These days it's pretty rare to see a new Mega Man game released, although Mega Man 9 did come out in 2008 for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console. Even more rare is when Capcom graces the PC platform with a title. Well all bets are off, as part of the Street Fighter and Mega Man's 25th anniversary Capcom has collaborated with fan Seow Zong Hui and delivered a pretty amazing game for the PC platform. Announcements are on the capcom unity homepage as well as downloads for Windows XP and higher.

This game puts Mega Man up against some of your favorite Street Fighter characters such as Ryu in classic Mega Man boss battles.

The requirements are also very reasonable, and it's free for anyone to download. Check out the official trailer to see it in action.

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intruderpc (Ric... 1379688109000 #1

I have an older DVD of Jnes that contains the three Dragonwarrior series. I like to play all three of them. However, with the continued revisions of Windows and updates to other programs I am unable to save any of my games scenarios when prompted by the game. Please email me at with any fix that will help me with this problem and proper installation instructions that I can print out to help the install.

intruderpc 1379688225000 #2

some of your "fixes" suck for us with older versions of the Jnes DVD I tried to reach you through these comments, but your blog and site will not accept them.

Jabo 1379712964000 #3

This isn't a thread about Jnes actually. Secondly since you are posting anonymously your email address was temporarily caught by the spam filter, it tells you this after you submit a post, be patient.

Lastly insulting my fixes won't solve your issue, nor does it encourage anyone to help you. There is no technical support for free software, you have to do some of the initial troubleshooting.

Jnes is not distributed on a DVD, there may be something that prevents it from saving to disk properly, the Settings page in Jnes tells you where this it is trying to save, make sure that directory is writable, and you are using the latest version.

satori 1399025214000 #4

hihi plz no forget mm10

mm10 > mm9 = mmxsf

Sett@ 1447609967000 #5

when can we expect a fix for the game Dracula Bram Stoker ? the background moves with the hero ?

Jabo 1448808733000 #6

when can we expect a fix for the game Dracula Bram Stoker ? the background moves with the hero?

Looks like you originally posted this question in another thread, I probably didn't reply because it didn't make sense. I've replied to your original posting.