Why you gotta say it that way? I've noticed this trend in a lot of developers. You can say that you're not going to do something without being rude.

You spent a long time in the community, and I'd hate for you to end your legacy as being bitter.

Jabo 1374436377000 #102

Not a bad point, I meant it completely Tongue-in-cheek, poking fun at the fact windows installer isn't popular. But as a reader it's not really possible to know that, it does comes across quite badly as you mentioned. I've removed it, thanks for bringing it to my attention and being so polite.

jorge juanma po... 1375228045000 #103

i got a problem with star wars rogue squadron. someone can help me please? its the game of my childhood

squall_leonhart 1375490057000 #104

"i got a problem with star wars rogue squadron. someone can help me please? its the game of my childhood "

And you likely always will, this game is impossible to HLE emulate

Joel Colosimo 1375586302000 #105

This weekend I had a reunion with my best friend from HS. After a few false starts with mupen64 and PJ 2.1, this PJ 1.6.1 came to the rescue and played Perfect Dark and Mario Kart like a champ. Even though 15 years have passed, after we got into it, it felt like yesterday.

Before ultraHLE, I remember them saying it couldn't be done. How far N64 emulation has come! You, Zilmar, and all the other PJ64 guys should be proud. You're all some truly remarkable hackers.

Thanks for making the impossible, possible!

Chelovader 1376251321000 #106

Hi Jabo

Well has passed 2 years i think, i??m playing conker bad fur day and when i playing and press start the image is distorsioned and i don't know why happen this

Addy 1379507942000 #107

I have the same problem with Conkers Bad Fur Day and when I get to the barn area near the beginning the whole emulation crashes, which is why I'm going to try 1.6 now (I was using 2.1) to see if it will help at all.

YS95 1379793444000 #108

Nintendo DSi is not in the mood right now to let me logged in

I use 1.6 without patch, but I've got a problem...
For some reason when I want to take a screenshot by pressing F3 (or from menu) it always let the emulator crash why does it do that? Normally it works fine and well... maybe because it's Mario Kart 64 (E)? (didn't tried it on other games, so I don't know)

Any idea how to fix this problem?

tohui 1381532299000 #109

Wtf man?! I've tried everything you guys on here have mentored and each time I get the exact same message (verbatim) " the upgrade patch cannot be installed by the windows installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch". My version of Project64 is 1.6, can someone please help! If i'm doing something wrong or in any case, can I please get step by step assistance? I hope there's still people reading now

Rene 1381813354000 #110

Thank you jabosoft some other website won't let me download
and now jabosoft is the best online to download

david 1383987992000 #111

for some reason I can't equip my slingshot does anybody know how I could equipment slingshot on the Legend of Zelda project 64 version 1.6 for PC

vg 1383988052000 #112

how do I equip my sling shot on Legend of Zelda products 630 for version 1.6 for pc

CRITAWAKETS 1385685285000 #113

i have been playing perfect dark and even with this it does not work the perfect menu and pause show a black screen behind and lighting does not work and some effects are missing

Yoshistar95 1385713523000 #114

I got the same issues as you, but luckily I don't play that much on the emu

Install worked fine, so the download works fine Jabo!

Joey 1391252375000 #115

Hey Jabo,
Nice work with the 1.6.1 plugin. It's still the fastest and one of the most compatible plugins out there. Lately I've been using Mupen64Plus more and more. Have you considered porting it over? It shouldn't much work. The specs are very similar. Just rip out the GUI and put it in a config file.

Thanks for giving us such a great plugin!

Rocky Lincourt 1394136070000 #116

Can you please consider making an Direct3D 11, GPU Plug-in for Project64? Every other Modern Emulator (PS2, GCN, etc.) Supports D3D11 Graphics in someway.

Haiyami 1394268010000 #117

I got a question. Is there a rom of Orcarina of Time version 1.1 where Ganondorf's blood is still red, and the music from teh fire temple is still there and the mirror shield still has the moon and star on it?

