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posted by Jabo Jnes
I haven't been posting news here about updates to the Android version, but since it's release a few years ago there has been many improvements. Recently I uploaded a new version to the Google Play store that has the following changes:

  • add your own game genie cheats!
  • dropbox sync works again
  • added migration from app storage for saves

Special thanks to Charles for letting me know about the bugs!
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aabhash 1449229066000 #1

Does not exist on play store!
Please do something!
I need it!

Viktor 1449943348000 #2

Post it here in downloads, there's no app in play market. Let us download it directly from here.

D 1450086934000 #3

i'm a little upset! I bought the paid android version. i just recently changed phones and no i can't download it to my new device! help!

Jabo 1450199130000 #4

That's disappointing it's no longer available for download, believe me I'm upset too, read the blog post on this site about what is going on and how to contact Google Play Support. I have to think they will take a customer complaint seriously, there is always the chance they will change their mind.

Post it here in downloads, there's no app in play market. Let us download it directly from here.

That's a possible outcome as I said in the other thread, but I want take a step back and plan what I want to do next, I never intended on distributing it here and that won't be the immediate reaction. Without Google Play it will severely limit how folks can find this app, which is already a small audience compared to others. This was unexpected and will take some time to sort through.

Sergio_Prado 1455625474000 #5

I have paid for this emulator on playstore but i cant download anymore. What can i do to get this again??

Gary the Gamer 1456509228000 #6

We love Kaillera, and want to use it with both Android and Windows.
Me and some friends discovered that the app was gone from Google store when we went to buy it!
I have already purchased your app, and so has one of friends. My other gaming friends will buy the app, if you re-release it!

BlackMoonWolf 1461408452000 #7

Are ANY of you people reading? It was not Jabo's choice or decision. Google arbitrarily pulled JNES from the Play store and suspended his account! This is no longer something he has control over.

Have some consideration and quit nagging him about it! So what if you paid a paltry $5 for it? So did I. Even with having bought a new SHIELD tablet and finding that I can't load JNES; I understand his position and I won't complain.

He's given us great software and, not to mention, great support for YEARS now. I'm sure it's a thankless job for the most part, too. So cut the guy some slack! Geez...

@JABO: Thanks for all of your support and effort, man. I've had my dealings with Google as well. With as big an entity Google is, it's difficult to get anything done with them. Thanks for trying at least. Take care.

Anonymouse 1468673227000 #8

Can you make the .apk available to donators?

I dropped a donation already.

Daniel2577 1469195563000 #9

Well I used money and bought the game when it was on Google and would almost pay for it again on here. It's the best emulator I have ever used and it was something to kill boredom at work!

Chilly 1471224561000 #10

Yes we really need the app on here. I do not like using google play store..i shut it off. Please dont let googleplay have a monopoly on good apps ..or we will all suffer.
If i may,i suggest including the ability in the emulator to use slow-motion. Many nes games neEd it.
Thank you.
Good luck

thesherriffofno... 1474854362000 #11

Are we going to get refunds on this app. Or maybe have the apk emailed to us?

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