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I've wanted a portable computer for a while now, but I could never find any that I thought would be worth the investment. I've also written off the PDA scene as a little too nerdy and clumsy.

You shouldn't always need to be behind a keyboard locked to your desk to be productive. It would be nice to have as many of the conveniences from your computer as possible in a device that doesn't frustrate you but becomes part of your daily life and facilitates more communication with your friends.

That being said, I think the iPod/iPhone Touch devices come the closest right now to what I would want in a portable device. It's affordable compared to its competitors when you consider the quality of the product and the amount of storage you get. Also equally important is that it simply has the best user interface I've seen and does not rely on a stylus for input.

But the biggest criticism for the iPod/iPhone is the lack of 3rd party applications that a user can install. For the rest of the iPod line this has not been as much of a problem, with the introduction of WiFi consumers got a taste of the good life and want a lot more. Currently the only extensible options are HTML and Javascript through the Safari web browser. If you remember Microsoft tried this same approach with Media Center 2005 and it requires a lot of work to build what is ultimately a mediocre web experience.

Here is a list of things on my wish list, most apply to both the iPhone and iPod Touch:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Voice over IP using Skype
  • Google Maps with GPS
  • Games

I decided to leave certain things off this list, like support for MicroSD which Apple is unlikely to ever consider

The iPod touch blurs the line between iPod and portable computer with features like Safari, WiFi 802.11, and YouTube support. So it's only natural to open up the platform for additional apps. Apple has shown they are not immune from feedback in the past, and with the market for portable devices becoming more exciting this type of ecosystem could really be game changer.
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TheCrazyBrute 1191878431000 #1

you should go to they gave portable computers like that. Tablet pcs and ultra mobile pcs. Maybe this can benefit your wants and needs. It looks abit pricey though but this was just a possible recommendation.

TheCrazyBrute 1191878520000 #2

sorry, mispell error but, " they sell* portable computers like that. They don't give it away, my bad.

Jabo 1191919567000 #3

you should go to they gave portable computers like that

Yea I've seen those as well, and for a long time I thought about getting one of the Intel or Via powered ones UMPC I think they were called. For my tastes, they are great mobile devices, and I have a laptop I love dearly, but I want something for my pocket Also as I mentioned I hate stylus pens.

Hryusha 1192975641000 #15

You're a developer of plugins right? why not having a blog about plug-in at your site? why you do not want such blogs in your site? are you scared of being sued by someone?