Noke 1398628103000 #118

@Haiyami, yes. Just search on google "Ocarina of Time V1.1 Rom"

satori 1399025556000 #119

i know noone's going to read this but please stop asking about pj64 v2.0 and v2.1. you may as well ignore those versions entirely because v1.6 is generally better and v1.6.1 here makes it even more so.

...why would you use oot v1.1 for emulating? just get v1.0.

tripleplay92 1401428689000 #120

Can you make a patch for your plugin that, for the Triple Play 2000 ROM (for example), fixes the dialog box overlays, as well as the outfield stands within the 4:3 area when someone's at bat? Or have those issues already been taken care of with any of the 1.7 versions of Jabo's Direct3D8? I don't know if lag's an issue for that ROM and your video plugin, I only ever ran it while doing other stuff on the same computer. I'll try running it again when I've got enough free space CPU-wise to see if that solves the lag problem.

abraxas87 1402092047000 #121

It's 2014, don't know if anyone will read or care, but nonetheless:

Thank you for your work, i appreciate it very much. Although i am quiet good with "regular" computer-stuff, i have no skill at programming at all.. Really cool that there are some people who can actually "do" things like PJ64..
It gives me the possibility to experience an important part of my childhood again (my old N64-Controller's stick is done), i think that many people feel this way about it. PJ64 2.0 / 2.1 are viral crap, i'm so happy that i found the link to this page, your 1.6.1 is all that i need...

Greetings from Germany, and best wishes to you Jabo..

vinicius 1403625474000 #122

se tem algo que eu goste o nome disso e project mais toda vez que eu abro um jogo da um tal de falha para abrir mempak como eu resolvo isso

slick9000 1409208963000 #123

I play majoras massk but I want my left click to be b on my controls. is there any why I can do this

PUNK buster 1412756095000 #124

when i start the rom emulation start but i get a blank screen with nothing on it help me i wanna play nintendo games

Brickstin 1413853172000 #125

I know this is extremely old but. for some reason when I installed the update... (Following instructions as stated in the post)

Robotron-64 gets broken and visual texts no longer work.. Mind you I just started using this but.. idk if anyone else has had this happen to some of their games. Ive tried a bunch of options to try and fix this.. and nothing works xD Maybe someone else can work a unofficial patch or something if they are willing. But thought id just let you all know that if you like that game you might have to run two different coppies of the ROM emulator :x

krazedkaracter 1423273834000 #126

I've downloaded the one with the plugins, and it wont show anything, just a black screen... Which would be great, if it weren't that I wanted to PLAY Mario 64, not just listen to calming music...

Naman 1430299768000 #127

Does it have a virus ?

sydykov 1430700452000 #128

Thanks very much for your plugins over the years. my old n64 died long ago and from then on i have been using emulators like project 64. i must say i really appreciate your endeavors.
I dont know if you still dabble and create your plugins or even check this site anymore.- - but i wish to express my sincere thanks. to this day on odd occasions due to your plugins and n64 project guys i can still have a family night of mario party 2 and smash bros.

Would be nice to know what other things you do etc. or in general -so support and major thumbs up can be given- P.S. (blog hasnt been updated in years O.o)

Alex 1430901657000 #129

Try the retrolink N64 usb controller (ebay) it works like a charm for me, ann hence the experiencie a lot

Fernando 1431122036000 #130

I tried changing the n64 controller buttons and my c-down doesnt work some how i calibrated it and tried it with different controllers i dont know whats wrong if its the project 64 1.6 or i dont know. i need help

Magma Panda 1435138684000 #131

Does anyone know how to make Space Station Silicon Valley work with the emu?

