Jnes 1.0 released

posted by Jabo Jnes
I decided a few months ago that it was time for another release as there was enough accumulated changes to start a release effort up again. This release has some really cool new stuff and also has a version number that reflects the maturity of the project.

You can find a full changelog and release in the downloads section, here are the top three things

  • Localization support
  • Kaillera full screen chat
  • Movie capturing
It's probably worth mentioning that this version no longer supports Windows 98/ME, I honestly stopped testing on that platform anyway. Over the coming weeks I plan on putting together the following things as well:

  • Thumbnail packs for the rom browser
  • Documentation for the new features (like movies, etc)
  • Translations to other languages
So make sure you check back for those things if you're interested. I'm looking for people to translate Jnes into other languages using the example message catalog in the ZIP file.

Putting this release together was a lot of work over the last few years so I hope everyone enjoys using it. I want to take time to thank the fantastic group of people who provided feedback and helped test this release:

Release Team
  • Gent
  • squall_leonhart
  • mudlord
  • Iconoclast

This is my Christmas present to emulation fans, Merry Christmas!
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neoforma 1198572911000 #1

Merry Christmas to you too!

And thanks for this great present!

AD 1198613426000 #2

Merry Christmas

squall_leonhart 1198613606000 #3

its all good Jabo, i've posted news of the release at ngemu, emutalk, and a site i CAN'T mention the name of and adhere to certain unspoken rules.

Pliskin 1198666738000 #4

Thanks for this new great release Jabo

Fernando 1198673385000 #5

...And happy new year !!!

With the best NES emu !!!

More one great release !!!

Thanks, very thanks !!!

latinoamericano 1198697480000 #6

Felicitaciones desde Caracas - Venezuela, tu emulador de NES es EXCELENTE. soy un estudiante de informatica espero algun dia poder contribuir con tus proyectos, eres el mejor VIVA JABOSOFT.

[Edit-Gent] Please post in english so everyone can understand.

for those wondering here is the a rough translation from spanish to english.

Congratulations from Caracas - Venezuela, your NES emulator is EXCELLENT. I am a student of computer hope some day be able to help with your projects, you better JABOSOFT VIVA.
REPLY updated 1202635315000

Thanks 1198920664000 #7

Nice release. Someone really needs to put together a box cover package to makes use of the new "artwork" feature of the file browser.

Definitely something no other NES emulator has at the moment.

Neil 1198939583000 #8

Thanks for the awesome Christmas release Jabo! You've release a cool toy for us each Christmas for as long as I can remember.

Many thanks also for all the emulation projects you've worked on over time. It must be nice to just decide to write an emulator in your spare time. If I had 1/10th of your programming knowledge I'd be stoked! I also always liked the style of all your software. Most programmers put all their effort in writing code and no effort into GUI design.

I'd be cool if an emulation site put you up for an award like 'emulation programmer of the decade'. You deserve it man for all you've done for the community. I think many of us would agree.

Well... now I must play Faxanadu!


Steven 1199282410000 #9

Thank you for this upgrade, i wanted chat support for kaillera, and i got it:), keep up the good work, keep up the goooood work

Dimitri 1199489854000 #10

Great to see that this project wasn't forgotten. I think this is the best NES emulator there is. Think you can swing a version that will work on my Pocket PC?

Also, the only game that doesn't seem to work right is Wizards and Warriors 1. Once you start the game, the graphics are all messed up on the screen. Can you check into it?

squall_leonhart 1199547627000 #11

Wizards and Warriors 1 requires that the item 'Extend vertical blank 1 scanline' is enabled in the video options to fix the video issue.
REPLY updated 1199547653000

desoshade 1199572573000 #12

Wow! Hey thanks for the new release. I was getting worried that you had forgotten about us. Was a great christmas present!

