Jnes 1.1 released

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I'm happy to release 1.1 finally, it has a few key features users have been asking for a while, such as HQ filters and that cheat search Gent waited a few years for! Additionally there is many bug fixes that make this a worth while update. One enhancement I'm particularly excited about is the new browser box-art rendering, it's a nice step up from the previous release if you are using that.

As always many thanks to Gent for his motivation and help over the last few years, as well as the users who have left feedback during that time as well.
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Also link for the .exe doesn't work >.>

Gent 1330395481000 #3

yep this is true, can everyone please use the .zip file that works just fine for now until Jabo fixes the .exe install link

ExtremeDude2 1330439723000 #4

It works now

HQX 1330467992000 #5

What a pleasant suprise on this release. Nice job Jabo. The HQX video filters look great. Thanks for the release. Keep up the good work.

Pliskin 1330507032000 #6

Thanks, Jabo

Gerhalt 1330572377000 #7

oh my, I actually thought we'd never see it. This news is so f**king awesome that I barely believe it! So here we go!
VBlank removed??? and improved timings solve that bug in Jurassic Park, right? OK I'll check it out.
Jabo, thnx again and ummmm... are we allowed to post feedback along with bugreports & stuff?
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Jabo 1330601095000 #8

Thanks everyone! Yes Gerhalt, you can post feedback.

Maverick_Hunter_X 1330658952000 #9

Jnes 1.1 HELL YEAH

Thank you very much for this Jabo!

Felipe 1330665261000 #10

translation to pt-br updated, i'm the same translator of 1.2


btw, it wouldnt hurt to make the windows of settings section bigger to have space for translations.

squall_leonhart 1330671121000 #11

hmmm, in all the games i tried so far it seems visually choppy.

nmhienhien 1330768916000 #12

link download?

Gerhalt 1330831378000 #13

2 nmhienhien
have a look at the upper right corner of this page, there's a list named Categories. now expand the 'Jnes' category, eventually you'll notice 'Downloads' subcategory where you can DL the precious emu! have fun!

2 Jabo
excellent work! I've tested Crisis Force, Crystalis, Jurassic Park, Ninja Gaiden 3, Ys and Villgust Gaiden. all games were run in a windowed mode with filter set to hq2x.
as for the 1st one, I'm so much relieved to state that total mess is gone together with blinking squared artifacts & occasional screen flashes.
in Crystalis whenever a message appears bg trembles no more, but sometimes it does, moreover, when the renderer is set to either default or 'nearest neighbor' (btw Jabo what does this mean?) this bug persists. anyways, I don't think users will change this option so it's OK.
in regards with Jurasiic Park I can tell the issue is witnessed no more. however, a flashing black bar can be noticed in the top of the screen. it occurs once every 20 or 30 seconds, especially if scrolling. actually I knew of it but somehow forgot to report.
I was so glad to see there's no more shaking within 'vertical scroll' rooms in Ninja Gaiden 3. this is so great!
unfortunately, the same issues remain in both Ys & Villgust Gaiden.
finally, I'd like to mention that switching from fullscreen back to window leads to a loss of smoothness (I guess this is what Squall meant in his message). I worked that around by reloading a rom and/or task switching which are surely out of order procedures.
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squall_leonhart 1330979113000 #14

i didn't even have to switch to fullscreen xD, its visually jerky on almost all the games i played.

Gerhalt 1331085199000 #15

the screen still doesn't darken when paused in Super Spy Hunter.
I have to confess: I miss 2xSai engine since this HQ filter doesn't render ALL sprites properly. just have a look @ Batman on the title screen in the very first game.
I'd also like to ask this: why not add more translatable messages seen in status bar? I mean those displayed when you hover the cursor over certain menu option, like 'opens a rom image' or 'displays an input config dialog'... plus, where do I upload a localized .msg file 'cuz, you know, MU is no more
what about an integration of support for macro sequences, eh?

Jabo 1331118630000 #16

i didn't even have to switch to fullscreen xD, its visually jerky on almost all the games i played.

Can you let me know if 1.0.3 had similar problem?

translation to pt-br updated, i'm the same translator of 1.2

Cool downloaded and will update thanks so much!

excellent work! I've tested Crisis Force, Crystalis, Jurassic Park, Ninja Gaiden 3

Good, glad to hear it's been an improvement it was probably one of the more risky changes. There is still problems with timing for some games unfortunately, not sure I will get a chance to look at them but thanks for letting me know.

Sorry about the uploads I had turned them off a while ago, perhaps I can look at putting them back, in the mean time 4shared.com seems to look promising. In this release I removed status bar messages, they were out of date and weren't implemented consistently, just didn't see the benefit being large enough considering what little time I had.

Gerhalt 1331262070000 #17

if 1.0.3 had similar problem?

huh? was it a test version or you mean 1.0.2 with updated langs?
and what about this 'nearest neighbor' filter? previously there used to be 'software' renderer which just upscaled an image (reminds of vector graphics upscaling in some way) but didn't antialias any element displayed. so I wonder whether you simply renamed it or this one does use another drawing method?

Lam190 1331378693000 #18

Very nice work Jabo, I've been enjoying your work for many years now and it's great to see your still at it! You have brought me MANY hours of enjoyment over the years and you truly have some serious talent!

I did however switch back to Jnes Version 1.0.2. Seems there are some new bugs in the 1.1. I know it sounds silly, but every time I try a new emulator, regardless of the hardware platform, I play “JAWS”. It’s a real quick, easy game to beat and test the emulator. I have beaten it so many times on the actual NES hardware, and various emulators on various platforms that I can tell when something “is off”.
With the latest 1.1 version, the spirits seem to overlap one another at time. Additionally, you get this very odd “screen shaking” when your player dies. And overall the game seems just a bit “Choppy”. This never happened with 1.0.2.

Anyway, I have never posted on any of the forums you use (despite enjoying your work for years). I just thought it would be nice to let you know how much I appreciate your work while providing some feedback. I hope that life has treated you well and fair and that you enjoy life to the fullest! Best wishes to you!

squall_leonhart 1331518153000 #19

"huh? was it a test version or you mean 1.0.2 with updated langs?"

1.0.3 was a beta for a few people.

btw, i have to take back my jittery graphics issue, it seems it was actually caused by my system beginning to get unstable after 6 weeks of uptime xD

Jabo 1331548300000 #20

I know it sounds silly, but every time I try a new emulator, regardless of the hardware platform, I play “JAWS”.

Hehe not silly at all and thanks for the kind words I took a quick look at Jaws I didn't see anything straight away, I did notice when the player dies the screen flashes a bit at the bottom, bit strange but certainly easy to overlook. I'll have to do a proper evaluation at another time with a good dump to see if I missed anything.

and what about this 'nearest neighbor' filter?

Nearest neighbor is the technical name for the algorithm used in resizing the image (previously called Software not sure why) if you go to wikipedia actually there is a good article that explains how it works.

grapemeinmymouth 1331667133000 #21

is jnes built from c plus plus?

Iconoclast 1331722160000 #22

(trick answer to a trick question "built")

Heh but when you bring it up, seriously I'm not sure how to find the source language here.

Apparently it was linked by Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (commonly just Visual C++), but I can't seem to disprove it wasn't done in C.

Anyway who cares. C++; raised an integer overflow exception and flew underneath C a long time ago.

Nearest neighbor is the technical name for the algorithm used in resizing the image (previously called Software not sure why) if you go to wikipedia actually there is a good article that explains how it works.

"Nearest neighbor" always sounded sort of self-explanatory, but I'm just guessing it's because hardware acceleration isn't used to do a basic pixel combination. I've done nearest neighbor filtering by hand in Paint before XD so that's kinda software-like. :rolleyes:

hella general term though, so at the same time "software" doesn't make a lot of sense, maybe it was just a GDI tradition or something
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Gerhalt 1331734720000 #23

hey, Iconoclast! wanna hear your opinion on the latest release of JNES. would you be so kind & say some words about it, eh?

BigGibb 1331789467000 #24

jnes isnt saving my controller configuration, everytime i exit and reopen the emulator controller reverts to previous config, is there a way to save the config? i seen the ini input line but its just a bunch of numbers can't understand it and it doesnt change after i put in new config plz help

Jabo 1331806345000 #25

BigGibb, doesn't sound like a familiar issue, it might be a permissions problem, you may want to try grabbing the ZIP package and extracting it somewhere you know you have proper rights, or even deleting the Jnes folder and re-installing.

Iconoclast 1331809894000 #26

If you can see the INI file then you should try typing something random into it and saving changes to the file in Notepad or whatever. If it refuses to let you overwrite the file then its placement is in a write-protected sector, which means as Jabo suggested, a permissions issue.

And Gerhalt I gave it a whirl before, never too extreme with changes, everything holding on fine to me. As far as support for specific games the thing with chessmaster is still broken so it's still 99.9% satisfactory to me as always.

Maryline 1331818856000 #27

I don't get this, you being a D3D hero and all, can give option to use Direct3D like RockNesX2 WHY? Your pj64 work is awesome! Why not put that work into this emulator?

Iconoclast 1331889047000 #28

Haven't looked into the Direct3D API much, but I think it does everything in triangles.

DirectDraw is a subset of DirectX that just uses rectangles (unless you use transparencies), which is better for 2-D games.

So there wouldn't really be any benefit as it would just add DirectX requirements in exchange for new functions in the Direct3D layer that aren't useable.

Jabo 1331893215000 #29

yea I would agree with Iconoclast

ave 1332021664000 #30

cant play b wings. why?

Mightymo77 1332087346000 #31

Jabo is it possible to add my cheat code database to your emulator? It would be fantasic if you can. It's located at www.mightymo.net downloads page, Nestopia cheat code pack. I also have a a .tsv file with every NES cheat I made in this format:

"1942 (Japan, USA)" "e868400409c70876b98dad2cca87b8e9ee31877b0cccbbd8405be5c54922722a"
"OLZNEE" "Don't die when touched"
"PAEIXKNY" "Most enemies die instantly"
"SZXLKEVK" "Infinite lives - 1P game"
"SZESPUVK" "Infinite rolls"

Contact me, let me know.

Iconoclast 1332114187000 #32

Hm, strange. Didn't show up on the "Recent Comments" pane, which just jumped to something from February. Perhaps I'm just too attached to that to keep track of new posts here.

cant play b wings. why?

Try turning to the left?

Gerhalt 1332163680000 #33

- damn, I can't get Lunar Ball to work! what should I do?
- errr, have you tried turning to the left?
- I will, not sure how this could help though...
after a short while
- hey, that helped. thanks a lot!

so I just wonder: how many issues could be fixed by simply turning somewhere? quoting Rayne: "who needs ladders when there's scaffolding?"

Iconoclast 1332176388000 #34

Heh.... Why, I believe any "can't play game [x]" issues, where [x] is a driving or piloting game, to the point where the user has to ask "why" he can't play it, can be solved by simply turning somewhere.

Brigand 1332264133000 #35

I am having the same issues as BigGibb - JNes 1.1 does not save settings correctly. This is not a permissions issue. If I simply delete the config file, JNes will recreate, and will save SOME settings - others it does not save correctly. This was tested on Windows 7 and Vista, both displaying the same problem.

Brigand 1332264572000 #36

Also wanted to add this is my favorite NES emulator; would just like to have a little better mapper support. Any plans for this??

RonanN1 1332264681000 #37


Gerhalt 1332336370000 #38

so, the ability to add or edit GG/PAR codes has been disabled. what's the reason?

Riony 1332371139000 #39

Wow, what an improvement!

However, is it possible to use the hq2x filter in full screen? hq3x works slowly on my end

Riony 1332372061000 #40

Oh well, I just discovered that if the resolution is less or equal than 800x600 the hq2x filter is available. Now it works as expected although it doesn't look so nice compared to the native resolution (1280x800). I guess there's no way to use hq2x at 1280x800, and hq3x runs too slow in this old video card.

Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1500MHz
Operating System: Windows NT 5.1 Service Pack 3
Installed Memory: 1279 MB
Video Description: MOBILITY RADEON 9200 (4C66)
Video Driver: ati2dvag.dll (Vendor: 1002)
Video Caps: Clipping NO; Stretch YES; Fillrect YES
Video Memory: 26 mb FREE

Thanks for this new release Jabo !

Jabo 1332499326000 #41

Jabo is it possible to add my cheat code database to your emulator?

Gent has done all the fantastic work on the cheats database. If you would like to submit new or updated cheats after adding and testing them in Jnes I think that would be great.

I am having the same issues as BigGibb - JNes 1.1 does not save settings correctly. This is not a permissions issue.

That was a guess, I am interested in what is causing this problem, and if we can figure out what is wrong I will definitely fix it. Can I ask how you know it is not permissions related? Are you running it as Administrator for example? A tool like system internals process monitor might help us figure this out.

Also the ability to add/edit cheat codes is still there it's just a right-click menu, I probably forgot to mention it, sorry about that.
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Gerhalt 1332509592000 #42

Also the ability to add/edit cheat codes is still there it's just a right-click menu

that's what I'm talking here about: when using 'ROM browser' view style it's possible to call up a context menu with a command 'cheats...' summoning a dialog box where one can view, enable, disable GG/PAR cheat codes for the highlighted game. however in previous releases there used to be buttons 'add', 'edit' & 'remove' unlike v.1.1 which is devoid of those mentioned. have a look & tell why is that, OK?

so I see the only way out this far is to open a .cht database in a text editor, search for the codes I need (e.g. Little Samson that I added manually) and copy-paste the whole paragraph into the new 'CHT' file... or maybe if Gent wouldn't mind we could ask him to integrate missing cheats.
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Jabo 1332526961000 #43

hmm perhaps you misunderstand what I am saying, if you open the cheats dialog, the one with the list of cheats, right click anywhere in the list and a context menu appears with the options that were previously buttons, add remove etc.

Gerhalt 1332559668000 #44

oh, please forgive me my impatience. yeah, I gave it a shot - there's a brand-new context menu containing all those commands. it looks like you sense this way to be more comfortable for managing cheats. actually, I like the old buttons more plus it would be great if all those operations could be done within a single window instead of several ones - I refer to Registry Editor 'cuz it's so simple & clear.

and before I forgot, checking the boxes (enabling/disabling cheats) works only for mouse clicks -> it does nothing when using the spacebar for that. why?
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Jabo 1332571650000 #45

since the tree is custom drawn i probably forgot about the good old keyboard.

squall_leonhart 1332637524000 #46

If i can get multiple confirmations from jabo himself and other users that the cheats work perfectly and are in the correct format, i can apply them to the private jnes cheat database.

Jabo, you got any way to pm on this site yet?
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squall_leonhart 1332637648000 #47

Oh well, I just discovered that if the resolution is less or equal than 800x600 the hq2x filter is available. Now it works as expected although it doesn't look so nice compared to the native resolution (1280x800). I guess there's no way to use hq2x at 1280x800, and hq3x runs too slow in this old video card.

That video card only supports 2k x 2k page sizes.

Jabo 1332653740000 #48

Jabo, you got any way to pm on this site yet?

You can still message me on Emutalk privately, we have a forum http://www.emutalk.net/forums/104-Jnes-Cheats there as well, although I realize it does not have the same visibility, I still like Emutalk quite a bit.
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squall_leonhart 1332718809000 #49

your PM quota is full

Jabo 1332842641000 #50

should be cleaned up now, quite a walk down memory lane.

Jald 1333071214000 #51

Would you consider a way to change the hard coded keys?

A possible workaround that might not be too much work would be:

If a key is defined as an input, then don't trigger the hard coded event.

For example I would like to use 5 and 1 for start and select, at the moment I am allowed to define those keys, but in game the keys change the save state slots.

Thanks for all the hard work!

Gerhalt 1333286971000 #52

noticed an issue of JNES not refreshing a list of games within a previously specified dir. I mean I never encountered that while using older version: quite frankly I'm used to 'ROM browser' view style, so when a rom(s) is added/removed from the dir and then the emu is launched, it updated a list of remained roms itself. in the newest release it sometimes doesn't do that automatically thus one has to call a context menu & press the 'refresh' button. will you pls check this out?
REPLY updated 1333287060000

Pikachu32 1333287497000 #53

Found out that Jnes 1.1 doesn't differentiate between loading a PAL rom and an NTSC rom when it is set on Auto on the region type. When it is set on Auto, it defaults to NTSC framerate which can produce visual glitchiness for PAL roms.

HQX 1333309113000 #54

It took awhile for me to figure out that I had to right click in the cheats section to beable to add my own cheat codes.

HQX 1333321143000 #55

I found a huge bug. In the game "Alien Syndrome" the graphics is all messed up. Once the first level starts parts of the map is black. There's also random numbers displayed at the top of the screen... ya know how when you try to load a real cartridge but the graphics is all messed up and you see random numbers & letters all over the screen and you have to press power and wiggle the cartridge or blow in it to get it to work properly .... well that's how it is in the bug in Jnes regarding the random numbers at the top of the screen. (I'm suprised Gerhalt never noticed this... you're slacking Gerhalt, you're slacking, lol)

Gerhalt 1333334380000 #56

I'm suprised Gerhalt never noticed this...

that's true. know why? 'cuz I never played Alien Syndrome. actually I doubt even Jabo is aware of every supported rom issue - and THAT'S WHY WE'RE HERE, don't you think so?
I witnessed described bug (random numbers instead of sprites etc.) in, say, Wai Wai World 2 and Crisis Force, but I haven't tried Wai Wai with v.1.1 so I've no idea whether it's been fixed or not...

