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I don't normally find hidden treasures on your typical game review website these days. It's a rare occasion when the content stands out above and beyond your typical screenshot description blurb about a game or series.

Like all good treasures, I stumbled across this first on YouTube when I was looking at Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess trailers. After watching a few Metroid episodes tho I knew this was too good to not share. Like most gamers, I have a deep appreciation for Metroid and Zelda series, even before watching these. These videos definitely helped fill in some blanks about timelines and stories, I think you'll enjoy it as well.

A website called did video retrospectives on two of my favorite nintendo series, Zelda and Metroid. These retrospectives cover the entire scope of the series to date, NES 8-bit, SNES 16-bit, Gameboy Advance etc. Being an author of one or two nintendo console emulators I have a special place in my heart for these particular series naturally.

Each retrospective is broken up into multiple parts, its not a quick song and dance of each series at all. These retrospectives tell the complete story of the series, linking games together. Additionally they go pretty deep into what made each game unique in the market at the time, highlighting specific features in each game that resulted in permanent changes to the entire series. It's kind of rare to find retro content that is this well put together, so I thought I would post a blog about it. I highly recommend watching these!

After you watch it, I'd be curious to hear what you might of learned from it, what you liked, didn't like, etc. If nothing else this is an easy way to walk down memory lane with some games many cherish as the best made.
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trickykid 1189865977000 #1

I have finished only one Zelda game (A Link to the Past) and only one Metroid game (Metroid Fusion). I have tried playing many other games from both series on emulators, but it just doesn't feel as good as playing on the original console near a TV set.

Those movies sure bring lots of memories of childhood and fun which I had playing those game back in nineties. Ocarina of Time is still to be finished someday, but not before I buy N64. I feel quite sad that I've spent last ten years mostly with PC games most of which weren't that good.

Thank you.

Mike 1190233683000 #2

I found the Zelda time-line pretty interesting... I never thought of all the Zelda games forming one coherent timeline before (or I suppose 2 time lines in this case). Great stuff, thanks for the link!

squall_leonhart 1190236978000 #3

Ocarina of time is when the split occured

after that there is 2 timelines

Post Destruction, after link is sent back in time, no Hero is left in this timeline, this sets the events leading up to WW.

Predestruction, this sets the events for MM, TP and LTTP

mudlord 1190245172000 #4

Nice posting Mr L

squall_leonhart 1190245373000 #5

yeah, the board lagged during posting so i hit F3 to get it to move along.. damn thing double posted >.<

Jabo 1190272721000 #6

I may have to put a feature in to prevent you from double posting

squall_leonhart 1190320033000 #7

sort of like VB's "this appears to be a duplicate of a post made in the last 5 mins" feature?

___xxx___ 1190393819000 #8

so where are the game downloads on this site?

Jabo 1190395271000 #9

so where are the game downloads on this site?

I wasn't aware this was a game downloads site.

squall_leonhart 1190401914000 #10

i would suggest searching wikipedia for the term emulation, maybe that'll break it down for you.