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I've migrated from its crappy shared host to a new provider where I have more freedom in technology and better hardware. It's quite exciting to have a server to play with, my hope is that everything has migrated correctly, if you notice anything out of the ordinary please let me know, this is a work in progress.

In addition to new technology the URL structure has changed to a RESTful style, but it should automatically forward previous links as necessary. Lastly the DNS for the domain has been updated but probably won't resolve for a while. If for some reason you have difficulty posting here you can also contact me on Emutalk as well.
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Squall 1348294659000 #1

sign in page results in php error

squall 1348294734000 #2

this one

and the logon isn't sticking

Jabo 1348315136000 #3

Hey squall you should see a link in the top right corner for login, I missed redirecting the old one, I assume you found it however. I haven't had any issues with the login, however I tweaked the cookies to be more consistent with how the previous site worked, let me know if this gets better and what browser you are using.

Jabo 1348921216000 #4

posting should be fixed as well you may need to clear cookies!

Yoshistar95 1349036946000 #5

How can I sign up here?
All what I get is error

Jabo 1349183735000 #6

The registration isn't public yet, but you should see an option to register when you go to the user login page now.

Yoshistar95 1349191537000 #7

It worked!
Thanks Jabo now I'm going to find a good avatar for me

I'm using my current Youtube avatar... took it from Google and edited to my style

Dor 1349722963000 #8

Your 1.6.1 PJ64 patch does not download, instead the final page links me through to a page full of code/characters.

Jabo 1349889704000 #9

should be fixed now thanks for letting me know

Dor 1349931891000 #10

Thanks Jabo, downloading now

XtraK 1351857619000 #11

Jabo, you 1.6.1 plugins update fixed the graphical issue with Ogre Battle 64 battle screen backgrounds not showing up. That's great, thank you, however the glitch remains present in the less known v1.1 of the US rom. I assume you used some crc hack to fix Ogre Battle 64 v1.0 and that's why the v1.1 that you may haven't heard of is unaffected by the hack.

If that can help the internal crc of the US/v1.1 are 0ADAECA7-B17F9795
rom size: 41943040 bytes

I would really love to use the US/v1.1 because some annoying bugs from the v1.0 were fixed. Any help highly appreciated.

Yoshistar95 1361278698000 #12

I have some problems to keep logged in here... it logs me in, returns to home page (as always), but I'm then not logged in
Luckily it did keep me logged in now, but it's anoying.

And when I want to change my password, it says 'Error: Old password is incorrect.' while I obviously gave the correct one... tried every possible way, but none worked.

And where's the register link? (in the login page)
I did noticed it some time ago, but it's still gone for some reason...

Jabo 1361627411000 #13

I have that problem as well at times, assuming it's not some bug in the site, I've seen it when I'm roaming on wireless networks and my ipaddress changes randomly, this might be something I should look at relaxing a bit. I fixed the password issue as well, I still need to add a few things like resets.

Yoshistar95 off... 1365245881000 #14

I think that the redirect is too quick which may results in not being logged in...
It's so quick that you can't even read what the redirect says

Is it possible to slow it down a bit? Maybe it helps alot.

Jabo 1365258076000 #15

I can slow it down a tad but it just says that you have successfully logged in, which is why it's redirecting you, I'll give it a try let me know if that helps and if you are still having problems maybe you can help me figure out why the cookie is not sticking in your browser properly I haven't changed anything with this site in months.

Yoshistar95 1365277867000 #16

I'm logged it in one try
It worked

Yoshistar95 1383899233000 #17

Just a suggestion, but maybe we can have a chatroom? Talking about Jnes or the games you play and progression...

There's a chatroom network called Mibbit and it's possible to make a free widget for the site and be able to chat without an account

It's up to you how you will name the chatroom Jabo

Gerhalt 1384083160000 #18

I know I told this the other day, but I guess I gotta type my request once more: looking forward to be able to insert a screenshot url (or upload it right to your server) so that it displays the actual image instead of a link.
and what about the capability to share youtube clips right within a message body? I mean without redirecting to youtube itself. I know it'll require you to integrate a shockwave plugin into the portal's code, though I have no idea how difficult that might be, so I'm just asking, that is.

Jabo 1384555624000 #19

Just a suggestion, but maybe we can have a chatroom?

I like mibbit, I don't have time to stay online that often and chat. If I wanted to link to #jabosoft on how would I do that?

looking forward to be able to insert a screenshot url

I agree about the pictures, probably showing thumbnails so things don't get carried away. I'll try to add the ability to embed images in the near future, you'll likely have to link them to or a similar service. We'll see how that goes, maybe in the future I can try hosting small image uploads here

Yoshistar95 1384764713000 #20

Link to it:

Name Channel, Passsword, E-mail address and Website URL, but I don't know what happens next...

On the forum where I'm at they have the ability to place Youtube videos directly on the forum itself by using BB code 'media'
And adding images has the code 'img' which shows the image when available.

Pages would be nice too, because we would otherwise have a very long page with 400+ comments and some browsers (and DSi) can't load it quick enough... maybe every 25 or 50 comments a page?