2 Jabo
btw, JNES tells the update is available. I just wonder if it's a fool's day surprise?
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Jabo 1333361142000 #57

The update checker was out dated, that should be fixed now. I waited a bit too long on updating that.

Found out that Jnes 1.1 doesn't differentiate between loading a PAL rom

I can't remember where this is documented but for auto to work your rom has to use "Good Names" naming convention. Jnes will look for (U), (E), (J) in the name of the file to determine the region.

In the game "Alien Syndrome" the graphics is all messed up.

Yea looks like it thanks.

Maverick_Hunter_X 1333710155000 #58

I was going to try out the new release today when I noticed that the settings wasn't saved as mentioned here.
Never had this problem with 0.6, 1.0.1 or 1.0.2 before.

I wonder if I could boot up 1.0.2, configure that as in 1.1 and then switch the Jnes.ini file? Might give it a try...

Maverick_Hunter_X 1333711158000 #59

Yep configuring 1.0.2, copy & paste the settings to the 1.1 Jnes.ini worked perfect.
Problem solved for now.

Jnes 1.1 seems to a real nice release, just booted up The Legend of Zelda (U) and it played as good as ever.

Jabo 1333735755000 #60

Thanks for posting the workaround Maverick_Hunter_X, I really wish I could find a machine to reproduce this problem on, so far I have been unable to find the cause of this issue, it does not seem to affect everyone if you have any idea please let me know. I Assuming you are using Windows 7, running as a local administrator, and attempting to run out of program files?

Maverick_Hunter_X 1333753736000 #61

Hey no problem friend! From the looks of it I'm not the only one with this problem and I was glad to provide an easy temporary fix.

Yep I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1, always as administrator as I'm the only soul using the emulation rig.

As for Program Files, I don't keep the emulators there actually.
I keep them under "C:\\Games\\Video Games\\Emulators" like I have done the last couple of years.

I'm trying to keep as much stuff out of the system folders as possible and going for a clean as possible system.

Gerhalt 1333762065000 #62

oh yes, the so called 'reverse compatibility' is a great thing indeed! it helps to solve so many issues that I sometimes wonder if we could manage to fix something without it at all.

it appears a number of issues are caused by those weird Vista/7 additional protection (UAC plus admin rights restriction) which simply forbids every app (uncertified by MS) to create/overwrite any sort of data to a hard drive like, say, JNES' config file. notice: I don't even mention apps trying to access the registry - such behavior is usually treated as a form of some malware... unless you are familiar with a program & sure that it contains no malicious code piece(s).

well, there's a way to partially deal with problems described - simply create a blank .txt file and insert the following:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Take Ownership"

@="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \\"%1\\" && icacls \\"%1\\" /grant administrators:F"
"IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \\"%1\\" && icacls \\"%1\\" /grant administrators:F"

@="Take Ownership"

@="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \\"%1\\" /r /d y && icacls \\"%1\\" /grant administrators:F /t"
"IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \\"%1\\" /r /d y && icacls \\"%1\\" /grant administrators:F /t"

then you should alter the extension from .txt to .reg. then simply double-click the file and confirm the integration with your registry - it will add a new command to almost every context menu (file/folder/drive) 'Take Ownership' that will let you decide whether to grant an app full access to selected file/dir.
REPLY updated 1333848963000

Maverick_Hunter_X 1333847720000 #63

"I don't even mention apps trying to access the registry - such behavior is being treated as a form of some malware... unless you are familiar with a program & sure that it contains no malicious code piece(s)."

One emulator I think of is ePSXe at the moment, I didn't really liked the idea with it messing around the registry.
It never felt solid or clean either.

I'm glad I dropped it for XEBRA, Dr. Hell sure know what he did there.

Jabo 1333871421000 #64

cool information thanks guys

As for Program Files, I don't keep the emulators there actually.
I keep them under "C:\Games\Video Games\Emulators" like I have done the last couple of years.

Thanks for sharing this, I've been trying to find out what is causing this issue this helps me understand your situation a bit more. Would you mind testing two scenarios for me?

1. Run Jnes as an Administrator (right click on Jnes)
2. Check the security permissions for the Jnes folder - please Grant Users Full Control


Maverick_Hunter_X 1333885713000 #65

OK I have now tried what you suggested Jabo and neither worked.
Every time I open and reopen Jnes nothing that I have configured before have been saved, still shows the first time pop-up.

I really wonder what can cause this?

It is a serious problem for new users that don't know much about the emulator.
But for us experienced Jnes users that know our way around .ini files, there is always some kind of temp fixes or workarounds available like the one I provided which isn't obvious to first time users.

If there is anything else you want me to try I'm standing by.
Hopefully it's an easy fix.

Gerhalt 1333889702000 #66

have just recalled: it could be your AV software/firewall. especially if such a feature as 'auto-sandbox' is running in the background along with other services - it cuts a portion of your system RAM (or a part of your partition) transforming it into an isolated area, then it forces every 'suspicious' app to load & work strictly within that area so that no data produced by such app could 'sneak' outside of this quarantine zone... anyways, you ought to check it out yourself.
REPLY updated 1333894374000

Maverick_Hunter_X 1333893220000 #67

I'm afraid not Gerhalt. My emulation rig is totally free from Internet whatsoever and don't have any AV installed and I always turn off and disable Windows Defender, Windows Update and Windows Firewall and everything else unnecessary like Action Center with UAC etc.

There shouldn't be a single thing keeping me from from doing what I have done in Jnes 0.6, 1.0.1 and 1.0.2

So AV and Firewall related theories we can rule out.

v 1333905973000 #68

i have nestopia 1.41 for my macbook air and i have all these crystals roms. i tried them all even the japanese versions. everything works fine until i get the cave where you learn the refresh spell. when i go into the cave to fight monsters all of the monsters are immune to my sword of wind attacks. i tried this with and without the game genie, so ultimately i cannot defeat the first boss! i can kill the two bats but not the boss directly since she's immune so i'm stuck on the first stage! this was a game i played on the original new and i miss the story line please e-mail me your help at umrarav@cc.umanitoba.ca if you can! thanks! sorry i don't know where else to post this

happy Easter!

Gerhalt 1333940258000 #69

so i'm stuck on the first stage!

call the Google page and type into the search prompt field the following key words: Crystalis, NES, walkthrough, solution - it's that easy.
btw, why not try to play it on JNES, eh? in the newest release b/g trembles no more (when a dialog message pops up) plus you'll get a fresh experience from this game with JNES' stereo sound feature - I did! Nestopia actually tricks our ears with its 'stereo', it simply creates a delay between the audio output signal thus making you believe it's a stereo, while JNES produces 'pure' stereo by delivering square #1 & #2 to the left & right channels respectively. so I strongly recommend to at least give it a try.
REPLY updated 1333941276000

v 1333973946000 #70

i figured it out...i wasn't at level 2 i was rushing through it i forgot that enemies won't die if you don't level up enough! i was trying to kill first boss and i was only level 1 .... lol game is working fine now!

Maverick_Hunter_X 1334015330000 #71

Well I have been fiddling around, trying different things which is nothing big really and haven't been able to find any kind of "real" solution to the configuration not saving problem.

But since the 1.0.2 Jnes.ini configurations I made worked on 1.1 perfectly, I decided to include the hard configured 1.1 Jnes.ini in the Jnes folder hence making it a part of my backup installation package so everything works right off the bat the next time I reinstall Windows.

I can live with this until the next official release.

As for the rest of the 1.1 release every game have worked flawlessly and have actually looked a little bit crisper and cleaner.
It's a wonderful experience.

Jabo 1334070931000 #72

If there is anything else you want me to try I'm standing by.
Hopefully it's an easy fix.

Ultimately I have a feeling this is due to upgrading compilers, obviously very little has changed in this release for saving settings, but I'm not sure in particular what is wrong. At the end of the day Jnes.ini is just a file and there is a reason that saving is not working.


Would you mind trying that tool to see what the issue is? Just use the filtering to look for Jnes.exe and Jnes.ini, it will tell us what is going on.
REPLY updated 1334071016000

Maverick_Hunter_X 1334100815000 #73

Thanks, I'll check it out as soon as I get the chance.

HQX 1334125132000 #74

that's true. know why? 'cuz I never played Alien Syndrome. actually I doubt even Jabo is aware of every supported rom issue - and THAT'S WHY WE'RE HERE, don't you think so?

I meant what I said as a compliment... just in case you thought otherwise.

Is there anyway of renaming Jnes' artwork cover files to match the file names of the NES Goodset? Because the artwork image files are not being displayed because their file names do not match the file names of the GoodNES ROMs. I'd really like to beable to utilize the artwork browser.

Gerhalt 1334149506000 #75


can you reveal some info concerning the quantity of NES roms' images in your possession: how many of them have you got? I suppose, one has to own quite a number of games to ask such questions... err, please, don't get me wrong, but I still wonder why you haven't done it yet. I guess there are more than a hundred residing within a folder, now aren't there?

HQX 1334373747000 #76

@ Gerhalt:

I never precisely counted, but I know I own more than 100 NES cartridges.

@ Jabo:

Found another minor graphic bug. In the game "Monster In My Pocket", there is a minor graphic distortion at the bottom of the screen. The bar at the bottom of the screen that displays your lives, health, points, and character... Well the border of the bar has graphic distortion.

HQX 1334374773000 #77

@ Gerhalt:

And I never said that I have the NES Goodset ROM collection. I do not have it. But the files that I do have, their names match the file names of the Goodset. So I wanted to beable to rename the artwork cover images to match the name of my files. You assumed or misinterpreted that I had a NES Goodset ROM collection. Therefore, your assumption/interpretation was incorrect.

Chad 1334557773000 #78

I'm having the same problem as another user above. JNes doesn't save my settings for my control pad. Every time I start up I have to re config the control pad again. Outside of that, this is the best NES emulator I've found so far. The cheat codes work (unlike with RockNES) and the display and sound are wonderful.

I know its not a permission problem as I entered a few "comment" lines in the config file and it saved fine. It saves my cheat codes though which is nice, just not my controller information. Is there a way to enter it manually with a text editor?

Maverick_Hunter_X 1334622236000 #79

Well Chad you can use Jnes 1.0.2 to configure the controls and then open the Jnes.ini for 1.0.2, copy the control configuration part and paste it into the Jnes.ini for Jnes 1.1 and voilà everything works.

What you see under the control part of the Jnes.ini is just a bunch of numbers really, I have no idea about them but copy and paste between 1.0.2 and 1.1 works for most of the settings. Haven't had a single problem so far.

As for the thing you asked me to try out Jabo, I haven't done it yet. Sorry about that.

Jabo 1334659045000 #80

that's cool, Maverick, and feel free to create an account here if you want your own profile.

I know its not a permission problem as I entered a few "comment" lines in the config file and it saved fine. It saves my cheat codes though which is nice, just not my controller information. Is there a way to enter it manually with a text editor?

Thanks for the information, hopefully we will get closer to figuring out what the problem is. I find it interesting you can save cheats with no problem, which should confirm this is not permissions and indicates it is likely UAC virtualization related. What confuses me is it seems to only affect this release, even though nothing should have changed.
REPLY updated 1334662192000

Iconoclast 1334727292000 #81

I don't know what you mean about "upgrading compilers", but if ultimately what you've done is upgrade the entire Microsoft Visual Studio suite or something that's enough to change settings outside the compilation like the "Manifest file" project defaults, which control UAC flag marking or extent of user privilege.

But I really don't know jack shit about UAC because I don't know anything about teh windows , just that it might have something to do with directory virtualization using VirtualStore or w/e.

Jabo 1334746007000 #82

The manifest is the same as the last release fortunately, there is no UAC information either, which is intentional since it prevents Jnes from using the VirtualStore. I'll keep playing around with it, if anyone with this problem downloads that process explorer utility it should tell you what the problem is.

Maverick_Hunter_X 1334746623000 #83

Hey I hate to sound like a noob here and all, but I have searched everywhere here at Jabosoft and can't find a registration link to become a member. Where can I sign up?

Iconoclast 1334889553000 #84

So...I got a bit ADHD and lost reading most of this, I'm guessing there's a problem with having cheats automatically written to the cheats database for games or something like that? Yet the file itself can be edited directly without any permission issues at all so a VirtualStore thing.

I have Process Hacker (eh, I think I miss that Process Explorer one I tested earlier that Jabo linked) so if someone can tell me how I would go about reproducing this issue I can try to figure it out. Honestly I've never worked with Jnes cheats before lmao but I know enough about RAM stuff that I could figure out from an example code to add or whatever.

Hey I hate to sound like a noob here and all, but I have searched everywhere here at Jabosoft and can't find a registration link to become a member. Where can I sign up?

I forgot. I'm not logged out XD

I wish I...remembered? offhand, heck I'm not even sure I noticed a way

Technically I never manually signed up here; I just log in.

Maverick_Hunter_X 1334901752000 #85

OK, so I guess your "Jabosoft" accounts is somehow tied to some other forum where you login.

Can it be PJ64's forums? I remember seeing your name popping up there Iconoclast.

It's no big deal if there was a way to register but now it's gone.
I'm okay typing the name.

As for reproducing the issue, like Jabo said just use the filtering in Process Explorer to look for Jnes.exe and Jnes.ini or Jnes.cht, it will tell us what is going on basically.

Iconoclast 1334909624000 #86

I'm pretty sure it's not tied to Project64 lol. Well I have an account here because it was registered here directly but not really sure on the specifics.

Yeah I remember how to use Process Explorer, just not what issue with Jnes is reported to be going on here or how I would use Process Explorer to monitor anything related to it. Sounds like you guys are talking about file access or something; I don't really know.

Michi_T 1334987871000 #87

Hi Jabo,
I have updated the polish and german translations of the 1.2 version.
Please update it to the current version and give me a feedback.



Jabo 1334990981000 #88

Hey I hate to sound like a noob here and all, but I have searched everywhere

There should be a link at the very top-right of the site for creating an account, I just tested it out and saw it, hopefully you do as well. And Iconoclast is right it's not tied to any other site lol. Also have you had a chance to try out process explorer? I'm still curious what problems you are experiencing with settings.

I have updated the polish and german translations of the 1.2 version.

I took a quick peak and it looks great thanks for these updates!
REPLY updated 1334992887000

Maverick_Hunter_X 1335003515000 #89

Don't know what you did Jabo but it worked like a charm, here I am now as a registered member.
Strange I couldn't see the registration and login part before?

And regarding that process explorer thing, no I haven't had a chance to try it out yet.
I know it's important for you to find out what's wrong, but I'm kinda satisfied with the fix I made with Jnes 1.0.2 configuration switch and I just recently reinstalled everything.

I really hope you're not relying on me for checking this out.
I guess I could setup an test environment with another rig but I don't know. It seems that not everyone is affected by this problem.
I know it sounds like an lame excuse, but I really enjoying Jnes 1.1 right now.

Every game runs perfect and it's like being a kid again.
Hopefully when my childish self have calmed down I guess I could try the process explorer out.

Sorry for sounding like a child...

Jabo 1335004947000 #90

Hehe I understand, just figured I'd ask since I hadn't heard, thanks for getting back. I'm not as focused on this these days, so I'm not worried too much about it until I get a better sense of what is wrong.
REPLY updated 1335005664000

aasquasar 1335083821000 #91

Thanks Jabo, I have the 1.0 version, and it's great. I will test the new version now.

Gerhalt 1335356716000 #92

bugreport: CastleVania 3 has the issue similar to the one we saw in Ninja Gaiden 3 - background tends to shake whenever a character enters room with vertical scrolling. Jabo, I guess you'll once again have to deal with timings in order to fix that...

for everyone's notice: if you wish to get to grips with this Konami's masterpiece (or to remember 'the good old days'), I'd recommend that you choose the original Famicom title that is Akumajou Densetsu since its cart included VRC6 sound chip (the US rendition lacks it) meant to produce better output audio. it's a pity Nintendo of America considered it to be expensive to integrate into the cart over there. fortunately, there's a lot of translation hacks so that you'll have no worries about ingame text.
REPLY updated 1335407035000

Justin 1335870463000 #93

How do you speed up the games?

Gerhalt 1335875139000 #94

first of all try playing a NTSC (runs at 60fps) standard rom instead of PAL (50fps) which is a tad slower. if that doesn't help you might want to try pressing F4 - a great speed-up - it disables the VSync mode, but note that by doing so you'll "unleash" a damn-hard-to-control state of the emu. just in case, you've been warned.

Justin 1335876623000 #95

Yeah, I tried that the F4 and it's effin tough to control. I'm playing DW3, which is a naturally slow game, and was wondering if there was some way that I could speed it up without having to use FPS disabled. For instance, on nestopia you have the slide where you can control the speed.

Gerhalt 1335882053000 #96

agreed, some emus let you decide whether to skip frames or not, plus you can control the exact number of frames skipped at a time. that comes in handy if a game normally runs at a slow pace (e.g. a character moves soooooooooo slooooooooooowly that you can barely wait). I used that feature a zillion times, especially in RPGs.
anyways, you can either play it as it meant to, or use other emu that is capable of frame skipping.
P.S. despite the stuff told above, I suggest you to go on with JNES since it's an incredible piece of software.

Justin 1335888217000 #97

The thing is, and what drove me to JNES, that no other emu can support Dragon Warrior 3, don't ask me why. But, I can deal with what I got. Thanks for the help.

Mike 1335982936000 #98

Why did you take away the ability to add Game Genie Cheats manually through the GUI? For Example G.I. Joe has game genie codes but adding them through the text file is a headache.

