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A friend suggested I check these reviews out on YouTube. This one for Friday the 13th I thought was really funny, and illustrated a lot of great points about the game. In full disclosure its not one of my favorite games, but I remember playing it in my younger days and thinking some aspects of it were entertaining, video attached below.

Also just a heads up, if you don't enjoy profanity this definitely isn't for you!

If you played this game as much as I did, you definitely will like this. The author of this content also reviewed many other things, equally as entertaining be sure to check it out on YouTube.

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If anything watch his Dr Jekel and Mr Hyde vid, he is right, I played it once and I want to kill soemthing or someone, preferably the makers of that horrible game.

Jabo 1189018502000 #3

hehe, glad you guys liked this post, I come across things like this randomly, glad I can share these entertaining bits.

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haha fucking idiot it was a good game and of course it sucks now a days its relatilvey old. its a good game i have the rom. it used to scare me whne i was little. lol

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please refrain from such language

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Logic is for pussies!