hiryu 1199640897000 #13

I'm very happy someone uses free time to make stuff like this !
Only thing the new version have very bad colours
To proove this I just show u screenshots
v0.6 > http://i14.tinypic.com/81ri45j.jpg
v1.0 > http://i17.tinypic.com/82xbayb.jpg

As u see version 1.0 has worse colour pallette ;/
I know this is not very big bug but I think author need to know everything

Jabo 1199715599000 #14

Actually if you want I can upload the palette that 0.6 used, which you could just import into Jnes. I strongly believe the new palettes (YUV and RGB), while perhaps slightly less pretty, are significantly more accurate to the NES hardware

If you go to Options Menu / Video Dialog / Emulation Tab you might want to try the RGB palette as well
REPLY updated 1199715463000

Kerber2k 1199810248000 #15

Great stuff...perhaps ill work on some artwork for all the NES carts I own. RGB looked more like how I remember. This is indeed a great improvment, and im looking foward to more of your stuff.

squall_leonhart 1199824331000 #16

indeed, i actually repaired my rf adapter and compared them when i found the RGB palette with that on my TV.

as i've said before

AV Out looks like the YUV palette
RF Out looks like the RGB palette

Thanks 1201100949000 #17

great job on this emulator, you have saved me a lot of time from having to unpack my NES every time I want to play and blowing on the cartridges for at least 20 minutes for them to work. I'm very happy with this program and I find it works perfectly on my 32 bit vista. There is only one problem, Adventure island 2 which used to work pretty good in 0.6 doesn't work at all anymore but other than that everything works perfectly.
Thankyou for this great emulator.

squall_leonhart 1201133136000 #18

your rom is a bad dump.

the only problem with jnes now, is it Craves good dumps, meaning bad dumps aren't working properly anymore... this might be a problem for some, but these roms usually have problems anyway.
REPLY updated 1201133275000

Thanks 1201174162000 #19

I tried what you said and it works perfectly now, thanks.

hiryu 1201276965000 #20

Jabo first of all I very thank for your response and I'm sorry that I haven't spoken so much (school problems + hardware malfunction ;/)

About colours pallette - I always played through RGB and never played on original NES from Nintedno because in poland there was only china nes fakes ;/
For me RGB way in Jnes 1.0 looks good but my mom plays Dr.Mario and she said that it's not the same so if u have a moment pls upload the pallette from v 0.6
My e-mail is hiryu@wp.pl or put it here - maybe someone will also like the previous one
Greetings from Poland !

Maryline 1201362524000 #21

So this is the website of the great plug-in maker "d3D6/7/8" As strange as it can get, there appears to be no section of n64 here? What could be the possible reason for a mighty coder not having a section of his own? legal fear?

squall_leonhart 1201370227000 #22

Jabo's plugins are released directly to www.pj64-emu.com as they are part of the Project.

this site is to host jabo's other projects, that aren't related to PJ64.

hiryu 1201425140000 #23

I was thinkging that the same person makes both emus but haven't be sure about that Thanky Jabo ! Thanks to u I was capable of playing alomst half of Zelda Rest was messed up coz I was blocked by game bug which is in 1.0 version ;/ BTW vibration in that game r awesome My joypad was vibrating all the time without a break But this was not something like in-game bug. Nintendo how u could put so damn bug into game?

squall_leonhart 1201497607000 #24

there is no such bug, i have versions 1.0 - 1.2 and no such issue occurs.

squall_leonhart 1201497724000 #25

Jabo, i suggest putting in the random letter spam filter for guest posters

hiryu 1201539212000 #26

squall r u suggesting I'm an spamer? o0
If there is no such bug how it's possible I'm getting it on my pc ?
Maybe before spam filter u should open yourself for other ppl and for things which happens very often in pc world - one pc: fine, other one:errors :/

I suppose vibration error is connected somehow to force-feedback driver but I wasn't have problem with other games for N64 nor pure pc games.

squall_leonhart 1201543397000 #27

no, but you should see the spam bots filling up the other topics.