Gerhalt 1336012568000 #99

2 Mike

take a look @ comment #42 - the latest method of adding/editing/removing GG/PAR codes is performed via the context menu: simply right-click on the string you wish to alter - it's that easy.
wait, how come you have to add cheats for G.I.Joe? the newest cheat database contains actual codes for it... err, unless you're using a bad dumped rom.

Mike 1336063480000 #100

Thanks for the info. I did have a bad rom and I was able to add codes manually. I opened up the cheat file with notepad and did a search for "joe" and only came up with Joe and Mac. Is there a place to download a newer cheat database? The one I have is for version 1.1 and is about 470K in size. Thanks for the help.

Gerhalt 1336098685000 #101

here goes what is said within the cheats database file:
If you are having any Difficulties using the cheats or would like to ask a question about this database you can contact me through the emutalk.net forums in the Jnes Cheats Section

and I've got to apologize for the wrong info - the codes for G.I.Joe are indeed missing, you're also right about the latest .cht file: it's provided along with JNES v.1.1
finally, this is where you are meant to visit: http://www.emutalk.net/threads/28341-Welcome-To-Jnes-Cheats-Message-Board. additionally, there's Gent's mailbox address revealed in the jnes.cht so you should try to contact him directly.
REPLY updated 1336099828000

Mike 1336156165000 #102

Thanks for all the info and assistance I've been using Jnes since version 0.5.2 was released and have always liked the quality of the emulator over the years.

Maverick_Hunter_X 1336547998000 #103

Well it's been a couple of days since I actually played around with Jnes.

I've been busy trying out the new release of bsnes which now supports GBA emulation.
bsnes which now plays NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA and the Super Game Boy, BS-X Satellaview, Sufami Turbo subsystems is starting to become a real multi Nintendo emulator with great compatibility and accuracy.

As for NES emulation Jnes VS bsnes, I'd say they're on par with each other.
I have played through most of the games I have in both emulators and they're both unique in their own ways.

I love Jnes because I have used it for so many years and have great settings and I love bsnes for the multi system support.

Don't worry though Jnes is still #1!

Gerhalt 1336565877000 #104

hey, Maverick, welcome to the thread as you're now a "fully functional" member here! I hope HQX will join us soon to talk more of our beloved JNES and NES emulation in general.
it's so great that the thread is alive and improves thanks to Jabo. and I believe the most important thing about this site (overall) is that IT helps anyone to play those awesome games of long-lost childhood, to recollect the days of joy & happiness. anyway, I guess we must be proud to be the part of this wonder.

Robert 1336957046000 #105

Can i help translating to German?

Enigma 1337194060000 #106

Does Jnes automatically pick out the English roms from the zip file or will it just pick out the first one it comes across.

Gerhalt 1337259116000 #107

Does Jnes automatically pick out the English roms from the zip file or will it just pick out the first one it comes across.

hmmm, I suppose there's a way to check this out: when loading a zip containing rom images, look at the status bar, you should see a message telling the exact rom name. I believe it's gonna be the very first .nes file within that archive regardless of its name.

maninironmask 1337271270000 #108

The blue magician's sometimes disappear from view completely in Legend of Zelda in both this and the previous version of JNES.

Dragon Warrior 2 can no longer save games in JNES 1.1 whereas save games worked fine with JNES 1.01

maninironmask 1337274767000 #109

save games are broken for Dragon Warrior 3 as well.

JP 1337283585000 #110

Wish the game be on pause when we press the escape key

JP 1337284119000 #111

I mean by that when we click on the menu and we should have access to the menu by pressing the escape key.

Also It seems that I need to reconfig my controller each time I start the emulator. Does anybody know if there a place that I can save my new config ???

Gerhalt 1337321935000 #112

I mean by that when we click on the menu and we should have access to the menu by pressing the escape key.

are you talking about the fullscreen mode or the windowed one?
I assume you mean that JNES should have a duplicate menu call command accessed via either the RMB or the ESC key, right?

Also It seems that I need to reconfig my controller each time I start the emulator.

take a look at the comment #57 along with the following ones - there's a sort of a workaround described.
REPLY updated 1337345173000

JP 1337443187000 #113

I'm talking about the window mode. When I want to see some config, the game still running and in some game tha we can't use start for pausing the game, I get kill each and every times.

Thank you Gerhalt for your help !!!

Gerhalt 1337483092000 #114

the game still running and in some game tha we can't use start for pausing the game, I get kill each and every times.

why, JNES is capable of pausing the emulation just like any other emu does. pressing F2 will 'freeze' the game and you'll see the "emulation paused" message in status bar. once you've finished your customization, hit F2 again to resume playing. can be also performed via the menu, but I believe using a hotkey is a bit faster, especially when you're playing with a gamepad.
finally, I'd recommend you to get to grips with JNES' system commands, such as reset (F1), quick save (F5), quick load of previously saved state (F7) and closing the loaded rom image (F12).

JP 1337519411000 #115

Thanks again Gerhalt !!!!

Cainram 1337540176000 #116

Dear Sir or Ma'am,
I'm putting together a site for emulators. This isn't the typical Yellow Pages of emulators... I'm going to have tutorials, articles, reviews, news, and a forum. I want to showcase the best emulators for each system and help people get them installed, configured, etc. Since you have created the best emulators for both the NES and the 64, I'd like your permission to host your emulators. Contact me at davidramseycain at-ski the gmails.
Thanks for all your hard work. We all really appreciate it.

maninironmask 1337594641000 #117

save game doesn't work for Zelda, and that's a supported game. JNES 1.1 loads save games but can't save them, or is saving them in a different location that it is loading them.

maninironmask 1337594675000 #118

Re-installing JNES 1.0.2 eliminates all problems.

JP 1337605915000 #119

I got some problem with Bo Jackson Baseball, when it's my turn to be the batter. It's Just a picture with a lot of pixel

Gerhalt 1337697334000 #120

2 both maninironmask & JP
well done guys! you're doing just the right thing - reporting about some bug(s) found. I'm sure this will help solving loads of persistent problems - it's all for good after all!

JP 1337889295000 #121

I got another bug. I just add a new roms in my directories but even if I chosse to refresh the directorie, I can't find the new rom ...

JP 1337891587000 #122

I think I just solve my problem ...

Gerhalt 1337911827000 #123

I think I just solve my problem ...

could you please describe how you did that? it might be useful for someone who encountered the same issue but doesn't know how to work it around, so that he/she could visit this thread and find a salvation.

JP 1337973643000 #124

I just found ou that a had a back up copy of my roms files. The directories was pointing on the wrong folder ....

I just find a bug in chiller for share data. Jnes can't render corectly the file

JP 1337973697000 #125

Wish I could post out picture on this forum so you can see the bug

Gerhalt 1338001055000 #126

Wish I could post out picture on this forum so you can see the bug

well, you can upload the screenshot(s) to some picture hosting service (like pixhost.me) and submit a link to it here. though notice: any comment of a guest user containing any external links will be blocked until Jabo lets it through (anti-spam precautions). anyways, you'll see the message telling this stuff so don't worry - it's just the matter of time when such comment appears over here. feel free to share those snapshots of yours!

JP 1338479635000 #127

Jnes can't run Days of thunder

JP 1338486589000 #128

Got nasty bug in Demon Sword

JP 1339098847000 #129

Can't run Ghengis Khan

John 1339102322000 #130

To test online multiplayer via internet

Gerhalt 1339157466000 #131

To test online multiplayer via internet

what's the point of your question? do you need someone to test kaillera netplay with? or, maybe, you don't get how to config it for you wanna play a match or 2 with your friend(s)?

JP 1339245071000 #132

Also, got issue with Karateka

Jabo 1339311440000 #133

what's the point of your question? ...

Yea I was kind of wondering the same thing.

JP, please put more details into your posts, if you are doing testing it would be better to finish testing and post your all your results, otherwise your comments look like a twitter feed and that isn't as helpful.
REPLY updated 1339311534000

Gerhalt 1339338151000 #134

hey, Jabo, welcome back! we missed you all along.
or maybe you've been around all the time but didn't show up in order to watch over us... in any case, it's good to hear from you.

btw, are you sure JP and John are one & the same person? I'm not since I had an issue with HQX and Maverick Hunter X. I mistreated HQX so that I feel ashamed even now...

please put more details into your posts...

now that's exactly what I was going to ask him. nevertheless he does the right thing testing. so I guess we should appreciate his activity.

Gerhalt 1339643243000 #135

@ Jabo, Iconoclast & Squall
guys, could you please help me with a piece of advice? it concerns the integration of accelerators section into an executable. I'm dummy when it comes to the programming, but I still wanna know if it's possible for an app to use the aforementioned section while it wasn't there before?
okay, I'll try to describe: there's an app which has certain hotkeys for performing the most important commands. for instance, one of these is to log its activity to a file. can be activated by pressing Alt+L. I wanna change it to, say, just L. am I able to do that by means of adding 'accelerators' string to the file using Restorator? erm, I mean will it work properly if I redirect the default action command (Alt+L which corresponds to the command which goes by number 11560) to the desired 'L' with the help of accelerators partition? that works for JNES, but it has this section initially... that's why I started wondering whether such 'trick' works for another app capable of utilizing shortcuts...
P.S. sorry for bothering you with such a silly query, but I just wish to get to grips with the basics of a kind.
REPLY updated 1339723946000

JP 1339687397000 #136

I'm not John ... I'll be more precised in my futur answer. BTW does anyubody knows a good place to host my screenshot so I can link you here to the shot ???

Gerhalt 1339724616000 #137

BTW does anyubody knows a good place to host my screenshot so I can link you here to the shot ???

try one of the following image hosting services:

I'd like to remind you that JNES can dump video to an AVI container (I think it's encoded in XviD) for later use. so it's up to you to make a record of any buggy moment(s), upload that clip to youtube & submit a link to it right here. there you go!
REPLY updated 1339761959000

P13rrot 1339958966000 #138

Hi Jabo!

I absolutely love your emulator -- it has been the best one for me so far and I have stuck to it since I found it some n years ago.

Unfortunately, though, the save file bug mentioned before by some plagues me as well. I really don't know what caused it, so I'm sorry I can't help with that, but I concede that using a read-only cfg from the previous version works without a hitch.

However, there is a (in my opinion) rather more important bug, which is that this release seems to break VRC6 in Akumajou Densetsu. I suspect the stereo sound option may have something to do with it (but this may be total bullcrap of course).

Thanks for your time!

Gerhalt 1339984960000 #139

...this release seems to break VRC6 in Akumajou Densetsu.

could you please put more detail into the issue: how exactly does it break? does this occur all the time or at certain points?
come to think of it, from what I've seen so far, the latest release of THE EMU runs Castlevania just fine. I believe it works as it's supposed to since I tested it on both Nestopia and JNES v.1.02.
btw, you mean the bug appears to happen only in Famicom rendition of Castlevania, right? and you're talking of the very 1st game of the series, eh?

Jabo 1340102699000 #140

I took a look at Akumajou Densetsu and it seemed fine we'll need more information.

Gerhalt 1340110762000 #141

Jabo, please, have a look @ my comment #134. say at least smth ok?
'cuz, you know, I'm dying to make sure that trick might work...

JP 1340122695000 #142

I got more specifications about the bug in Karateka. If the sound is enable anythings is fine, but if you disable the sound, you can't move your character ... so u can't play it at all

JP 1340123664000 #143

How can I make Jnes dump video to an AVI container ??? Presently, i can only dump the file into jmv format

thanks again for your support

Jabo 1340184558000 #144

Jabo, please, have a look @ my comment #134. say at least smth ok?

if it is not there that almost guarantees the application is not using the windows api calls required to process accelerators, meaning they will not work.

ow can I make Jnes dump video to an AVI container ??? Presently, i can only dump the file into jmv format

I don't have Jnes in front of me but you can dump the video to AVI during playback, not during recording. So in your situation open the ROM you recorded, and use the Play movie menu item to open the movie, you will see a bunch of options for saving to AVI file.
REPLY updated 1340184627000

ShmallPouteen 1340219713000 #145

Love the emulator! Runs like a charm.

I do have one small request for the next build though. If it's easy or at all possible, it'd be awesome if we could map the save and load state buttons to gamepads. That way I could map them to the LT and RT buttons of my xbox controller.

Other than that, keep up the great work!

JP 1340221318000 #146

Here is my first link on youtube. You can see the probleme with Demon sword


JP 1340223220000 #147

Here is the link for Bo Jackson Baseball


Nonsense 1340277643000 #148

Please help me i have many *.md roms, but i don`t know how convert it to nes format...


Kettle 1340319344000 #149

Hey, love the program, but i use 2 of the same USB controllers for jnes and it seems to have problems keeping them apart after a restart? normally will just make both players fall under the first controller, its an easy fix, but a constant one. wondering if this can be fixed in later versions please

P13rrot 1340396825000 #150

Oh, sorry about not replying earlier in a timely fashion.

Whenever I start up Akumajou Densetsu (by this I mean the japanese cart for Castlevania 3) in Jnes on my machine:

- During the intro, the lower channel(s) of VRC6 do not play

- Afterwards during the name entry screen, the lower VRC6 channel(s) dominate. It's possible to hear some higher channels in the background, but they are much quieter (probably because these are the square channels or something), and these higher channels are about 1/2 second out of sync with the rest of the music.

- Then, on the level intro with the cross, and then the level itself, low channel(s) do not play.

So, in short,

- No lows on the intro
- No highs on the name screen, the highs that are there are lagged
- No lows on the level afterwards

Hope this helps!

P13rrot 1340396984000 #151

If it would help at all, I could send you a recording of the game sound. Just email me at PierrotTheGreat <at> gmail.com, and I'll send you a reply with the sound attached.

Gerhalt 1340506895000 #152

Hope this helps!

may I ask you something? what software/hardware do you compare JNES' emulation to, eh? Nestopia? VirtuaNES? or you mean the actual Famicom console? btw, did you try disabling those sound channels in the audio pop-up menu? this should have helped a lot if comparing.
as I told earlier, I had run Famicom's Castlevania 3 on JNES v.1.1, JNES v.1.0.2 and Nestopia. the only noticed bug was the trembling b/g happenings during the penetration of vertical motion rooms. speaking of bgm I assure you that it sounds almost identical on the 3 emus. anyway, I'm gonna check it out more precisely once I've got some free time.

JP 1340527413000 #153

still waitin for the acknoledgement of 2 links to youtube ...

P13rrot 1340566376000 #154

I have the original soundtrack to the game on my computer, and I've tested it on FCEUX. In those two instances the game sounds differently.

I'm patching the game with an english-translation IPS file, could that have something to do with the problem?

squall_leonhart 1340891179000 #155

if only jabo could use Blarg's APU in jnes, too bad its explicitly open source

Gerhalt 1340935496000 #156

if only jabo could use Blarg's APU in jnes...

1) could you please tell what it's for?
2) what are the benefits of using it?
3) will its using improve the overall quality of emulation? in what way?

squall_leonhart 1340985370000 #157


Gerhalt 1341026003000 #158

okay, I've visited that page, but haven't found an answer to the question 'what are the benefits of using it in JNES?' moreover, I'd like to find out...
1) will this APU make JNES sound more accurate, precise (compared to its present APU) and closer to actual hardware? or maybe the quality of audio output will exceed the one heard on a real console?
2) are there any NES/Famicom emus containing Blarg's APU? you see, I'm willing to compare and hear how it sounds exactly.
3) graphs/charts/tables/diagrams showing the sound specter thus helping to differentiate among other apps?
REPLY updated 1341057996000

squall_leonhart 1341252781000 #159

2) are there any NES/Famicom emus containing Blarg's APU? you see, I'm willing to compare and hear how it sounds exactly.


Gerhalt 1341317081000 #160


great! so, could you please name at least several?
I'm quite intrigued to hear the difference in sounding as opposed to JNES' audio decoder. and I'll surely post my impressions right here. thanks in advance.

squall_leonhart 1341362383000 #161

This library is used in: Nemulator (Windows), aNESe (Windows), Reminesce (Windows), Game_Music_Emu (above)

Jabo 1341389329000 #162

I've been away a bit longer than expected, let me try to catch up with everyone.

still waitin for the acknoledgement of 2 links to youtube ...

Thanks for the videos, glad capturing is working well, I see the problems you mentioned now ... I can't say for sure what they are at this point.

Please help me i have many *.md roms, but i don`t know how convert it to nes format...

I might be out of touch but aren't those sega megadrive roms? Oh well I hope someone can help you.

Hey, love the program, but i use 2 of the same USB controllers for jnes and it seems to have problems keeping them apart after a restart?

I reference controllers by their guidInstance, I tested Jnes with two controllers and it works after a restart, but they are from different manufacturers. I really can't venture a guess why things don't work for you. If your controllers had the same guidInstance value it might prevent one from working.

It would be helpful to know what kind of USB controller you are talking about, and if you can post your Input1 and Input2 values from Jnes.ini file after closing the application, that might answer some questions.

Oh, sorry about not replying earlier in a timely fashion.

Whenever I start up Akumajou Densetsu (by this I mean the japanese cart for Castlevania 3) in Jnes on my machine:

That makes things a bit clearer, I implemented VRC6 based many years ago, it's possible my implementation is a bit wrong or there are just better ones now. At any rate if you can post a YouTube link that would be great!
REPLY updated 1341396718000

Gerhalt 1341453715000 #163

Jabo, since you haven't said a word on the topic we talked about with Squall right before, I ask that you express your thoughts regarding Blarg's APU. are you familiar with it? is it worth to replace the current sound synth with that one? finally, the question Squall didn't answer: what are the benefits of using it in JNES?

Jabo 1341485993000 #164

I don't really have anything specific to say about it, I've never used it. I am still inclined to use the library I already made for Jnes, having invested a bit of time in it, as well as the underlying goal being to learn as things improve.

