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Since launching this site over 10 years ago I've upgraded from a shared server using PHP and MySQL to a dedicated VPS using Java and SQLite. In that time however the site has not changed much visually despite the rapid changes in web development libraries.

I spent the last few months working on the visual appearance by using Twitter Bootstrap, JQuery, Moment.Js, and Font Awesome to make it look substantially more modern and work better on mobile devices. Additionally this made it easier to focus on the layout of the site and it's content rather than JavaScript and CSS.

There are still some quirks and issues that I need to work out, let me know what you think and if something does not work.
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CaSh 1499982464000 #1

Lookin good, keep it up!

rcs300 1501685209000 #2

Nice you do this for the community.

Hey I was wondering - how hard would it be to add support for an X-input controller? I ofc have some D-input controllers and most of us do but with technology of pc gaming controllers moving into the realm of x-input its getting redundant to the have the D-input controller.

I use the steam controller for most of the modern games I play which emulates keyboard and x-input devices but not d-input devices , and I know theres a program to allow you to use your d-input controller as an x-input controller but not X-input to D-input, at least that I know of. It would be nice thought to use my steam controller with the emulators - even a standalone program would be nice that I would donate to

Jabo 1501687501000 #3

Hey I was wondering - how hard would it be to add support for an X-input controller?

Hi rcs300, thanks! You are asking for Jnes? This is a thread about the website I'll move this later

Adding X-Input support to Jnes is complicated by the fact that it does not support keyboards and most consumer game-pads, it's not a replacement for Direct Input. Supporting X-Input for just a handful of devices I don't have access to hasn't been that attractive to me. Additionally Jnes still supports Windows XP, and X-Input support seems sketchy there.

This delicate situation has caused me to ignore X-Input, and many applications have done the same. Sorry to hear that your controller does not work, I'll add X-Input to the wish list for a future release and see what I can do. If you are looking to make a donation to help fund X-Input you can find a link on the downloads page.
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