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One of the things I've ignored for quite a few years is allowing most of the user interface to be translatable (L10N to those in the biz). I decided a few weeks ago to get Jnes working in Unicode so I could play around with it and I got most of the user interface to allow external message catalogs, check out japanese.

The only downside of releasing in Unicode is that it will no longer support windows 98/ME, I'm not sure this is a big deal, worst case users of those platforms can continue to use 0.6, but this is your opportunity to voice an opinion.

Most of the menus are now translatable, and the dialogs as well. The catalog itself is encoded in UTF-8, I know that will be a welcome design choice to many of our friends in other countries as well! There is many more suprises in store for the next version, till next time!
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JnesFan 1183330670000 #1

Oh great! I'm looking forward for the next realise

Keep rocking!

thanks 1183481159000 #2

I can't wait! 98/ME support I don't think would be a big deal to lose.

x 1185472173000 #3

that's good

piip 1187337920000 #4


reannimy 1188293742000 #5

Hey Jabo! Great Thang!
Whats about the Full-Screen-Messages ypu promoted on pj64? Will that be released for JNES too?

Jabo 1188315699000 #6

Hey Jabo! Great Thang! ...

There will be something similar yes, not exactly the same thing, but close.

thanks 1190038332000 #7

Great Job on this emulator, it plays all the nes games i want perfectly and at full speed on my computer with all the features i wanted, i think this is probably the best nes emulator out there. Just wondering, now with pj64 being slowed down for a bit, do you plan on realeasing this new version of jnes any time soon? Also are you adding any other new stuff besides the translations and that message thing you have in pj64?

Jabo 1190042150000 #8

ya I will probably be doing another blog style post about features ... just so lazy hehe sorry

squall_leonhart 1190057787000 #9

Jabo, shouldn't it still support 98/ME systems that have the unicow layer installed?

Jabo 1190128420000 #10

Unicows is pretty ugly, I'd rather avoid using it. At this point it doesn't sound like anyone has any objections so I'm just going to drop windows 98 support, I mean it's a 10 year old operating system so I have a good comfort level.

gamer 1194079973000 #11

Will this work for Kaillera also? I see so many people using Japanese I cant tell what games they have. ALthough it might not help since we wouldnt be able to chat back and forth to see what games to play next because of the language barrier

Jabo 1194080789000 #12

Will this work for Kaillera also?

The purpose of this is really to translate the user interface menus and such, the things people type into the application, like chat text in kaillera or game names are not part of the program so they can't be translated. Additionally there are parts of Jnes, like Kaillera, that can't be translated into other languages since it does not support this.

you can find more out about this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L10n there
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MattLewellyn 1197953142000 #13

Hey, glad to see that Jnes is still alive and kicking! I'll be keeping an eye on it more often, now, that's for certain.

As for 98/Me support... I'm debating the same thing in one of my projects. I'll probably end up dropping support for such ancient systems for the same reasons you're debating: 1) They're ancient; 2) Not even Microsoft supports them *at all* anymore; 3) Unicows is "ugh"... IMNSHO, if someone is doing emulation on such an old machine, they're better off using a more stable platform, anyhow. Such as a custom-installed Slackware box, or something.

And, I'm certainly interested in playing with new versions of Jnes. I'm sure some of the lessons learnt from PJ64 will prove to make Jnes one of the premier NES emulators again. (IMO, the title of "best" actively-developed emulator probably goes to Nestopia. But, it looks like you have plans to unseat them! )

And, I'm impressed with how happily 0.6 plays in Vista. Just a few minor UI glitches; easy enough to fix, probably. Besides the L10N/I18N effort you're on, adding missing mapper support would be about all I would need to start using Jnes more often again.

Keep up the great work!

squall_leonhart 1197973672000 #14

Matt, list me some games that don't have mapper support in 0.6 and i'll try em in the latest versions.

MattLewellyn 1198000904000 #15

Heh. I suppose I subconsciously asked to be less productive there, eh?

Guess it's time to get around to moving my full emu collection over to Vista. So, hopefully by the weekend, I should have at least a few games to list which Jnes doesn't (publicly) support... I've bookmarked this page so that I don't forget why I'm playing games instead of coding!

squall_leonhart 1199879044000 #16

The Siskoo has uploaded a French translation at emutalk here


YoshiDX 1201652715000 #17

Here is the Lithuanian translation:

u_u 1205054271000 #18

Tatarish (Tatarça) Translation:

[tt.msg] http://www.box.net/shared/anqdqypkws

[u_u86 ät mail.ru]

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