JP 1341516380000 #165

I just saw some video on youtube from jnesdev about the cheat search engine and it's realy impressive !!!

Is it anyplace where people can post there new found cheat ???

squall_leonhart 1341622491000 #166

Jabo can't use the Blarg apu, as it requires completely open source compliancy

He can make use of the idea's that it was made with though

ZackJW 1341956208000 #167

I'm using Jnes on my multi-emulator cabinet. Two of my buttons on the cabinet are assigned to the 5 and 6 keys. When these are pressed, and irritating message pops up on to the screen telling me the state slot has changed. Is there a way to disable the hotkey, or atleast the message that appears? Thanks!

Jabo 1342171441000 #168

you could try the command line parameter which is in the Help documentation

-disablestatekeys : disables the save state shortcut keys, again useful for integrations with frontends

ZackJW 1342181739000 #169

Thanks! I'll try tacking that on to the end/beginning of the commands in the frontend

Bill 1343188859000 #170

(Originally posted in wrong comments section)
Recently upgraded from 1.0.1 to 1.1.
All audio check boxes except graph checked.
Running Windows 7.
In 1.0.1, Zelda and Shingen the Ruler and Destiny of an Emperor work correctly and graph shows triangle, etc and with working sound.
In 1.1 Zelda and Destiny work correctly and graph shows triangle, etc. Shingen plays, but sound missing and graph shows flatline.
Hope this is sufficient to troubleshoot.

Kevin 1343525829000 #171

How do I completely remove it from windows 7 was working with metroid then stopped. I want to be able to clean instal to undo whatever went wrong.

Kevin 1343525889000 #172

Oh it isn't listed in program files... and doesn't have a repar option in the installer.

Kevin 1343525932000 #173

Dangit also, I have an old .40 copy that is working but I like the functionality of 1.1.

Gerhalt 1343787199000 #174

Kevin look, just forget about the ancient v.0.40 since it's way too outdated (read: unworthy). as for the v.1.1 - proceed to 'downloads' section of this site, grab a .zip archive (or NSIS SFX if you prefer executables then simply back it up in some safe location so that you're able to restore (repair) the original files of the emu should anything happen to the extracted ones.
some info regarding uninstallation: JNES is one totally portable app which does NOT litter windows registry with any sort of entries. thus it depends on NONE of windows features... erm, surely except those required for the emu to run, meaning that even when you reinstall the OS itself JNES will work just fine.

Alex 1343927782000 #175

Everytime I click on the icon, the emulatior pops up then closes really quickly. Do you know why this might happen?

Alex 1343928233000 #176

Everytime I click on the icon, the emulatior pops up then closes really quickly. Do you know why this might happen?

Kevin 1344020226000 #177

I already did the .exe file not realizing that list of jammed together blue was different versions. Anyway the exe installer or what ever that does wont play.

Thanks for pointing out the zip that un-broke things... so with that said I would recommend to someone that the exe version be removed.

Classicgamer 1344777143000 #178

Very nice work!

I'm wondering if it's possible to release Jnes's core so it can be loaded into something like Retroarch?

squall_leonhart 1344836168000 #179


don't ask again

Classicgamer 1344838370000 #180

You know Squall, I've been following Project 64 for about 5 years now, and in the vast majority of your posts you are rust, snippy and just not very pleasent. Sure it doesn't really matter but I just thought I'd let you know, in case no one else has. Cheers!

When Jabo gets a chance to respond, since it's his emulator, I'd like to know.

Jabo 1344871473000 #181

Hey Classicgamer, sorry about squall he is usually a bit more friendly here at least, we get quite a few questions on these sort of topics, frontends, porting, etc. From reading up on RetroArch it is a front-end built for libretro, which seems to be an emulation library. Jnes has always been a stand-alone emulator, and I see it staying that way. Many people, myself included, use Jnes with external frontends through the command line interface as an alternative.

Classicgamer 1344967281000 #182

Thanks Jabo! I was asking because of the amazing use of shaders available on Retroarch. May I ask what frontend you personally use?

I'm a huge fan of scanlines on top of a quality shader such as hq4x. There is a new shader, xBR, that is unreal... I have it availble in the .cg, .shader, .slv/.slf, .vp/.fp formats. Is it possible to port it into Jnes? I know it's asking alot but I'm thinking if you see it in action you will be blown away!

This link contains Bsnes v088 64bit with Bnes emulator core, and the xBR shader. v088 instead of v090+ due to v088 allowing individual rom files to be loaded vs a rom folder only v090.


Load it up, load up your favorite game and press F11 to enter fullscreen mode. Obviously Bnes isn't up to Jnes in terms of accuracy, which is why I prefer Jnes. I'm hoping this shader can be ported to Jnes. This link contains the several formats of xBR that i've found:


Now adding a scanline filter to Jnes would probably be just as good with Hq4x for the scanline loving crowd. Perhaps you like the look of the 5xBR filter more than hq4x though, and if you don't know about xbr maybe you'll fall in love with it too!

Here is a zip of comparison screen shots:


As you can tell i'm really excited about this, lol, and hope you can integrate a 5xbr filter or a scanlines option Thanks for considering it!

crix0r 1345097628000 #183

*tink* *tink* *tink*

Is this thing on?

Ahem: Jabo! What's up buddy? I was looking for an email address for you, wanted to do some catching up.

Hope all is well,

Jabo 1345194002000 #184

Thanks Jabo! I was asking because of the amazing use of shaders available on Retroarch. May I ask what frontend you personally use?

I use Windows Media Center with the Media Browser addon pretty regularly. For filtering I tend to prefer just simple nearest neighbor, depends on the mood I use the others as well. I've checked out your links, I have actually heard of XBR before, there is a comparison on Microsoft's research site actually. I wasn't aware there were any implementations out there, I'll be sure to check them out when I have more time. I had scanlines in Jnes at one point, you might want to check out some previous versions if you are looking for that.

Ahem: Jabo! What's up buddy? I was looking for an email address for you, wanted to do some catching up.

Haha yo man, I got your message, I'll hit you back soon.
REPLY updated 1345195855000

Smokin_Kippers 1345200288000 #185

How exactly do you add artwork to a game? Every time I try I get an error says "Copying file to the artwork subdirectory has failed"

Gerhalt 1345259847000 #186

How exactly do you add artwork to a game?

well it's pretty simple indeed! first of all make sure the 'ArtWork' subfolder really exists, then copy all your games' covers there. though note: every .jpg file SHOULD be named EXACTLY as the rom image it's bound to, otherwise this feature won't work. and here's the problem almost everyone encounters, erm at least those having a huge quantity of games, since they have to check that every pic name corresponds to the actual rom name... needless to say this is quite boring affair to deal with. the only thing I suggest here is to use a fine file manager software like Total Commander.
in case there are only some dozens of games in your possession, I'd recommend you to do everything manually, 'cuz I believe this way's more reliable than the automated one. cheers!

kirous 1345411392000 #187

Why not read that are FDS?, Would be good to put you as extention and enjoy. Rather it would be good to put in control mouse replacement zapper to play Duck Hunt and in these times it is very difficult to get.

Gerhalt 1345427824000 #188

query ahoy here! I actually wanted to ask this long ago but somehow forgot... so Jabo could you please tell us whether you considered the support of FDS in JNES and what made you turn such a bright idea down? (betcha the lack of spare time among other reasons)
as an example I'd like to point out at some other emu that provide running of several kinds of systems, such as Kega Fusion - capable of processing both Genesis roms & SCD images one at a time.

Matt 1345454986000 #189

There's a problem with the Legend of Zelda intro. Watching it all the way through, to the point where it says "Look up the manual for details", the text goes funny at that point. It works fine in other emulators, so it's a JNES 1.1 specific issue, it seems.

Smokin_Kipper 1345460677000 #190

I didn't have the ArtWork subfolder so I made one in the emulators folder and made sure the artwork was named the same but I'm still getting the error message. Where should the folder be and what else could I be doing wrong?

Jabo 1345462617000 #191

If you are getting an error about copying the image to the artwork directory it might be permissions related, Program Files is very restrictive, if you are running Jnes from a location within Program Files an easy workaround to try is running Jnes as an Administrator by right-clicking on the executable, that would at least help diagnose the problem if that works.

There's a problem with the Legend of Zelda intro.

Ugh! Yea I saw the same thing thanks for letting us know.
REPLY updated 1345463134000

Smokin_Kipper 1345466301000 #192

Doesn't make any difference

The artwork folder is in the Jnes folder in program files, is it case sensative?

I'm using jpeg's and they are named exactly as the ROM's.

Gerhalt 1345474982000 #193

fortunately it isn't case sensitive so I wonder what's wrong about that...
okay now let's work this around together
do those JPGs of yours contain .nes extension before the actual .jpg one eh? like G.I.Joe (U) [!].nes.jpg huh? if so, remove it - I mean ".nes" piece from the pics' name.
alright, now tell me did you switch JNES to display your images? if so, enable the feature by accessing the general config dialog box, locating the item called 'Rom Browser' with drop down list next to it and finally toggling the setting to 'ArtWork'.
everything should be working now. check it out!

and more - are all of your roms stored within the JNES dir or just scattered all over your partitions? you see, from what I know JNES actually seeks a corresponding image in the 'artwork' subfolder for every rom meaning that it might be wise to store your entire collection of roms within a single place... methinks.
REPLY updated 1345476179000

Smokin_Kippers 1345542753000 #194

AHA! Thats got it. When you said they need to be named the same I thought you meant you needed the .nes. I got rid of those and now its all diaplyed nicely!

Cheers for that, this is what I love about emulators. You wouldn't get this kind of service from Nintendo lol

Gerhalt 1345599884000 #195

Jabo, I'm still eager to know the story of canceling the support of FDS in our beloved emu. hopefully you'll reveal at least some facts about the case, won't you?
additionally, wouldn't you mind explaining the difference between PRG0 and PRG1 roms. does it mean any sort of version? which one to choose if both are [!] perfect dumps?
I believe your answer would be useful for everyone visiting this page.

bolevole 1345633391000 #196

Jabo, your emu is great, it runs all my favorite games but there are minor graphics and sound problems with game called BATTLE CITY.
When tank is not moving there is weird clicking sound.Also there is graphics proble m where sometimes tanks appear flickering.But game is still playable.For next version dont forget to fix it.

chris 1345896469000 #197

im having trouble getting the artwork pack to work. some of the games show up with artwork but the majority remain blank. I read your wiki link but im not sure what im lookin for.

Gerhalt 1345902450000 #198

hey Chris make sure EVERY pic name coincides to the actual rom's one. also pay attention to the fact that you've got to deal with the names ONLY - leave extensions as they are.
you might also want to have a look at my comments #186 & #193 found elsewhere within this page.

Matt 1345907990000 #199

Disabling cheats doesn't work properly. Once you tick the box to enable a cheat, it's on, and unticking the box does not turn it off. The only way to turn it off is to make sure the box is unticked and actually close the game, then reload it. Even resetting doesn't work to disable cheats. It works fine in FCEUX, so it's a JNES issue, definitely.

Zabby 1346011947000 #200

Is there any progress on the bug which prevents saving the controller input config?

I'm willing to do anything that might shed some light on the issue. Right now I'm just saving the config file with the old version of jnes, which works fine.

I checked all the permissions on the directories and files (read only, user level permissions etc.) and UAC is off on my computer. I also reinstalled.

Zabby 1346014695000 #201

Hey, here's an output of process monitor an some screenshots of the permissions on the config file. I understand this is the information you needed.

Let me know if I can be of any more help.


Gerhalt 1346068876000 #202

damn, I wish I knew what causes such behavior... maybe it has something to do with your AV software.
well I've got some suspicion as to the source of the issue... is it only key mappings that won't save or there are other options (like, say, graphical ones) not being saved either?

Wilmatron 1346158331000 #203

Hi Guys,

Just thought I'd put my 50 cents in. I too have ran into the same problem with saving controller input. It doesn't appear to save my windowed mode screen rez either and repeatedly displays the "This is your first time - tick here to close" message too.

Configurating and copying my ini file from the previous Jnes has fixed it, as Gerhalt suggested. Thanks mate.

Gerhalt 1346159799000 #204

hey Wilmatron, yeah well actually that wasn't me suggesting this simple trick to work around the issue, but I'm glad it helps you folks! it's Jabo the mastermind who made the updated version reverse compatible - I daresay we should credit his work as long as JNES (along with PJ64) remains one of the best NES/FAMICOM emus all over the net.

the bottom line is come on mates, leave more feedback here since it helps to improve the EMU a great deal!

Matt 1346574313000 #205

I've got an update on the cheats bug I mentioned before. In SMB3 you actually can disable the cheats and it works fine. In Zelda, however, you can't. Once you've enabled a cheat, you can't disable it without reloading the game, and as I said it works fine in FCEUX so it must be an issue with JNES. Strange how it only affects some games, though.

Zabby 1346760361000 #206

I posted an imgur album a while back (shortly after my first post) with screenshots from the app that Jabo requested, but it said it was awaiting moderator approval since I posted a link.

I can do it again, but maybe Jabo just has to click approve on my old post... I lost the link in the meanwhile .

It affects only the controller for some reason.

Jabo 1346953276000 #207

Had a bit of a holiday, sorry should be visible now.

Gerhalt2Jabo 1346986022000 #208

can't access any inner page (except the home one). my login is reseted every damn time I try to surf the site... please, check it out.

trlkly 1347267794000 #209

Would really appreciate it if you'd not replace filters, but just add them. Sometimes 2xSaI is just the best looking for a particular game, IMO.

Matt 1347274718000 #210

I'm having trouble viewing this website. I've had to go through a proxy. Do you know if it's being blocked in the UK (I'm using Sky Broadband)?

user 1347289388000 #211

is there a netplay on this or any jnes?

user 1347289870000 #212

i have no netplay roms path

Gerhalt2Jabo 1347335042000 #213

Jabo! you said you were back, didn't you? so please check out what's wrong with the site. if you haven't yet figured it out by my nick, it's me, Gerhalt. reporting 2 U that my login is reseted every time I access any inner page of the site.
also have a look at Matt's message - it appears he's having troubles viewing the site too!
finally, I believe Trlkly's talking sense here - it'd be highly appreciated if you put 2xSAI back into JNES since there are lots of games that are displayed so blocky when using HQ2x/3x/4x. example? peace of cake: have a look at the title screen of the very 1st Batman - his sprite is so... ugly to say the least.

to anonymous user - there IS a netplay option within this along with previous releases of JNES. however, in order to launch it you've got to configure it first. you can do so by calling an appropriate dialog box from the submenu of JNES.

squall_leonhart 1347372451000 #214

delete your cookies

Iconoclast 1347386205000 #215


It should have been fixed by now. I know what you're describing, and my log-in kept getting reset with a bunch of SQL errors, too. Jabo fixed at the time he'd done his previous update, so did you try again?

Gerhalt 1347420523000 #216

alright folks, I'm in. as they say "back in action". thanks mates!
meanwhile I keep testing Faxanadu, trying to figure out what's the major difference between those elusive PRG0 & PRG1. hmm I wonder...

Jabo 1347442616000 #217

Iconoclast let me know about the php issues, Gethalt you can always contact me at emutalk.net as well. Just a heads up I'm switching hosting providers in the coming days so if you see the site is down or isn't working you'll know why.
REPLY updated 1347442648000

Gerhalt 1347455721000 #218

you can always contact me at emutalk.net as well.

sorted. and I think this way's even more reliable since you spend more time there, don't you? so I'll be able to contact you by means of PM (almost) anytime. hmm gotta think about it properly.

Iconoclast 1347567922000 #219

Hey Jabo no worries, it was just broken at the time I was having Gerhalt's login reset. When you fixed my login the PHP errors went away as well.

Matt 1347734940000 #220

The site is viewable now on Sky. I haven't tried since last week, but it seems it was only a temporary issue.

NesAddict 1349056012000 #221

I like this emulator and I was wondering if in the next release a feature could be implemented for the netplay that allows 1p control swap for the host and clientso single player games can be played online by taking turns with the other play. I cannot find any emulator that has a feature like this.

NesAddict 1349064528000 #222

another thing about this emulator that would make the netplay even better is support for the p2p kaillera.dll however it does not seem to work on any versions of jnes. Direct connecting to clients seems to work run alot better and has better controller response than connecting to servers on kaillera.

Yoshistar95 1349111139000 #223

I want to report some bugs here...

1) Super Mario World doesn't work at all...

2) Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels gets an error when starting up.

3) Gradius 1 & 2 has some graphical errors (reported somewhere else too...).
It happens only when intensity is very high, vertical, horizontal or overal...

4) Zelda NES has the same as the one above, but only the case when in dungeons with big enemies or a high intensity...

So it is possible to make it to .avi!
Now I can record videos within the emulator hopefully without frame skip bug (which is very common with Hypercam 2)

TheRocket 1349631809000 #224


Just trying the version and I have the same configuration settings not saved issue. I'm running on windows XP 32 bits. With version, only the [Position] settings are saved. All other settings are not saved in the ini file. Replaced the exe with the (still working in the same directory) and the settings are properly configured. Swithed back to the 1.1, he still only save the window position but no other settings. I doesn't seems to be a permission settings but maybe a change in the way it saves the directory data? I have some Process Monitor trace files if you want to compare. Hope this can help!


Kirbyfan 1350135762000 #225

Hey Jabo on this Jnes 1.1, Kirby Adventure has some glitchy graphic like when you pause the game on the pause screen Kirby has a black line on top of his head.

