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I've neglected the website for quite some time, I hope with the new content system it will give me a way to make it significantly more interactive and useful. To that end I've added a section to the website for save states for Jnes, these are mostly ones I've had lying around or ones I've found on websites here and there. I thought I would add them up here for people to enjoy, if you have any you would like to see up here just reply to this post with a url to a site I can download it.

There is a good library of states up, check out this section at the top navigation section.
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koowo 1183282328000 #1

very good!

Yoshistar95 1356347606000 #2

I have a save state of Gradius NES starting at loop 4 I haven't uploaded somewhere yet, but I'll report when I've done it

Isn't a good idea to add movie files from games? Enjoying the gameplay from someone, for example, how he or she beats Megaman...
I'm talking about .jmv files of course

Yoshistar95 1358250309000 #3

Here's the save state of Gradius NES starting at loop 4.
You have 24 lives thanks to my genius gameplay so try to beat this difficult game at loop 4

Picture is included too.

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