With this shell extension you can hover over dvr-ms files and get more detailed information through a tooltip as pictured below.

Tested on Windows Media Center Edition 2002, 2004, and 2005

The installation is a self extracting executable that comes with register and unregister scripts as these are installed as windows explorer extensions.

Download Build 20050212
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aerojoy 1179922525000 #1

Hi I don't know if this is that I was looking for but thank you

xpclient 1386058038000 #2

Is there a 64-bit version of this shell extension DLL?

Jabo 1386116502000 #3

Sorry to say there is not a 64-bit version

xpclient 1386158199000 #4

Couldn't you compile it please? And extend it for WTV format too besides DVR-MS.

Jabo 1387585039000 #5

Probably not at this point, the DVR-MS extension is deprecated and I don't really know how the WTV format works. Truthfully I don't even use this anymore as I've upgraded to Windows 7 which has integrated this functionality into Windows Explorer when you highlight a file and look at the status bar for same information.