Kirbyfan 1350136126000 #226

Jabo, I want to get this clear about Jnes 1.1, you see Project 64 1.6 has this problem once in a while when the computer or laptop loads it sometimes hides the screen to any game being played and you can still hear the music but you cannot find the window to the game being played.

Does Jnes 1.1 have that Project 64 problem or is Jnes it's own emulator thats immune to that?.

Kirbyfan 1350162982000 #227

Another update Battletoads has static in it's music.

You should atleast make a Jnes 1.2 to fix all these problems.

Yoshistar95 1350213411000 #228

The Gradius 1 & 2 games must be fixed too by graphics. It doesn't read those sprites that good

That's my problem for playing those games.

Jabo 1350230662000 #229

Just realized I haven't replied to some of the feedback, here goes.

The Gradius 1 & 2 games must be fixed too by graphics.

You'll have to be more specific I have the Japanese version of both of these and do not have any issues.

Zelda NES has the same as the one above, but only the case when in dungeons with big enemies or a high intensity

Haven't seen that, a save state with a screenshot might help me see what you mean though.

Hey Jabo on this Jnes 1.1, Kirby Adventure has some glitchy graphic like when you pause the game on the pause screen Kirby has a black line on top of his head.

This should be fixed in the next update.

Another update Battletoads has static in it's music.

Please refrain from posting the same requests with different user names, it takes time to sort through all the feedback here, I want to keep the comments registration-free, I've removed your duplicate posts.

To answer your question the next version will likely make it better, there was an issue with the DPCM channel, however there will always be some level of noise in Battletoads since it uses that.

Just trying the version and I have the same configuration settings not saved issue.

Nothing is jumping out at me that might be wrong, generally if it has the ability to save to the file it should save all your settings, you could try deleting the ini file and letting Jnes recreate it.

Yoshistar95 1350247603000 #230

I use the American version of Gradius 1 & 2.
But the Japanese versions doesn't have those graphical issues? I'll try those then if it is better than this.

Kirbyfan 1350307688000 #231

Another update Jabo, when I play Punch Out (either version with Mike Tyson or not) when fighting Glass Joe and the other fighters, the bell is supposed to ring once but for some reason Jnes 1.1 makes the bell ring twice when the battle begins.

about the username thing I was changing them because I could not decide what name to use.

Yoshistar95 1350314616000 #232

If there's no Dutch language for Jnes at the moment, then I could translate it into Dutch if you like Jabo

I've also helped with Soul Movie translate project (Android app) and it works too
So that means that I know how it all works with translating. I'm very careful with translating, there are a lot of translations into Dutch that aren't good at all... even Nesoid has the wrong translation (again, Android)

Gerhalt 1350329100000 #233

hey, Yoshistar95! welcome to our fine sanctuary! you know it's always good to witness someone who's eager to help this great project to grow, become greater, nicer - improve in every reasonable way! that's exactly why we're all here right? okay then, welcome again and be well.

TheRocket 1350348409000 #234

Hi Jabo,

Nothing is jumping out at me that might be wrong, generally if it has the ability to save to the file it should save all your settings, you could try deleting the ini file and letting Jnes recreate it.

Tried that too several times without success... maybe a strange character appeared in the code or changes in variables in code? I don't know either, Process Monitor didn't give much clues... Just looks like it closes the file too early...

Yoshistar95 1350398725000 #235

Hmmm... but what's the cause of it then?
I didn't had those problems once though... but I use the emulator not very much at the moment.
But that will change after I get a new computer which will be about end October or begin November...

Anyways... no bugs found until today now
I'm also working on a new NES game, which works on Jnes for sure it's a new SMB hack.

Gerhalt 1350414176000 #236

erm... forgot to ask what settings you're using? windowed or fullscreen, what renderer's active etc.

Kirbyfan 1350434066000 #237

Jabo do you still have any plans to make a Jnes 1.2?.

Jnes 1.1 is good but the games I mentioned really need to be fixed.

Jabo 1350435031000 #238

I use the American version of Gradius 1 & 2.

Ah, always the ones I don't have. I'll have to get those.

If there's no Dutch language for Jnes at the moment

Sure that sounds great.

Jabo do you still have any plans to make a Jnes 1.2?

I plan on doing a minor release to fix some of issues reported recently, I will not be able to fix everything and it will take some time to do this. I do not have plans for a 1.2 version necessarily.

Tried that too several times without success...

That is disappointing, I have not tested on Windows XP in many years, perhaps someone can help us there. I would be interested in seeing anything in the process monitor logs that seems wrong about Jnes.ini, you can zip up the logs, feel free to contact me through emutalk.net if you want

Is there any progress on the bug which prevents saving the controller input config?

I just saw your post and looked at the screenshots you posted, thanks for doing this, the permissions look fine to me, however the file monitor screenshot is not enough unfortunately, I really need that list filtered specifically to Jnes.ini, an export of that as a log file would be very helpful for me to review.

Yoshistar95 1350473993000 #239

Jnes 1.1 works fine on Windows XP at my school, they use mostly that kind of system.

Ah, always the ones I don't have. I'll have to get those.

Romfind has those ones
Including hacks of Gradius NES. Not all though...

Gerhalt 1350485138000 #240

a fixed dialog window in Ys I would be appreciated along with the returning of 2xSAI renderer engine... plus there's a minor trouble with the title screen of Crisis Force - the caption's supposed to appear after the ray-like thing flew to the right causing the flash.

and what about the audio playback in Akumajou Densetsu 3 huh?

Yoshistar95 1350496272000 #241

I have a video of Gradius II NES.
It's a No Mis Run video though, but you'll notice that the graphics are flashing... even the shield is invisible for the most of the time

Here's the link of it:

kirbyfan 1350523562000 #242

Hello Jabo sinse you have no plans yet for a Jnes 1.2, so your going to fix the bugs within Jnes 1.1?.

This is a good emulator but it needs alot of bugs fixed.

Jabo 1350661948000 #243

I have a video of Gradius II NES.
It's a No Mis Run video though, but you'll notice that the graphics are flashing...

That's a cool video nice one! I agree I don't think it should flicker that much, they would not release a game like that. I'll add it to the bug tracker for now but I'm not sure how to fix that.

a fixed dialog window in Ys I would be appreciated along with the returning of 2xSAI renderer engine... plus there's a minor trouble with the title screen of Crisis Force - the caption's supposed to appear after the ray-like thing flew to the right causing the flash.

and what about the audio playback in Akumajou Densetsu 3 huh?

What's up with the "huh"? I know you've been waiting for an answer on Akumajou Densetsu, I didn't know what you meant at the time unfortunately. After some investigation there was a bug in 1.1 with the VRC6 sound emulation, it will be addressed in the next release. I've added your Crisis Force bug to the bug tracker as well no clue there. I can't find any issues with Ys you'll have to be more specific how to reproduce that I do not have time to play it through.

As far as 2xSaI is concerned I replaced it with HQ2x after many requests, most people seem to think it is far superior. I went through some of your examples such as Batman where 2xSaI is perceived better, it looks a bit softer and has smoother edges but I really have to look for it to even notice. I will consider putting it back but I just wanted to explain how I see things.

Hello Jabo sinse you have no plans yet for a Jnes 1.2, so your going to fix the bugs within Jnes 1.1?.

This is a good emulator but it needs alot of bugs fixed.

I've already responded that I will be releasing an update to fix as many bugs as I have the interest and time to pursue. I enjoy getting feedback to improve things, you've found some interesting issues, but after reading some of your posts you should also keep in mind that this is a hobby for me and the software is free.

kirbyfan 1350667551000 #244

Thats pretty good Jabo that your planning to fix those bugs on Jnes 1.1.

I like that you improve the Jnes when problems are discovered with the games having bugs, I gotta say Jnes is a great NES emulator.

Keep up the good work.

Yoshistar95 1350667971000 #245

Maybe a stronger graphic plugin could work... on the GHW forums they say that a better plugin may fix the problem, but it depends on how it reads the graphics.

But I don't know how things work, so I have no clue... but about the plugin sounds logical... PJ64 graphic plugin had that too with SM64 (some objects were invisible in a specific position), but with a better plugin, the game became detailed and looked like it was on a real N64 Which I own one with that game (and others)

Gerhalt 1350727291000 #246

I can't find any issues with Ys you'll have to be more specific...

I told about it within the 1.0.2 dedicated thread: whenever Adol enters any interior (the dialog window appears) the game HUD interchanges its position with the main frame while it should remain in the bottom of the screen; also occurs when accessing the game menu (by pressing SELECT) - however the cursor arrow (along with other item icons) hovers in its proper position making it harder to figure out what you're about to select... anyway, Jabo, you should have no difficulties in reproducing that behavior whatsoever.

it'd be very nice too if a tiny issue with the darkening pause screen in Super Spy Hunter could've been dealt with. oh, and before I've forgotten I'd like to point at Akumajou Densetsu once again since there's that annoying background trembling stuff going on whenever Ralph's got to pass through a location with vertical scrolling.

Yoshistar95 1350741351000 #247

In Super Mario Bros. 3, the screen edge to the left has a wrong color pallete... I'm not sure if that's normal, but I just report it here...

No other issues in the game found...

Tom Burk 1350744664000 #248

Thanks for the great update, Jabo. I'm about to get a Windows RT Surface tablet. Do you have any plans to port JNES to run on that platform?

Yoshistar95 1350755754000 #249

Jnes Mobile... It sounds good
I'm curious too, do you have plans with making one for mobile platforms?

Jabo 1350836583000 #250

I don't have any immediate plans to support mobile platforms, it seems most of the good mobile emulators are purchased for a small fee.

I could justify doing that work if there was if I could earn a bit of money from it, similar to what ePSXe did recently on Android where the original port remained free. Does the Windows store even allow emulators? I couldn't find a direct answer to it, curious what you guys think.

I told about it within the 1.0.2 dedicated thread: whenever Adol enters any interior

I was able to reproduce that now, happy to say due to some other changes it does not seem to be an issue any longer. I'm aware of the others you mentioned, but I have not found a way to fix the scrolling issue you mentioned I've known about that for a while.

kirbyfan 1350863642000 #251

So whats this version of Jnes 1.1 you mentioned Jabo, according to what you mentioned it will fix many bugs that me and the other people told you about.

Yoshistar95 1350896969000 #252

It will probably be version 1.1.1 (same with PJ64 1.6.1).

Let's hope that the reported bugs will be fixed then...
Be sure to look at the graphic plugin that has to do with Gradius 1 & 2 issues...

Music Skips at ... 1350945639000 #253

Didn't see this mentioned but if your refresh rate is 59 in full screen mode it causes the music to jump every 2 seconds. This also occurs with Mono sound.

Using an Nvidia GTX560 with 4GB of RAM, AMD 955 Phenom II Quadcore Windows 7, playing game in full screen mode 1024x896 32 bit color 59Hz refresh rate.

In case anyone is wondering, I have a plasma TV and I get better input response time if using 59Hz refresh rate.

Gregory 1350945818000 #254

For some reason I was seeing Topic instead of name. Anyways, I forgot to mention that this is also with VSync on. Doesn't skip with it off but boy is the screen tearing bad.

kirbyfan 1351089474000 #255

Attention Jabo, I played battletoads and it's graphics are glitchy during game play. there are lines on the ship landing story part in the first level and when playing the graphics are messed up in some places.

Scar 1351167981000 #256


I would like to report a bug. In the Japanese release of Final Fantasy III, in some of the audio there is a constant clicking. For example, the battle theme. It gets a little annoying after a while. This isn't present when playing on an actual Famicom.

Jnes is one of the better emulators I've played on. I'm hoping this will get fixed, but if it's not on your list of priorities, I understand.

Jabo 1351183540000 #257

Thanks for the information, I'll definitely have a look at it.

I played battletoads and it's graphics are glitchy during game play.

You'll have to specify where that is, I played a few stages and didn't experience anything visual artifacts

kirbyfan 1351262186000 #258

Nevermind Jabo it's not the levels those are not glitchy after playing the game yesterday.

But the opening to the first level were the battletoads leave that ship on ropes is glitchy.

kirbyfan 1351436095000 #259

There is another problem with Jnes, it cannot play games like Action 52 or japanese games like Don Doko Don.

When I try to play the games the Jnes cannot play those type of games.

kirbyfan 1351518857000 #260

Jabo, there is another problem how do I stop there being two players when I'm doing a one player mode.

It happens when I choose Infinity lives code on Battletoads but for some reason it makes it a two player game rather then one.

Yoshistar95 1351526356000 #261

I've got a problem too, the Select-button doesn't respond well in the titlescreen of SMB NES
When I want to do 2-Player Mode, it doesn't respond... but with luck, it will respond

That's it...

kirbyfan 1351649378000 #262

Attention Jabo!.

Here are games that Jnes will not play, when I try to play them the Jnes will not allow me to play them.

Action 52.
Don Doko Don
Don Doko Don 2
Mappy Kids
A boy and his Blob

You gotta fix this problem.

Maverick_Hunter_X 1351676840000 #263

Hello everyone! Been away for a couple of months now it seems.

I haven't been able to get Jnes 1.1 working saving my configuration settings so I have been using Jnes 1.0.2 to configure 1.1 and it works very well.

I know I have mentioned this workaround earlier and I tried with both Vista Ultimate x64 and 7 Ultimate x64 to see if there were any differences but nope, no dice and settings still didn't want to save.

As long as this workaround works and the games is working I'm perfectly fine with things.

Of course there is some minor bugs with some games, like Zelda which have already been stated but it's not the end of the world since Jnes is still one of the best NES emulators out there.

As for you kirbyfan, I suggest trying different emulators if you have persistent problems with your games.

higan formerly known as bsnes is an excellent Nintendo Multi System Emulator which plays NES games, try that or any of the other dozen NES emulators out there.

Jabo might not always be around fixing peoples specific problems, you got to contribute to the solution yourself and that is trying alternate sources.

When it comes to emulation, the ideal isn't using one specific emulator for a system unless it's a unique system with only one or two working emulators since there are bound to be problems. The best way is to have a few other emulators to fall back too instead.

For example if a game isn't working that well for me in Snes9x I use bsnes (higan) instead and vice versa.

kirbyfan 1351693100000 #264

But Maverick_Hunter_X, Bsnes is really hard to set up because of the 7z.

I don't know how to do 7z?.

Yoshistar95 1351701156000 #265

Ditto... 7z is really difficult to do...

The old computer (name of the site) has millions of ROMs out there and could have better ROM versions, so try those ones kirbyfan but they haven't a complete set though...

Maverick_Hunter_X 1351710154000 #266

bsnes isn't hard at all to set up and configure. Sure bsnes is in a .7z archive but it's easily extracted with WinRAR or any other unzipping tool to an empty folder.
And bsnes is also running all NES games in .nes format just like Jnes do.

Set up and configuring bsnes (v088) which is the version I'm using doesn't take any longer then any other emulator to configure.

It's easy as 1 2 3

EDIT: I realize that you have probably tried newer releases which have changed the emulator drastically. v088 is the last release with the old interface and is easy to use.


Jabo 1351710812000 #267

There is a quite a few emulators available, I definitely want feedback, in many circumstances I'm simply unaware of an issue because I can't test all games. I am however aware of unimplemented mappers!

But I work on this as a hobby and will probably not be able to fix or implement everything, and I really dislike demands or overt nagging. I would recommend having another emulator handy, hopefully it is not required often.

Yoshistar95 1351713571000 #268

I'll definitely send you a feedback then Jabo
Speaking off... fceux for Wii (NES/FC emulator) has many plugins for graphics and stuff... it also contains one that caused Gradius 1 & 2 to have no flicking that much. So like I said before... try to look up in the plugins for if there's a way to improve the emulation of certain games.

And can you please look at Super Mario World NES (or 8-bit) if you can fix the missing mapper? I'll play the game on the other NES emulator for now for that game...

kirbyfan 1351723841000 #269

Maverick_Hunter_X that link is not working?.

kirbyfan 1351724954000 #270

Hey Maverick_Hunter_X, Yes to get it clear I never have luck setting up the recent versions of Bsnes because of the 7z's.

You said it's easy to set up Bsnes v088, does that older version of Bsnes lack the 7z's and is it really easy to set up. can it play any NES game?.

Sadly it's very rare for people to make a tutorial on how to set up the Bsnes hell not even on Youtube.

Maverick_Hunter_X 1351759276000 #271

Dear kirbyfan

The link might seem to be broken but I can assure you that it's working, it's just that when I posted it here it got cut off because that a symbol between "Uploa" & "ded" got added somehow. Remove that so it's "Uploaded" instead.

Like this: Uploaded+ReleaseDate+Size+DownloadCount

OK I'm gonna attempt helping you setting up bsnes so bear with me here.

After you have downloaded the 7z file of bsnes v088 either x86 or x64 depending on your system from the link I provided, unpack it with WinRAR or any other unzipping tool to an empty folder called "bsnes" or something.

When you start bsnes, click Load then Famicom.
Choose your NES ROM folder by clicking browse.

After that go into Settings, Configuration.
Make adjustments to input, video, audio and advanced settings if you like. Famicom is by default the first one in the list of input so it's not hard to miss.

After that all you have to do is start bsnes, click Load, then Famicom and double click on the game you want to play from the list.

Maverick_Hunter_X 1351794882000 #272

Of course, .7z is a form of archive just like .zip and .rar and shouldn't be any harder to unpack.

kirbyfan 1351866281000 #273

Jabo your Jnes is a great emulator it's just that you need to make it play 100% all NES games.

kirbyfan 1351866355000 #274

Another thing Jabo, please add a speed button option were you can speed up the game if there is a long story part.

kirbyfan 1352154384000 #275

Hey Jabo make sure this improved Jnes can play 100% all NES games.