what input plugin were you using?
Jabo's input does sometimes have issues with controllers, .. but Nrage shouldn't
REPLY updated 1201543381000

hiryu 1201593018000 #28

squall if it's possible I would register here
Also I'm thinkking about translating JNES but don't know how to do it
About PJ64 I don't remember because it was sometime ago but I'll try t install PJ64 check everything and post it

And about spam - squall has right - if bots are spamming, make it harder for them
Regards, hiryu

Jabo 1201625646000 #29

Jabo, i suggest putting in the random letter spam filter for guest posters

Yea I've made it a little bit better, we'll see how it goes, zilmar and me have shared tips so to speak, really sucks this is even an issue honestly

Also I appreciate the PJ fans coming around but let's keep the PJ chat to emutalk and pj64-emu.com if possible

Also I'm thinkking about translating JNES but don't know how to do it

If you go into the language subfolder under Jnes there is a en.msg.example file I believe, make a copy of that, for example ja.msg would be japanese etc, and open it up in notepad than start translating.
REPLY updated 1201625880000

hiryu 1201629604000 #30

Hi Jabo !
1.I'm sorry that I writted about PJ64
2.Will u upload that palette from 0.6 ?
3.I have translated most of the file, now I will check if it's correct, fit into background etc.
4.Is there a way to contact u via e-mail or something like that ?
I want to ask about few things and don't want to write it here.

hiryu 1202196050000 #31

I see no answer posted - something wrong ??
If it's possible can u make short description of this two option marked on the screen >> http://i28.tinypic.com/ekm5oo.jpg ?
Description is language file is different than JNES is displaying
Cheers, hiryu

squall_leonhart 1202203059000 #32

from the Help file

What's that black 8 pixel wide line going down the left of the screen ?
The nes has a "clipping" feature that clips the left 8 pixels on each scanline, if it bothers you turn it off. However you should be aware if you turn it off visual artifacts within those 8 pixels may show up, because they weren't meant to be displayed.

Extend Vertical Blank by 1 scanline
Extra Vblank, cycle accurate timing for the NES is usually not that hard to pull off in most games, but sometimes there are a few that are just a little bit out of range somehow, this option gives you the flexibility to correct those potential problems

hiryu 1202285406000 #33

Squall I wasn't thinked about checking it in help - sorry !
About second option - what does mean cycle accurate timing for the NES ?
I don't get it ;/

hiryu 1202402989000 #34

Translation is finished.
Until someone explain it to me this two options will be translated in a basic way
Where I can upload translated file ?

Jabo 1202488873000 #35


Sign up there, and you can upload it to the Jnes forum linked on the main page

usbsoft.ru 1202538343000 #36

jabo, many thanks for your work!

Russian translation file for Jnes is located here:

You can grab it and include it to next release.

Best regards,

eugene 1202594461000 #37

arghhhh, the online chat for kaillera is horrible. Not what I expected, wanted it like the chat on like mame32k style which is perfect

Jabo 1202641891000 #38

arghhhh, the online chat for kaillera is horrible. Not what I expected, wanted it like the chat on like mame32k style which is perfect

I'll put aside the crude feedback for a second and say I've tried Mame32K 0.67, it's significantly less advanced than the one in Jnes, which you can get to via Control+T in fullscreen. I would ask that you specify what version of Mame32K and upload an image to imageshack illustrating what you are using, because again if you are talking about Mame32K 0.67 you have to be joking.
REPLY updated 1202641985000

squall_leonhart 1202667969000 #39

Mame is Lame.
Jnes FTW.