A concerned cit... 1436887805000 #132

I don't know if you are aware but the latest version of project64 on the official website is bundled with very difficult to remove malware. I know you are not involved with project anymore the reason I'm posting this here telling you this is that the wikipedia entry for pj64 has no mention of this malware, and the person who ended up in charge of the article(who doesn't even use the emulator he admits) refuses to allow any mention of the bundled malware in the article to the aggravation of atleast one editor.

the entry

the discussion of an edit to the page mentioning said malware, the editor in charge of the article says there is no reputable source mentioning any malware, therefore despite there being a multitude of easily found with a websearch threads about the malware bundled and how to get rid of it, this apparently is not enough "proof" for the editor in charge of the page.

Seeing as this website of yours is in the external links section of the article, I would have immense gratitude for you if you could make a post on this site mentioning the malware, not just for the hours and stress I spent trying to remove it from my computer but for the many hours and stress it could save someone else in the future from having to spend/deal with. Thank you for your time in reading this message as well as for your contributions to project64 over the years.

With regards
Steve "Roboplodicus"


Jabo 1439405165000 #133

I don't know if you are aware but the latest version of project64 on the official website is bundled with very difficult to remove malware.

Hi Steve, appreciate the kind words, fans like yourself are what made working on it enjoyable. I haven't had anything to do with Projec64 since leaving in 2011, you'll have to understand that I won't be getting involved in things like this. It's regrettable to hear again about the malware, but that ship has sailed for me.

After reviewing the discussion you've linked to, I would suggest finding a middle ground with the editors, they are unlikely to put strong words such as malware in an article without equally strong references. As a compromise I would suggest adding a new section that simply informs readers the latest installation package includes bundled software, the reader can decide if that constitutes malware.

Old Timer 1439837543000 #134

Jabo, I've been following your work for over 10 years now - 15 maybe? When did PJ64 first start? Anyway, I'm happy that you have made this version available, great work!

Jabo 1440169403000 #135

I joined the project probably almost 15 years ago, but I know it existed prior to that even for a few years.

SCT 1440433894000 #136

I need help with the patch. I downloaded the Project 64 1.6 version, but when I try to download the 1.6.1 patch, I get a pop-up that says: "The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the windows installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch".

I'm have 1.6, and the patch is for updating it to 1.6.1. I'm not sure why it's not working when it is the right version that needs to be updated.

Andy 1443253942000 #137

Jabo, any chance of a patch for your graphics plugin for 1.6.1? I'll be getting Windows 10 soon and I've read that your plugin doesn't work....

Jabo 1443639026000 #138

I haven't heard from anyone yet about that, I wouldn't be opposed to fixing it if it was a small change. That being said it might be sometime before I have a Windows 10 machine to do testing or development with.

theboy181 1444700655000 #139

Yep its broken as of Windows 8

Windows 8/10 DirectDraw and older DirectX emulation not very good.

theboy181 1445094697000 #140

I have never found any thead asking or explainimg why you havnt donated your code to the public. Is this something that will ever happen?

Jabo 1445786936000 #141

I don't think it will happen, I don't often discuss it because while most people respect this, it also invites hatred from others. I don't view emulation as conservationism in the same way others do. I'm mostly here just to play games.

I work on personal projects as a form of technical enjoyment and enrichment that I don't get elsewhere, their overall success is not as important as making something I like. For example I recently ported Jnes to Android, which I've enjoyed a lot. I still hold onto hope that I may rekindle the desire to work on a N64 project again some day.

Lastly we are talking about code I wrote over 10 years ago, quite frankly it's not my best work. I don't ask people understand this, but ask they respect it.

Turtle 1445931157000 #142

I thought you had disappeared forever, Jabo! I had been looking everywhere for a way to contact you! I guess I assumed your website hadn't been updated in 4+ years. Anyway, glad to hear from you!

I think the main reason everybody wants to see the code is because it is the most compatible and the most stable (for most games that people want to play). Just today I was testing multiple N64 emulators and plugins with each other, and the combination of your video and audio plugin make the most games boot, run faster, and run smoother.