Gerhalt 1352308173000 #276

if you hopefully don't mind, I can answer several of those queries of yours. OK, so where was I?

Jabo your Jnes is a great emulator it's just that you need to make it play 100% all NES games.

well I suppose he gave an exquisite reply to this in his latest message so please read attentively.

Another thing Jabo, please add a speed button option were you can speed up the game if there is a long story part.

have you tried F4 eh?

as for other emus, I'd suggest using Nestopia, though note: it's a tad harder to customize... when comparing to bsnes that is.

Yoshistar95 1352311377000 #277

You do post a lot kirbyfan... but you can always join Jabosoft

Hopefully my ROM hack will be completed before 2013... my very first ROM hack
It's Super Mario Brothers, but it contains obstacle courses... Jump, Puzzle and Lift. It may sound weird, but it will be great!

Gerhalt 1352320541000 #278

Jump, Puzzle and Lift. It may sound weird...

on the contrary - very intriguing! can't wait to check it out by myself. I know there's a hell of a lot of so different SMB hacks all over the net, still it's so damn fun to witness another awe-inspiring mod.

kirbyfan 1352339440000 #279

Well you do got a point Yoshistar95, I've been thinking about joining this website.

kirbyfan 1352569159000 #280

Jabo, I think you should also make the updated Jnes have a test build that fix's many problems.

DulceteGamer2012 1352572415000 #281

Hi Jabo thanks for bring the newest version of Jnes!! I love the ne emulator!!!

Yoshistar95 1352576081000 #282

I've played many SMB hacks, and the most of them were awesome
Only the one with a labyrinth story was very hard... still can not go further than level 4 but I like it

Back to my hack, my computer has finally arrived (yesterday) and now I have to get it operating... and setting up all programs that I want to use (Emulators, Online Portable games, Hypercam 2, etc...).
Now let's hope that the Stereo Mix is still functional.

kirbyfan 1352660951000 #283

Update to Jabo, according to what someone told me these five games do work Jnes, they said I just got bad versions of these ROMS.

Action 52.
Don Doko Don
Don Doko Don 2
Mappy Kids
A boy and his Blob

These games do work after all I had no Idea I picked bad versions of the ROMS.

kirbyfan 1352666105000 #284

Ignore the above post of mine, Those people lied to me no matter what versions of the ROMS I get the Jnes will not play them.

Yoshistar95 1352669161000 #285

Oh... I've just readed that one

Does anybody know how to fix the green titlescreen in SMB? Everytime if I use STE and save the ROM, then the brown titlescreen turns to green :/
And I forgot how the Japanese one works...

Gerhalt 1352716597000 #286

Those people lied to me no matter what versions of the ROMS I get the Jnes will not play them.

well, it actually depends on the exact mapper that this or the other game uses. you can find out those ones supported by JNES elsewhere within the site and/or inside the documentation that comes along with the emu.

And I forgot how the Japanese one works...

huh? whaddya mean?

IntruderPC 1352739747000 #287

I am not a member. However My geek who upgraded my computerchose JNES for the emulator for my older NES/SNES CD. The thingtaht hurts this issome features are lost? missplaced? not included? In Draagon Warrior 1,2 and 3, the save features are not available or some where that I cannot find them when I play. Also setting up the gaming keys from my keyboad is an enable and then change if wrong, so I may have to go thru many mautiple sequences to get the gaming keys the way they were when we were able to use the older emulator. How can I fix this? or is there a fix. I spent almost an hour just to get 2 out of the remaining 5 keys to work properly and still cannot save/store my daily results for these 3 games.

Yoshistar95 1352740867000 #288

The SMB title editor has an original Japanese version and a translated one in English... but the English version is not so good as the original version (what did they edit along with language?)...

But 3 years ago, I founded a video that had a great overlook of how the Japanese version works... but now I can't find that specific one anymore so I'm using the English one (STE I think) and it could have a bug I guess... but I'm not sure...

kirbyfan 1352745957000 #289

Hey Gerhalt, were can I download more mappers for Jnes?.

kirbyfan 1352746613000 #290

How do I get mappers to get these games to work.

Action 52.
Don Doko Don
Don Doko Don 2
Mappy Kids
A boy and his Blob

Do I add mappers to Jnes?.

Yoshistar95 1352750834000 #291

Man, you could break records with most active poster XD

Mapper #30 is needed to run SMB2 Lost Levels... well, if I had the good one in mind since I haven't run it for couple of weeks... and maybe there could be more missing mappers... same for SMW NES...

Gerhalt 1352756514000 #292

...but the English version is not so good as the original version (what did they edit along with language?)...

then why not hack the original Famicom rom? or you'll have to deal with the Japanese hieroglyphs? I guess it's more complicated than it might seem from aside right?

Hey Gerhalt, were can I download more mappers for Jnes?.

you may grab 'em anywhere you like on the 'net, though note those ain't just plugins that you move to some specific folder and the emu starts using them. nosiree - they need to be integrated right into JNES which means you should ask Jabo on that one since it's his piece of software. hereby I mean any sort of decompilation, recompilation, disassembling and/or any other way of modifying the executable is prohibited, unless Jabo gives you a permission to do so, that is.
p.s. JNES' got very handy status bar, where it displays various useful hints, so I suggest that you look there more often, and if you see a message like "mapper #XXX is unsupported" it means you can't run that game on JNES. sad but true... that's why I once again point toward checking out Nestopia since its list of working mappers is astonishing.

2 IntruderPC
hey dude, you aren't alone to encounter that prob with the latest release of JNES... yeah I know it's sort of a let down but don't worry as there's a simple solution to troubleshoot that 'damn, it doesn't save my config' situation: grab a hold of a previous 1.0.2 version of the emu, create your profile in it, customize everything to your preferences, quit JNES, then copy the 'jnes.ini' file of an old ver to the dir where 1.1 resides. overwrite an existing file if needed. have fun.

kirbyfan 1352828972000 #293

Will Jabo ever have the time to update the mappers so 100% all games can be playable.

Yoshistar95 1352831646000 #294

He will have time... some day...

My Android tablet crashed that stupid internal memory won't continue with 'checking for errors', which causes to keep out the memory >:(
I've tried everything, even reboot won't work it sucks you know...
I had to wait until the other shop had a tablet for sale for 100 euros (why doesn't he recognize the symbol?)... 4.0 Android but with my 2.2.1 (froyo), no good...

Thankfully I had no personal data that was be kept in that thing

Sad thing is that I had to throw away Soul Movie... but the translation keeps it alive
Speaking of.... when do I have to translate Jnes? Or is there no answer for it yet?
Anyway... let's see if I can find mapper #30 to get SMB2 Lost Levels running perfectly well, perfect... haven't founded one that had no piranha bug...

Yoshistar95 1352832465000 #295

Okay! I'm starting with searching that video of how SMBTE works!
And I'll have to deal indeed with those Japanese something... I only understand ??????NES?????? (why question marks???), it recognizes the ROM... but could say something else about it...

Gerhalt 1352892619000 #296

Will Jabo ever have the time to update the mappers so 100% all games can be playable.

let's face it - I mean maturing & all the stuff it brings along... annoying, irritating and so on, but you just gotta deal with that since, you know, it's real life man. don't get me wrong, but I've got to disappoint you: I don't think Jabo's gonna do it... well, unless he's got a team of several programmers and beta testers - the matter needs tons of debugging hours with the consequent tuning that makes certain game issue-free but also creates some bugs in another one. it's time-consuming and bloody exhausting stuff... anyway, he told about it in his latest post in this page.
personally, I'd rather see those supported games running perfectly than bucket-loads of roms performing poorly. and there's lots of insultingly crappy games that are unworthy bothering.

kirbyfan 1352909234000 #297

People told me that the original FCEU and Nestopia are good emulatores.

But whats FakeNES.

kirbyfan 1352936790000 #298

Looks like will have to wait for a future Jnes version 1.6 for that to play any type of game.

Yoshistar95 1352993077000 #299

1.6? That isn't even close to 1.1

My computer will be ready in the weekend... maybe Saturday. Then I can play NES games again on Jnes 1.1
And I'm also preparing to make a walkthrough of Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA version), then I'll do SMB 3
And I'm gonna do that Mario hack again with that labyrinth story

kirbyfan 1353020989000 #300

Yes I hope in the far future like in the next 7 years Jnes 1.6 gets made.

But for now we will most likely get Jnes 1.2.

Gerhalt 1353022081000 #301

hey, Yoshistar could you please reveal some info on the specifications of your brand new 'black box' eh? will it be desktop, laptop or maybe some Android based tablet?

Yoshistar95 1353077336000 #302

I do desktop stuff since my Android has been lost memory permanently, I only have my Nintendo DSi XL and my Windows XP computer left... but I'm gonna get a 3DS XL when I've enough money

And I forgot what the name was of the SMB labyrinth hack... but Zophar has all .ips files

Gerhalt 1353097708000 #303

I do desktop stuff...

that's cool mate! and what components will your black box contain? could you share that sort of info here? not insisting, just wondering...

Yoshistar95 1353145490000 #304

I've completed 2 worlds and 1 level of world so far... but I can already tell that World 5 will have Super Mario Frustration levels only levels 3 and 4 are not based on them.

Here's the list for what Worlds they are:

World 1: Practice
World 2 & 3: Jump course
World 4 & 5: Puzzle course
World 6 & 7: Lift course
World 8: Bowser's world

All uneven numbered worlds (except World 1) are underground, Lift worlds do have a fast think scenarios, Bowser's world is a mixture of all 3 courses in a extreme high difficulty.

There's a preview of it on Youtube you'll see World 1 (before 1-4 was edited) and that's it... but I'll add another video of my hack on the other Youtube account. And yes, I have one specially for my Mario hacks the walkthrough will be on my main account.

kirbyfan 1353165627000 #305

By the way whats the Nsnes like when you play NES games?.

Jabo 1353169429000 #306

Just wanted to follow up, TheRocket was able to help me work out what the issue with saving is, if you are using the File menu to exit the application it will not save settings properly. Instead click the red-x button in the title bar and it should save properly.

Yoshistar95 1353177077000 #307

I always press F12, but sometimes the X-button
I have no problems with the emulator, but even though that the emulator is fine... some games won't run :/ but if some mappers are added to it, then it should fix it then

Gerhalt 1353185495000 #308

...if you are using the File menu to exit the application it will not save settings properly.

alright folks let's all say 'thanks' to TheRocket since he finally figured that sneaky trouble out, 'the root of evil' so to speak.
come to think of it, I never happened to encounter it 'cuz I'm used to do the classic Alt+F4 instead.
hopefully it'll be fixed in the very next update of the lovely emu, won't it? otherwise we tend to get more of those 'cant save my settings ' cries around here...

Yoshistar95 1353187537000 #309

Let's hope for the best then

I've also some videos of Gradius NES, No Miss run and loop 2 run, with also the impressive No Shield Run video
Almost nobody can do a run without shield without dying, but even less people can survive 5 loops without dying once 0_o
But I'm practicing on that but it's harder than the No Shield challenge

I've also told on the Gradous forums that I'm trying to do the No Shield run on Gradius II NES, but since I found out that the graphics are flashing, and the shield invisible sadly enough... it will be then much harder than expected.
I've heard that somebody did 8 loops without dying in Gradius NES, can you guys believe that?

kirbyfan 1353200393000 #310

Sorry I mean "Bsnes" not NSnes that was a typing mistake.

By the way which emulator is better FCEU, Nestopia, Bsnes, or Nintendulator when playing NES games.

Gerhalt 1353236850000 #311

By the way which emulator is better FCEU, Nestopia, Bsnes, or Nintendulator when playing NES games.

I believe you should try every - they all got their unique features meaning it's up to you to decide which one to stick to. worth mentioning is that tricky compatibility list, which in its turn depends on the overall grade of accuracy of emulation. the formula's pretty simple: the higher the accuracy the higher the chance to run any NES/Famicom game.
however the bottom line is that once again you decide for yourself.

kirbyfan 1353257847000 #312

I tried FCEUX it's good but the big downside is I cannot add cheat codes.

Does anyone know an easier way to use Game Genie codes on FCEUX? It's easy on FCEU, just type in the code and go. With FCEUX, I have to enter the Address and Value of each code by hand, whereas with FCEU, those values are automatically parsed when I put in the Game Genie code.

Yoshistar95 1353270308000 #313

I've used FCeux for Wii, but I haven't tried the GG codes, so I have no idea kirbyfan

Oh! It reminds me of my unusual usage of the codes for Super Mario Bros. NES in World H for the (possible) endless survival
I'm trying to find out if the game crashes after 128 levels, but didn't happen... so I continue with going to 256 levels. Well... if the game doesn't crash after 255 levels
So far I've uploaded 2 videos (in total 64 levels) and 6 more will come of course.

I'm probably the first person who tries to reach level 256 and showing it on Youtube

kirbyfan 1353340247000 #314

Now if a new updated Jnes was released it better happen in 2013 or 2014.

Yoshistar95 1353347956000 #315

I think it will come in Q3 2013.

Gerhalt 1353358117000 #316

Now if a new updated Jnes was released it better happen in 2013 or 2014.

huh? why is that? dontcha wanna check out the hot update ASAP eh?

Yoshistar95 1353441996000 #317

I'll check it everyday The same for the Android apps that I had downloaded before it lost memory... found out today that the USB doesn't work either :/ so it may not connect to the computer also 0_o there goes my data

Jnes had a shortcut key for recording audio... why is that shortcut removed? I like to have it back again. It had a start/stop function.

Gerhalt 1353456375000 #318

Jnes had a shortcut key for recording audio...

would you please remind which key it was exactly? to tell the truth I can't recall any. making a screenshot by pressing F3 - possible, but in order to dump sound or record a clip, one has to browse through the menu.

kirbyfan 1353604463000 #319

Hey Yoshistar95, When you said "I think it will come in Q3 2013".

Does that mean there is news from Jabo that a new updated Jnes is coming?.

Is that true or not?.

Yoshistar95 1353616100000 #320

No, I'm just guessing
And if he got updates, then he'll report that when if it's the case.

To be honest Gerhalt... I don't know anymore which key but I'll try to look which key it had in 0.6. The movie had one shortcut if not mistaken...

There were emulators that had a stick function for the buttons... you know, press and hold A without pressing the configured key
Wouldn't be nice to have that function?

Maverick_Hunter_X 1353674142000 #321

Just wanted to follow up, TheRocket was able to help me work out what the issue with saving is, if you are using the File menu to exit the application it will not save settings properly. Instead click the red-x button in the title bar and it should save properly.

WOOAH..... so the settings I have made in the 1.1 release that haven't been saved could have been saved all along by just clicking the red-x button instead of going in under menu clicking Exit like I have always done?

So there's no need for 1.0.2 as a workaround anymore?

Man I need to test this myself right away.

It's a shame though, bsnes (higan) is really starting to grow on me with it's newer releases and the Famicom/NES emulation is almost faultless.
The ability to have accurate NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA emulation in one emulator is outstanding. Although the GB and GBC needs a little polishing to be 100%

Truth is I've been using Jnes since almost J.C. walked on earth and Pentium CPU's ruled the world and it's a shame that the almighty Jnes era is coming to an end for me.
I'm not saying I will stop using Jnes, Jnes means a lot to me and will always be there when I want to feel nostalgia.

Jnes is a pretty accurate NES emulator (among the elite) no doubt about that but bsnes is a little bit more accurate.

A couple of years ago accuracy didn't meant squat to me regarding emulation and it was only the "moment" that mattered to me. Today when I have grown older accuracy is everything. Because the more accurate an emulator is the more it resembles of what I grew up with, the real thing.

Jabo and Jnes, you're always gonna be in my GOAT (Greatest of all time) list!

Sorry for the long post, I got a little carried away. Emulators is a sensitive subject to me, to much ties to my younger years.

kirbyfan 1353689826000 #322

Hey Maverick_Hunter_X, how is the NES emulator thats on Bsnes?.

Does it work good and play any game?.

Maverick_Hunter_X 1353695854000 #323

bsnes NES emulation is great.

Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest
Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse
Kid Icarus
Kirby's Adventure
Mega Man
Mega Man 2
Mega Man 3
Mega Man 4
Mega Man 5
Mega Man 6
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3
The Legend of Zelda
The Battle of Olympus
Zelda II: Adventure of Link

All those games work great for me. As I once said here I strongly recommend bsnes.

Yoshistar95 1353701218000 #324

With Super Mario Bros. 2, do you mean the Japanese version or the USA version? Or maybe both?

Maverick_Hunter_X 1353708233000 #325

Yeah I meant Super Mario Bros. 2 the USA/PAL version aka Super Mario USA in Japan.

For Super Mario Bros. 2 aka The Lost Levels I usually use FCEUX which plays .fds games
FCEUX to play .fds is a must.

Yoshistar95 1353747993000 #326

I've noticed that with Fceux for Wii, it emulates great with that but still had those piranha bugs and no world 9 issue... A.K.A. blackscreen bug.

kirbyfan 1353809550000 #327

Another thing about Bsnes Maverick_Hunter_X, Does it have a good Game Genie cheat menu for NES games.

Maverick_Hunter_X 1353826451000 #328

Yes it does, bsnes supports Game Genie & Pro Action Replay codes.

The best thing you could do is just to try it out:

Anyway I'm starting to feel bad posting to much offtopic stuff here. You have everything you need now so good luck!