If you don't want to release the code, that is fine. I respect your wishes as the original author. However, I would like to bring up the point that the code IS 10 years old, but it's currently beating everybody's code now. All we wanted as for a source release, was so we could simply study the code. A nice side-effect would be being able to improve upon it, since N64 documentation is extremely lacking and source is not readily available for many N64 emulators and plugins.

Again, I know you don't think it is your best work, but honestly, how could it not be if nobody else can seem to top it? I mean, sure things like CEN64, Soft64, the MESS driver, GLideN64, Azimer's Audio, and other things have come out, but they still don't have anywhere near the compatibility, speed, or even features in some cases.

I think you might be more inclined to work on Project64/your plugins/N64 stuff if you saw how people were working on the stuff with you. Especially on GitHub, things are great there. Not perfect, like humanity really, but way better than some places on the internet.

Anyway, I hope you understand what I'm trying to understand. We all love the N64 dearly, that's all.

Turtle 1445931273000 #143

I meant to say "what I'm trying to say". lol

Jabo 1445977992000 #144

Hehe no worries, I'm still around, very busy elsewhere, but semi-actively working on Jnes for Android, but admittedly the website is very lacking in terms of updates, so you wouldn't know that!

Thanks for the kind words, I'm still very proud of what was accomplished in the project and it's nice to hear positive feedback still. I think the plugins are still pretty solid pieces of software. When I say it's not my best work I'm referring to the quality and structure of the code, I haven't kept up to date with other emulators.

Take care.

Lucas Couto 1446567244000 #145

Hey guys, I'd like to know if you could help me with a little problem I'm having with Conker's Bad Fur Day.
I use Project64 1.6 and every game I try runs great! Even Conker's BFD, but randomly it decides to freeze always at the same part. Then I stop playing for some time, then I go back and it runs perfectly like if nothing ever happened... until it decides to freeze in another random place.
Now it froze at the T-rex battle where I'm on the T-rex and I have to eat everybody. When the guys with the spears come, I can't look to where they came from or else the game freezes.

Is there anything I can do to make it stop?

Breadwinka 1446592673000 #146

We hold up onto hope that one day you will come back and work on N64 too. I'm glad your still working on things like JNES. I had no idea this stuff was still going on. Your work on the video plugins for N64 is just purely amazing. Its still one of the best plugins to date even though the code is 10 years old, the only problem with it is newer OS like windows 10 fullscreen no longer works.

The work going into PJ64 nowadays is pretty good since going open source, if you ever have free time come check it out I totaly respect your wishes for keeping Jabo plugins closed source but hopefully one day you decide to come back and help us out again.

Keep up the great work and look forward to seeing your stuff in the future.

T Rex 1000 1447410140000 #147

help me all my codes in all games have been removed after i edited one of the codes from super smash bros.! how do i retrieve them? i did what the manual said but it didnt work! what do i do?!

31yo nostalgia ... 1451874807000 #148

thanks a mil

Reis3n 1452135767000 #149

Amazing work, i have been using this emulator since 2008 and even today gives me amazing moments with my family playing classics like diddy kong racing and mario party.

Thanks for sharing this for free.

Greetings from Chile!

JCookie20001 1454138439000 #150

Is there widescreen support?

Hmm... 1454781279000 #151

I've been trying to upgrade it with the patch, but it says "The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch."

C.Falco4 1454878431000 #152

For some reason i dont have Jabos Directsound. Can i get a zip file download of it?

GAN 1456293939000 #153

Seriously, is there no zipped copy of these files? I have an old copy of 1.6 and don't intend on reinstalling for this patch.
And no, extracting it didn't work. The msp got me PCW_CAB_PJApps, which got me _A0B96609A31049078572C22E38016931, _D60FD32E7BD54C17808E947949284479 and _4BC240FFE3C847079EE70BAC76C6E131.

Argh! 1456804386000 #154

Can anyone help me get the extra mode to work in MarioKart64? I've tried downloading three different ROMs, but the "Have Bonus Mode..." cheat option does nothing. The Extra mode never shows up below the 150cc option.

Derek 1457738368000 #155

Just install it for gods sake

Alex 1458646542000 #156

Derek, installing software is a big deal, especially for P64. The 2.0 installer on the official website dumps malware on install, so a lot of people would rather have a .zip file which they can remove effortlessly.

That said, this installer is from 2011 and I doubt it would ultimately make a difference, but the sentiment for installers is still the same 5 years later in the year 2016.

Seriously speaking, nobody should have to "install" an emulator in order to use it.

Charlie 1465310582000 #157

Umm Im worried if this is safe or not. I have already had to factory reset my laptop from a virus before and I want to know if this is safe. No adware or anything.

Mason 1466102955000 #158

The patch doesn't do anything. I've installed it about 5 times and my version of PJ64 1.6 doesn't change to 1.6.1

BarkinDarkin 1469916088000 #159

This is great, was so much better then 2.2, sadly the patch does nothing, and my install is giving me some problems so I came to get this but now the files are gone......umm.....a reupload? the ones from the official PJ64 site always gave me viruses on my old PC so yea...

KingJ 1469978096000 #160

the link doesnt work anymore, can you reupload the files?

Jabo 1470153128000 #161

Sorry about that should be all fixed up.

Romulon 1481252442000 #162

Reporting in from Dec 2016. We are still using this emulator to play roms on PCs.. Cheers

JunielKatarn 1481340695000 #163

Hi Jabo. Can/will you share the source for your Project64 graphics plugin?
In some regards it's still the best one out there, and the emulation community could benefit from using it as a reference implementation.

Emmasaurus 1489682892000 #164

Hey, just wanted to say thanks mate. I've downloaded this several times on different pc's and your patch rocks it. Thanks!

Jack Herbic 1491802379000 #165

Hey thanks for this work, just downloaded today fixed my problems for Banjo.

Victor Augusto 1495898897000 #166

When I play The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask at Woodfall Temple, when I enter the room before the Boss room, the game crashes. what do I do?

Gent 1505691456000 #167

Did you check the Game FAQ? Have you ensured you have met all requirements and have made certain you are using a good varified version of MM?

n64 player 1508823075000 #168

Whats wrong with installers and how do i install the patch do i just use the exe or do i have to place the files manualy

Gent 1508869477000 #169

If you have Administration rights, you can use the patch (exe) to automatically update the plugins to 1.6.1. If you do not, then use the .zip archive and extract into the Project64 Plugin Folder.
REPLY updated 1508869513000

Samuel 1511984752000 #170

como utilizo esto para descargar alguien me puede ayudar :{

Gent 1511988030000 #171

to download what?

para descargar qu???
REPLY updated 1511988071000

hubertlemurto 1514036735000 #172

carpe diem

swanswill 1522776200000 #173

Hi Gent/Gabo, I am really fearful of downloading stuff like this on my computer due to previous experiences of downloading the project 64. Is this actually legit and wont give me adware/malware?

KInn 1526276856000 #174

Hello, I have been playing the 1.6 version without any hitches up until the first bowser fight. When I grab his tail and spin the analog stick he wont spin. Im using a gamecube controller if that matters. Not sure if anyone will reply but thank you if you do.

fire10 1532611364000 #175

Hi Jabo would it be possible to add Window resizing option to your plugin for project 64. At the moment you can use specific sizes eg 800 x 600 but the ability for a 3rd party software like rocketlauncher to be able to resize the window to fit a bezel would be fantastic. I try with rocketlauncher at the moment but the image does not fill the whole bezel free area. I hope this makes sense if not please contact me on Many thanks Ant

TuxedoWolf 1536251351000 #176

So does this have malware? wanna download it however i dont want any malware and apparently official sources and links come bundled with malware which according to reddit can be avoided if you read. Found a link to this from a post on reddit.

TuxedoWolf07 1547775582000 #177

no it does not