Gerhalt 1353843123000 #329

Today when I have grown older accuracy is everything. Because the more accurate an emulator is the more it resembles of what I grew up with, the real thing.

come to think about it, accuracy appears to be both a salvation (playback's always meant to be 100% identical to the real 'thing') and somewhat flaw (since it forces certain moments to correspond too) at a time. I'm talking of those irritating loading times - why do I have to wait 10 sec when it's possible to do that a lot faster? dontcha agree? now imagine: what if a game has those f***ing loading procedures EVERY time a character enters/exits certain rooms/locations - you spend most of the time not playing but cursing those 'now loading...' screens. you know what I mean.
actually I pointed towards one downside only, while there are dozens of 'em. for instance, an emu capable of highly accurate playback can't run hacks and/or unlicensed roms/images... got it?

kirbyfan 1353940558000 #330

It's going to be great when the updated Jnes gets released. That means all those problems would most likely be fixed.

Gerhalt 1354049227000 #331

Jabo, I'm looking forward to localize that helpful status bar in the hot update once it has been released. thus I ask you to make it translatable. my faith is with you!

kirbyfan 1354292172000 #332

Jabo, do you plan to add new things to the updated Jnes.

Maybe you should add a feature were you can put the speed button anywere like on the keyboard or the controller.

Jabo 1354323028000 #333

Jabo, I'm looking forward to localize that helpful status bar in the hot update once it has been released.

Some of the status bar messages are in the catalog, I'll have another look if there are other common ones worth adding.

Jabo, do you plan to add new things to the updated Jnes.

I don't intend on adding features to Jnes, since it reached 1.0 I've been trying to stabilize it.

I've gotten busy again unfortunately, holidays and work, i hope everyone continues to enjoy the 1.1 release!

Joe Q public 1354334021000 #334

Is there a way to insert additional mappers into the database? Apparently "mapper #82 is not supported>" I guess I'll have to play it in another emulator or something, but wondered whether it was possible to import mappers somehow.

Joe Q public 1354334487000 #335

Whoops, I think it must just not be compatible or something. apparently #82 is Taito X117.

kirbyfan 1354465677000 #336

Well Jnes is one of the best NES emulators, but will just have to wait for more mappers to be supported in the updated Jnes.

Yoshistar95 1354481223000 #337

And one day, you'll join Jabosoft

I've finally started up my computer but no internet, proper speed (will be fixed soon), time is about 15 minutes ahead (date is correct), etc...
The stupid USB goes off when I copy files to the computer! >:( mostly if they're big files (at least 50MB)

No problem with copying Jnes, but haven't done yet though... but my project can be continued
So there's a chance that my ROM hack will be finished before 2013 but making it public will happen after new year and stuff....

kirbyfan 1354589472000 #338

Jnes is one of the best NES emulators out right now all it needs is complete mappers so it can play any game and fixing problems within games.

rockyfrog 1354641498000 #339

Yes it's me kirbyfan now known as rockyfrog.

Hey Jabo do you have a really easy time working on Jnes compared to Project 64?.

Gerhalt 1354652115000 #340

Yes it's me kirbyfan now known as rockyfrog.

congrats on joining our 'party' welcome aboard! JNES community grows and it's good to know that.
p.s. one day our numbers will increase by zillions and we'll rush out (myriad Zergs force) to take over the whole world! A-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAaaaa!
he-he, just kidding.

Yoshistar95 1354728151000 #341

That was a funny intro Gerhalt X)
But nice that you joined us

Oh, by the way, I've begun with the ROM hack again... and I like the movie recording, it's great! Video and sound in one
Now I don't have to worry about the bad sync sound and lag but I didn't knew that after the end of the 'movie' that you play the game again after that, it just continues 0_o

Now I just need internet on my computer, and more memory.... and I can continue with stuff that I had to give up a few years ago with some lucky moments of using my grandparent's computer (my videos comes from there)

rockyfrog 1354896297000 #342

It makes sense for Jabo to focus on Jnes rather then Project 64, When using Project 64 many intense plug in must be improved while Jnes does not need much work.

Yoshistar95 1355089667000 #343

Alright Gerhalt, I've finally remembered again what the hotkey was for audio recording... surprise surprise, it was F4. Which is now fast forward...

F1 Reset, F2 Pause Emulator, F3 Screenshot, F4 Fast Forward, F5 Save, F6 was nothing I think... maybe that could replace the former F4 movie record hotkey should be added too. What about F8?

Maybe I should use STE, because SMBTE sucks! I've remembered that STE has an option to alter the title pallete colors, hopefully I can fix the green screen bug... fingers crossed then...

Gerhalt 1355222044000 #344

can you tell the exact version of the emu? 0.60 or older?

Yoshistar95 1355240861000 #345

That F4 thing was on Jnes 1.0.
The rest are the current ones except F6 and F8 aren't used yet...

rockyfrog 1355247945000 #346

Hey Jabo what type of mappers did you add and which ones did you forget to add to Jnes.

Mappers Set 1: 176, 116, 156, 252, 28.
Mappers Set 2: 242, 227, 115, 248, 12, 164, 15, 253, 23, 178, 90, 73.

Does Jnes use these type of mappers?.

rockyfrog 1355248010000 #347

What mappers does Jnes support to play games?.

Yoshistar95 1355250009000 #348

I've forgot to mention that there's a bug with the turbo-button system.
I was playing Gradius NES, stage 5, game slows down a lot because the game reads a lot of data or something.... and the Turbo A doesn't work well instead of tapping 4 or 5 times in one second (or more) it sticks with one per second (slower than my tapping speed).
I've probably posted it before, but this bug is very annoying. The chance of dying increases because of that 0_o

But what causes the Turbo button glitch?

Gerhalt 1355258529000 #349

What mappers does Jnes support to play games?

take a look inside the .CHM help file that comes along with the emu.

I've forgot to mention that there's a bug with the turbo-button system.

hmmm, to tell the truth I never happened to witness the eponymous bug. at least 1.0.2 (which I ran Gradius with) is devoid of this glitch for certain. as for the current 1.1 - I'll try to reproduce that kind of behavior and report back here ASAP.

Yoshistar95 1355337241000 #350

I think that frequency ofbthe glitch has dropped after 1.0, but as dated today.... I only had it twice with 1.1

And the Select button isn't working well on Super Mario Bros. NES, not that I play a lot in 2P, but if you want to play with a friend... then you have a problem.

Can you change the method of the select location for movie recording?
It sticks with having My Videos as a standard location 1.0 remembers the last used location. Weird isn't it?

Kirbyfan 1355630103000 #351

Not in the mood to sign in right now.

WHen playing Jnes it looks like 80% of games work on it.

The other 20% needs mappers to be playable.

Yoshistar95 1355666658000 #352

Bad news, that Turbo button glitch is still there but it was this time not directly though...
In loop 1 stage 5, the Turbo A button worked fine, but in loop 2 stage 5, it suddenly refuses to work 0_o
I get the feeling that it is the game itself...

It was during the try of the challenge, one of many tries... I'm trying to do 5 loops without dying once, I'm close to it furthest point: Loop 4, stage 2.

Gerhalt 1356467059000 #353

have recently tested the following fine games: Sunsoft's Fester's Quest & Bandai's Frankenstein, the Monster Returns. as far as I'm concerned, both run okay (although I never played those on a real hardware). at least no noticeable differences are seen compared to Nestopia's emulation, which is by all means a good sign.

Yoshistar95 1356468311000 #354

That's at least a good sign

And I've remembered the name again of the Mario hack of the labyrinth story, Extra Mario Bros.
You'll need a Super Mario Bros. ROM to patch it correctly. I never came further than area 3 I had the power to break the brick wall (Fire Mario only) to get further, but I couldn't find the way out...

My own hack won't be finished before 2013, but it will come soon
I'll send a download link when it's finished and tested and aproved by the testers, and yes, I have testers
I'm preparing to make a second video of my hack, after I got the title bug fixed... SMB fix screws up the title for some reason... and color pallete edit didn't worked either, the plants and stuff were changed too

Gerhalt 1356694451000 #355

merry XMas and happy new year to everyone! cheer-up lads there's so much left to be done, and so bloody miserable time - let's waste no more! happy holidays folks!

Yoshistar95 1356714057000 #356

Thanks Gerhalt, even though that it's not Christmas anymore... but Merry Christmas to you too
We're near the promising 2013, a new year, new hacks to play, and better set ups for me on the computer

Gerhalt 1357329690000 #357

tested 2 more games: Capcom's Gargoyle's Quest 2 & Toho's Godzilla, Monster of Monsters. both run fine, but I'd like to mention irritating slowdowns in the latter - when the screen's overwhelmed with stuff, the game suffers a great deal of 'bullet-time' plus random sprites disappear which is unforgivable in such destroy-the-projectile-before-it-destroys-you kinda game.

Yoshistar95 1357375085000 #358

Isn't that normal on NES games?
I had to deal the slow down in Gradius 1 and 2, the second one had also disappearing sprites
Zelda got that only in the final dungeon, when having two enemies circling around literally, the game slows down... I actually mean two groups of enemies circling around...

Super Mario Bros. gets that too when you have tons of sprites in one screen (same for the japanese 2), but that chance is very low though... except lost levels could have too much koopas generated, they'll flash then a lot.

Gerhalt 1357641945000 #359

Faria works OK this far. Faxanadu does too.
I only wish I had played the real carts on a real NES just to make sure they perform identically to each other. having tested emulation alone, I believe those fine games run glitch-free.

Rodimus Primal 1357752640000 #360

Hey Jabo, great work on the emulator. I like the game browser much like Project 64. I know there's still a lot of work to be done, but I'd like to see FDS games work with it. I noticed in Super Mario Bros 1 that the sound is off when Mario hits a block. The pitch is different then other emulators and the actual console.

Yoshistar95 1358092436000 #361

I've almost translated Jnes into Dutch language and just found out that two jnes.status files were missing in your example. But I've fixed that to have not the weird message in my language
Some things can't be translated sadly

Adam 1358095752000 #362

I don't use emulators much but occasionally get the bug to go back and play Zelda, dragon warrior or the like. I am having trouble with losing saved games. I can see them there in the save folder and they work fine unless i close the program. When i re-open none of the saves or quick saves will function. any thoughts?

Yoshistar95 1358102270000 #363

Maybe your computer doesn't make the save files, which also happened with me on my school...
Try to change the save-folder, maybe that will fix the bug.

Gerhalt 1358113293000 #364

When i re-open none of the saves or quick saves will function. any thoughts?

yeah well there are some. first of all, check out whether your AV software grants JNES the right to overwrite files (if 'no' then add the emu to the exclusions list of trustworthy PEs); then make sure that miserable UAC is disabled, if 'no' turn it off ASAP; try running JNES as administrator.

is everything OK concerning your personal config within the emu? I mean this issue occurs for the save files only or it also clears your, say, buttons' mappings eh? and that's important.

Yoshistar95 1358185823000 #365

That button problem happened to me too... I don't know how I fixed that actually...

But my translation is finally completed I've double checked it for if there may some typos in it, but it's 100% correct
I'll upload it tomorrow to 4Shared (I have an account there), so now Jnes can be used in Dutch language too soon I'll give the download link when I've uploaded it

rockyfrog 1358208326000 #366

Hey Jabo, is it really easy to work on Jnes compared to Project 64?.

Yoshistar95 1358249684000 #367

Here's the download link of the Dutch translation for Jnes

It can be added in the language folder of Jnes.

Gerhalt 1358338107000 #368

hey Yoshistar, job well done! great news! I'm pretty sure Jabo's gonna appreciate your contribution. btw did you add all of the hot-keys (missing in the first place) into your localization?

meanwhile, I'm making my way through the super awesome Blaster Master by Sunsoft. there was the only issue (worth mentioning) this far (up to area 6) and it occurred @ the second boss: at some point the bgm turned into some really weird noises, then it began from the start and... one more boss character appeared (as if the battle was just starting) so I decided to go on fighting and figured out that there are actually 2 bosses - despite they moved independently, each of them could hurt the protagonist guy, but I could see neither boss bodies (where you should keep firing at) nor those projectiles, only their tentacles...
well anyways it was uhhhh... an unforgettable experience. :\ I wonder if it could have happened on the real hardware. hmmmm...

Yoshistar95 1358362665000 #369

I've added hotkeys to make it easier for the users hopefully I have them all... but it was worth the effort I hope.

rockyfrog 1358527224000 #370

When playing Jnes so far it's one of the best NES emulators it rivals Nestopia & FCEUX 2.2.0.

All Jnes needs now for it to be complete is to support for over 200 memory mappers to play any game.

Yoshistar95 1358702510000 #371

I've completed two more levels of my ROM hack I'm now editing world 3-4. I did had a warp problem in 3-2, the warp itself went good, but Mario didn't moved in a good way... he falls in or comes too low.
But it's been fixed now using the underground room as the center...

I'm about to begin with the walkthrough of Super Mario Brothers 2 (USA), so I'll also check for errors in that game

Gerhalt 1358725554000 #372

I wonder whether the emu supports FME-07 (Dynamite Batman, Hebereke & Gimmick) custom chip? and what about Konami's VRC-2 (used in original Contra)?
the 'features' page within the documentation mentions VRC-6 (Akumajou Densetsu) only, making me eager to figure that out. oh, and what if the original Famicom cart contained some additional audio chip (expanding console's sound capabilities by increasing the number of, say, square wave channels), will JNES emulate it either?

p.s. OMG, I had absolutely no idea Konami released such an astounding piece of software, the in-bloody-credible Getsu Fuuma (Gai)Den! yet it happened so early within Famicom lifespan - 1987. but... yup, I guess none of us has ever heard about it due to the fact it had never reached outside the shores of Japan.
Getsu (the main character) also made his appearance in both Wai Wai Worlds, he's playable there... anyways, I highly recommend that everyone has a look at it.
finally, the great news is that it runs damn good under JNES, uses 23rd mapper (Crisis Force).

Gerhalt 1359237731000 #373

have just tested Cosmic Epsilon (a fine game by Asmik, 1989). an overall impression - it runs okay but I noticed several visual glitches: during boss fights (casually) the HUD shakes violently, so that the game becomes virtually unplayable; at the 2nd boss (UFO) battle, the game behaves very weird - as if the screen has been split horizontally and when scrolling left to right (back & forth) you can witness that the upper half scrolls OK while the lower one erm... doesn't. I wish I could post a short video clip right here... oh well.
worth mentioning is that Sunsoft's Hebereke has at least one graphical bug - there's an artifact right below a health counter, it just keeps twinkling on & on. although the European version (U-four-ia) is devoid of that issue: I guess the reason behind it is that they utilize different mappers.
alright so I decided to 'squeeze' bugreports into a single comment for the sake of space used. here we go:
Faria behaves weird when inside a level. to be exact, it concerns the ugly scroll glitch which occurs upon entering any room within a maze - as if the screen is being refreshed in an oldschool manner by sending a 'sweeping' horizontal line that draws an updated graphics... anyway, it's better to see for oneself.
I'll copy my backup ram save to Nestopia & see if it runs similarly. actually, I can't tell for sure if it's a weird behavior or not since I haven't played it on the real hardware. okay just gimme a moment...
...continued. Jetman causes the emu to crash with a critical error - just let the game show you an opening sequence, then after a certain while (woooooops!) the debugger window pops up telling that an app gone wrong. actually, it's the 1st time I witness JNES crashing to the desktop. damn, this is so frustrating...

Nishingo 1359575266000 #374

I've taken screenshots of TMNT 2 and Ninja Gaiden, but I can't seem to find them.

Other than occasional blips, it working great for me.

Yoshistar95 1359576697000 #375

Have checked the folder path for the screenshots?
You should find it in the settings...

rockyfrog 1359911029000 #376

I've been unable to play Jetman on Jnes?, for not I will just play it on Nestopia Undead 1.44 .

Will just have to wait for all these games flaws to be fixed.

Gerhalt 1359923389000 #377

I've been unable to play Jetman on Jnes

how come? 0_0 the game works perfectly (except for the intro that I mentioned above) under the emu, I beated it a couple of times myself, IMHO it's a fine game but it's got a few 'flaws' - too easy & too short. it has much in common with Shatter Hand. this is due to that both of them were developed by Angel.

Steven 1360121972000 #378

Just out of curiosity, is there any intention to implement command line option support? Jnes is a wonderful little emulator and I would love to be able to use it with XBMC on my HTPC instead of Nestopia.

Cheers for the great work on this and PJ64.

Steven 1360123280000 #379

Sorry about that. Its there and it works. Google just lead me to an outdated post. Cheers!

Yoshistar95 1360265467000 #380

Good news.

The title of my ROMhack has been fixed
STE is better than SMBTE, but I don't know what causes the title to turn into green... but I do know why STE refuses to save the ROM
That copyright Nintendo (actually copyright Yoshistar) was too long, it causes to make the title green for a bit.

The options were:

-1= Green
1= Gray (I think)
2= Brown (original pallete)
3= White (cloud)

They added an English guide some time ago, therefore you had to do with Japanese guide...

Progress= 37,5% (3 worlds are done)

rockyfrog 1360863159000 #381

Jnes still has not been updated yet, so far FCEUX, Nestopia Undead, nemulator, and RockNES have been updated.

Only time will tell when Jnes 1.2 gets released.

Gerhalt 1360879782000 #382

hey rockyfrog, waitaminute dude, you didnt answer what was wrong with Jetman emulation - can you describe the stuff that gone amok? you see, the more exact your glitch report is, the easier it for Jabo to replicate that issue, ergo, the faster it can be worked around.

rockyfrog 1360946091000 #383

Not really Gerhalt, nothing is really wrong with Jetman. My PC was just having horrible loading problems and it can play the game perfectly fine.

Yes aside from that intro problem the game works fine.

Chrisguy13 1362864192000 #384

I'm about a year late, but I see you updated and fixed the stereo sound! Thanks!

Gerhalt 1362947742000 #385

better late than never, you know. the mechanism's so simple & yet it's so awesome! though of notice is the fact that in certain games it can be extremely irritating. for instance a game uses square #2 for almost every in-game sfx, meaning you'll hear those peeps & beeps coming from the right speaker all the time around... anyway, this method is intended for entertainment purposes only, to make those ol' stuff sound better, that is. there's always an option to revert back to monaural sound - the property of flexibility of the emu.

Flami 1363380847000 #386

Is there any way to clear the recent directories and the recent games in Jnes 1.1?

Gerhalt 1363469349000 #387

sure there is - the emu saves its parameters to a file with the same name & .ini extension. simply open it with notepad (or any other plain text editor), look for the [Recent Files] & [Recent Dirs] sections in the bottom of the doc, then just remove those unwanted paths and, well, that's it!
now could you please explain why you wanna do that eh? personally I'm used to run games from the 'Recent' pop-up list which proves to be extremely helpful when you keep games in separate folders. what for? imagine you've got literally tons of var supportive material for most of your games. surely you can keep all that treasure somewhere else, but I stick to the method mentioned above. cheers!

Yoshistar95 1363534714000 #388

My ROM hack is finished! But it contains bugs that causes to some rooms are unreachable by vine, visible 1-up brick acts the same and causes to freeze the game (it's not the emu itself) and you'll hear a reverse jump sound that lasts longer than usual...
I'm now redoing the hack with a pre-patched trained ROM, so hopefully the bonus rooms and 1-up bricks will be functional again... also 10-coin block was gone... orange mushroom islands lost their stump (or something...).

I've uploaded a test ROM for my testing buddy, but I've forgotton to edit 4-4 underground... impossible to beat the game.

An artwork will be made along with the non bug ROM, so be prepared for the possibly one of the best hacks ever made with a balanced difficulty raise rate.

I've also made a wiki page about my game, it's not complete (due to the work in progress), but it's located at romhack.wikia.com table of content suddenly vanished for some reason...

But I also want to report that the config for a PC gaming controller works fine, my computer do have some difficulties with select and start button, but I'm rarely using those.
It's a Gravis GamePad Pro, bought it for 2 Euros very great condition.

Yoshistar95 1364932415000 #389

(I hate when login won't work...)

My ROMhack is finally officially released public
Ready for download and play.
Link: http://www.zophar.net/hacks/nes/super-mario-bros-13/Super-Mario-Bros-The-New-Super-Adventure-860.html

I'll add some .txt files tomorrow, includes the Developer's best records only 3-1 is blank...
Also screenshots will be added if .PNG is valid, .BMP was not

Gerhalt 1364981506000 #390

hey Yoshistar95, great news! have just grabbed that hack of yours, gonna check it out once I've got more spare time.
btw I believe png format is way better than plain bitmap image since it's smaller in size & the quality is okay. if compared to original bmp & jpeg it'll be somewhere between those two. it's quite disappointing that JNES can't do png snapshots. hopefully Jabo will add that feature someday, additionally I'd like JNES to capture the actual screen size and not only 256x224... finally it shouldn't have the 32bit color depth 'cuz it does nothing but increasing the outcome size of the picture. as far as I'm concerned, the screen shooting feature must work the way it does in Nestopia - quick & simple.

Yoshistar95 1365010083000 #391

I've made the screenshots in .png from Paint now
Sad thing is, my .ips is gone what happened to my submitted hack??

But good news, I've made a different download link, now it's from 4Shared
Link .ips: http://www.4shared.com/file/l7Q_99BR/The_New_Super_Adventure_smb1_.html
Zip file with information (and log): http://www.4shared.com/zip/AVulu4or/Information_TNSA.html
Developer's records is in there too.

I'm uploading the first part of the walkthrough tomorrow, so if you get stuck, then this will help, but World 1 and 2 are really easy to beat. except the following ones are harder...
Hint: Don't try all the pipes, some will warp you back to the beginning of the level 0_o but 1-1 is save

Gerhalt 1365238887000 #392

occasionally freezes the emu while running thru 1-4 however, noticed no such issues under Nestopia... anyways, JNES does NOT officially support var hacks & the stuff alike, so I wasn't surprised that much afterall.
p.s. superb work on making that incredible mod. thumbs up bro!

Yoshistar95 off... 1365246503000 #393

Weird that ot freezes in 1-4, because I didn't had that problem once... except in worlds further than 8 (not a big surprise actually)

I use 1.1 with testing it, but didn't checked if .ips had changed something maybe, you'll never know if it's the case...

Already have quite some views with my new video, even 1 like already

Yoshistar95 1365278588000 #394

Update here!

I've been looking for issues in the .ips, but the game didn't froze once. 1-4 included.
Can you tell me where in 1-4 it happens? Does the text at the top screen also go out of screen?

But I'm now trying to beat 3-3 without save stating durent the level (like in all other levels), but I've tried it like 30 times and still not beaten it but that means I did a great job for world 3 difficulty

Gerhalt 1365331381000 #395

as I told, it occurs absolutely spontaneously so that you can never tell for sure where & when exactly it might strike. btw, also witnessed freezes in 1-2, 2-2 & 2-4... but let me tell you this: from what I've figured out so far that bug may be caused by entering pipes leading beneath the ground and returning Mario to the surface - dunno, though I guess it has something to do with maps swapping... but once again, strangely enough it didn't happen when entering 'cloudy' bonus maps.
and oh, almost forgot to mention that the text did never go outta the screen.

Yoshistar95 1365336014000 #396

Also 2-2? The only pipe that's there is the one to the end. If it's before that, then maybe it's the emu itself, got a similar problem when I wanted to make a video of going through World 9. In 9-1 the game froze always at about the same location, and the text went off screen a bit... somehow it never happened in the emu of ISD SMB Util.

But that the text doesn't move at game freeze is different than what I had when I played some levels beyond 8-4 (I did H), lots of frozen fire bars (they didn't moved at all), underwater condition and I heard fireworks. That was definitely a corrupted level
I'm now gonna see if the World 9 issue also occurs on my computer, it maybe has to do with the computer... like the config problem some time ago with he older version of the emu...

I wonder if the emu version does matter with the hacked game...

Try to find a pattern of those game freezing problems, it may be the cause of something that are in 1-2 1-4 2-2 and 2-4, one thing's sure, it happens in the same level number (2 and 4).

Edit at 8-4-2013:
Finally beaten 3-3, but yet 3-4 is hard too... but the first part is quite easily to do (well... for me hehe ).
I didn't had the time for the test, but still no problems... I'm guessing it's the computer's problem?

Anyway, it will take some time to get the 2nd walkthrough video done, it's harder than expected.
Tip when playing 3-3, don't go too fast in the first part, but run like hell after the floating ?-blocks.
I've named the area after that part, Blooper Section or High Speed Area if that sounds better.

Gerhalt 1365454563000 #397

...continued: this time it took me much less time to make it thru to the eponymous 1-4, where (guess what) text started to tremble up & outta the upper border. the hud occurred the moment before JNES froze and stopped responding to any commands, except closing that is.
I tried to get at least general idea concerning the place (or my actions) that could've caused such letdown... the app crashes so randomly that all efforts seem to be totally futile.

but, the issue seems to happen mostly during 1-4 & 2-4. actually, I haven't gotten to the later stages yet, therefore I cant say if that might take place in, say, 3-4 (and the rest x-4), though I guess those levels somehow force JNES to crash.

rockyfrog 1365461713000 #398

Sinse Jnes still has not updated, atleast FCEUX version 2.2.1 and Nestopia is now Nestopia Undead 1.44.

Yoshistar95 1365500288000 #399

There's the known text out of screen problem.
I wonder what causes the crash... maybe only because it's Castle?

Gerhalt 1366058927000 #400

there's a game which ought to be reviewed by AVGN. it's called Thunder Warrior - first of all it uses a rare mapper (#189, ain't supported in JNES), then it shows an unbelievably stupid intro (obviously inspired by a well known Ninja Gaiden's cutscene) where a 'mighty' character stares at a distant castle, and finally you start the game proper... yikes! this one's so bad that its every aspect seems to be awkward: every time a stage starts you're doomed to witness the screen's being filled with blocks in a random pattern which CANNOT be skipped, yup - EVERY BLOODY TIME! why doesn't a level simply start right away???
then you realize HOW rubbish the controls are: a character accelerates (almost like Mario) but cant duck till his full stop, making you unable to instantly avoid some foes; afterwards you understand how slowly the character shoots projectiles which appear to be... BALLS! bloody hell why balls? a game's called THUNDER, not a BALL warrior right? actually there are 4 types of weapons in this game but just you wait till you see them in action... you'll howl in frustration!
consequently, there's another point I should mention and it concerns how a character hits enemies: you see, he CANNOT shoot more than 1 ball at a time, he CANNOT shoot the next one until an animation of hitting completely fades out (or leaves the screen - remember, it's a ball which keeps bouncing around); the number of shots fired at a time is increased by picking up certain power-ups, but once he's been hit all those upgrades are gone. finally, here's why this piece of erm, code's called 'thunder': when you press 'up' the protagonist demonstrates his real potential by releasing lightning bolt up into the sky, which is actually not that big deal since it's capable of killing only the weakest foes... anyway, it's better to try for oneself & see why it's so bloody rubbish.
plus it was released in 1992 (at least that's what the title screen says), the dusk of NES aeon...
in conclusion I'd like to point out that it was just one more time I clearly saw why exactly the emu does NOT include certain mappers - put it simply like this: if JNES tells you -mapper XXX unsupported- then you'd better steer away from that rom otherwise you'll regret. believe me: that's for your own good. sorted.

Yoshistar95 1366131605000 #401

I'm not even gonna try that thing (it doesn't deserve to call a game).

But you can expect tomorrow a second video walkthrough of my hacked game, I've FINALLY beaten the 2 worlds!

My comments on the levels:

3-1 is pretty easy to do, but the only thing you should watch for is the small platforms, you can easily fall of.

3-2 is a bit harder, so be cautious there.

3-3 is very hard, I had to retry about 30 times to beat the level without save stating (with it is also difficult).

3-3 is almost impossible without save stating, I've managed ONCE to beat it without save stating, so don't expect to beat the level in a few hours, it may take a day or more...

4-1 is hard, but only because Lakitu's timing HAS to be perfect when you reach the way too big hole (I mean that you can't reach the other side, unless Lakitu 'helps' you )
If you do the first part without mistakes, then about 340 (in game Time) at the hole Lakitu will appear (you must kill him in the beginning very quickly!).

4-2 is only hard after the warp (this one is just difficult), watch out for 2 Bowser fire and a Bullet Bill, when you reach the capitol P you must be small. Why? Because so far, I've NEVER managed to pass the obstacle as big Mario but it's possible though...

4-3 is much easier, but only if you use the trap as an advantage (invisible blocks are normally bad, as a solid won't be a problem )
Don't go too fast when Lakitu attacks you, because he can kill you while jumping (minimum chance that you kill him). Bullet Bill only appears if Lakitu is killed before the blockade.

4-4 is based on 8-4 from SMB2J, some modifications to make it a bit harder. Only advice for this is: Don't run all the time and use small Mario as your advantage in a certain area.

The video will guide you through those levels


It's here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep21fIflUD0

Quick exit 1366215890000 #402

Jnes works very well on my arcade cabinet, but in order to return to the front-end I need to set the escape key to close the program.

I can't find any way to configure the emulator's hotkeys, and the mythical help documentation included with the program doesn't function at all. Any advice would be appreciated.

Gerhalt 1366280988000 #403

...but in order to return to the front-end I need to set the escape key to close the program.

in JNES every hotkey is strictly fixed, that's why you can't rebind any.

Any advice would be appreciated.

check out Nestopia - it lets you reconfig all the shortcuts, moreover you're free to experiment with your own combinations, and use them in the emu right away! so then sorted or what?

Jabo 1366404935000 #404

You may have to right-click on Jnes.chm and select properties to unblock the file, for some reason I remember some installations of windows block the help documentation and people are unable to read it.

Nestopia may be your best bet as Gerhalt mentioned, if you look at Jnes.chm there is some command line switches you can play with. I use them in Media Center for the same thing you describe, but Media Center uses the Backspace key which Jnes has built-in support for fortunately. (It does the same thing as F12 I think)

Gerhalt 1367355917000 #405

welcome back Jabo! we missed you all along...
so did you catch up with the stuff above? there's loads of it!
plus I got a rather annoying favor to ask of you... hopefully you've got some 'idle' minutes to listen to.

Jabo 1367364492000 #406

Hehe I've been catching up every once in a while, although it's been hard to keep track of everything, the Android version of Jnes has been keeping me pretty busy lately among other things.

Gerhalt 1367447318000 #407

I know it might sound silly, but still I'd like you to implement mapper #26 since it's essential to run Madara, an amazing jrpg (made by Konami in 1990) that got simply everything a retro-gamer could ever crave for, including an involving plot, superb tunes (that's Konami after all), tons of tweaks for customizing the game to personal preferences, uncommon (but easy-to-master) battle system and the longevity of approx. 40-50 hrs of intense gameplay... also worth mentioning is that it utilizes VRC-6b sound chip so that the music you hear is simply astonishing!
alas, it appears there are some gems JNES doesnt support due to the lack of required piece of code... hopefully the emu will contain that mapper someday, so that anyone who uses it [JNES] could freely enjoy that stunning software.

Roco 1367479003000 #408

In Legend of Zelda 2 geht die Statusleiste nicht. Die Statusbar bleibt am anfang und am ende stehen und beim laufen l??uft die statusbar mit.
Sorry for my english.

Roco 1367480441000 #409

Legend of Zelda 2 in the status bar does not work. The status bar is at the beginning and at the end, and while running are running with the statusbar.

Jabo 1367513419000 #410

I know it might sound silly, but still I'd like you to implement mapper #26 since it's essential to run Madara

I'll have a look you make it sound exciting!

Gerhalt 1367580903000 #411

thanks for supporting the idea - it'd be an awesome addition to the library of the emu! I'll surely look forward to the day JNES runs the game. btw the full romanized name of it is Mouryou Senki Madara - for those seeking rare Famicom titles.
just to add to that list (of less known Famicom pearls) I'd point to another superb Konami release of 1991 - Lagrange Point, 1 more jrpg with an incredible soundtrack. NB! this one's the only game capable of producing brilliant VRC-7 audio... unfortunately its most complete translation hits only 60% meaning we still await fully readable dialogs throughout the entire glorious adventure.
to make sure those tunes are simply mind-blowing, I'd suggest that anyone (willing enough) grabs a hold of a .NSF file (at, say, Zophar's) and immediately loads it into an app capable of playing chip bgm (easy-peasy with Nestopia)... and of course supporting VRC-7 custom chip.
p.s. Jabo, if a miracle happens (Lagrange is fully English) would you also consider integrating #85?

xcel energy 1367870100000 #412

i like this post very much

Gerhalt 1367877141000 #413

I strongly believe the upcoming update SHOULD have extended roms' data when set to 'ROM Browser' table view. next to the values it displays now, it must also reveal the following info:
a) PRG banks value;
b) CHR banks value (if present, otherwise NULL);
c) WRAM (if present, otherwise NULL);
d) VRAM (if present, otherwise NULL);
e) the way of mirroring used;
f) if an additional chip is present (state its name).
it'd be insanely great if the latter option could also tell the primary function of that chip(s), i.e. if it expands the number of sound channels - a brief statement is then given that reads something like 'adds 3 more square channels' or sorts of... I'm even more than sure that such stuff might've come in very handy indeed!

Yoshistar95 1368110139000 #414

Just tested my hack on a windows 7 computer with Jnes 1.1, no crashes

Gerhalt 1369085214000 #415

Jabo, hopefully you'll read this message 'cuz I've found out yet 1 more reason for you to integrate #26 - it's another Famicom gem by Konami, 1992. it's an action RPG (the battles are real-time) with quite intriguing storyline & (I know I told that many times before, but still...) an outstanding BGM tunes (aaaaaaaaaand, yup they're in glorious VRC-6) - well it's done by Konami, whom I consider the kings of Famicom/NES since they released so many superb titles back in the day starting from legendary Vampire Killer (it's Castlevania for us) & Gryzor (that's our beloved Contra) in early 1986...
curse! almost forgot to reveal the name of that brilliant pearl: it's called Esper Dream 2, the 1st one was made for FDS only & unfortunately never ported to either Famicom or NES.

Jabo 1369239746000 #416

Mapper 26 (VRC6b) will be in the next release I can confirm that, I found it's remarkably similar to Mapper 24. I will hopefully be pushing out a new update to google play this weekend actually so if you are using Jnes for Android you'll get that update then.

Gerhalt 1369258039000 #417

okay then sorted. that'll be truly awe inspiring.
I wish you brought back 2xSai renderer. you know I miss it so much...

p.s. for everyone out there who use Nestopia: BEWARE guys, for as long as you fancy its emulation capabilities (as do I), avoid using the uppersand (&) character within ANY path names and/or filenames since that'll make the emu crash with a critical exception! oh dear, how sad, nevermind... :|

p.p.s. the question remains to be answered: W H E N???

Ardhiel 1388977379000 #418

Like the emulator and the tie in with the artwork. Any consideration for making it work with Chromecast?

Comixguy 1479785623000 #419

I have a question aboout my Wizards and Warriors ROM. Is there anyone that can help me?