RyuHayabusa 1202735291000 #40

Great job on the emu. Right now I'm using it for my NES needs. The only quirk is a bug in Calfornia Games in the BMX event that makes the bike turn around backwards. It's like that in most of the NES emulators that I've used.

squall_leonhart 1202782147000 #41

its probably uses a special chip that isn't emulated properly.

hiryu 1202905299000 #42

Translation posted. I hope squall or someone else will post meaning of the options I asked about

Gent 1202947085000 #43

arghhhh, the online chat for kaillera is horrible. Not what I expected, wanted it like the chat on like mame32k style which is perfect

I think the fullscreen kaillera chat function is fantastic.
It is practical and user freindly but above all effective.
REPLY updated 1202962990000

SoBS 1203286997000 #44

Thank you for your work!Best wishes from romania

FSzabolcs 1203665594000 #45

Hi Jabo!
I have the same opinion which hiryu has.
Could you send me the palette that 0.6 used? I would be very glad if you send me!!
E-mail: szab22@tvnetwork.hu

Jabo 1203850470000 #46

I added a section to the website for random files like the 0.6 palette, enjoy!

FSzabolcs 1203856735000 #47

Very nice of you jabo master! I didn't realised the palette link, it must be very new on the website..
Now I'm very glad for this stuff!!
Greetings from Hungary!

Brute 1205423261000 #48

I liked it but my only complaint is ,when you fullscreen and save or load, the message takes a big part of the screen. That's probably it, I kinda resorted back to Jnes 6.0 .Unless theres an option to remove those messages I'm sticking with 6.0 :\\

Rock 1208935566000 #49

Great emulator... I hadn't played Mario and Ice Hockey in almost 20 years. Question for all of you - which gamepad / joypad is best to use?


squall_leonhart 1209267257000 #50

thats hard to answer, everyone has their own style and comfort rating

Iconoclast 1209323237000 #51

For me, keyboard owns all.

The problem there is often the excessively senseless default controls chosen for the keyboard. "Enter" for start? (WASD) for digital pad? It is so, easy, to set up perfectly I swear. And then there's the C-buttons for the N64, yeah, you think the numpad's used for anything??

So yeah, opinions vary.

jgabor 1209831510000 #52

I am having the same problem....I use jnes on an home arcade cabinet and when I am running in fullscreen and use my "Player 1" controls (some of which use numbers 0 and 7) It pops up messages at the bottom of the screen. Is there a way to disable messages when in fullscreen? I too had to revert back to 0.6 until I can overcome this problem.

Otherwise, I find 1.0 to be awesome! Great job!!

Jabo 1209909264000 #53

I use jnes on an home arcade cabinet

So the origin of the problem is that you have hotkeys assigned to 0-7 on some home arcade front end. Jnes uses those keys as well which is basically a conflict, it's kind of a secondary problem that it displays a status message isn't it?

It sounds like what you guys really need is an option to disable save state slot hot keys in Jnes?

jgabor 1210539759000 #54

>It sounds like what you guys really need is an option to disable save state slot hot keys in Jnes?

That would sure would do the trick...an option to disable the save state slot hot keys.

It isn't actually my arcade frontend software....it is actually my hardware. My Player 1 and Player 2 joysticks and action buttons are actually assigned a keystroke...not through a software frontend program, but through the ipac controller. So for example the Jnes button A might be assigned to NUM 7 and the joystick "up" may me assigned to NUM 2. So while playing a game on Jnes the Status Messages keep popping on and off the screen. I can play in a window and it works fine, but when I go fullscreen the messages start.

A toggle to disable the save state slot hot keys in Jnes would be fantastic.

By the way....great job with 1.0. It is a great achievement! Very well done! Thank you.

Shar_Leon 1210633278000 #55

Dear Jabo, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for making such a nice Emulator for NES.

..could u pleeeeeas increase the mapper support..like #15 #228 #64.
zapper is awesome...Thank u once again!

squall_leonhart 1210969651000 #56

What games use those mappers, we need to know so they may me properly tested for support.

Ivan 1211716906000 #57

Hey, Jabo, How Can I Downlaod The Version 1.0?

squall_leonhart 1211834817000 #58


Tommy 1212253021000 #59

I downloaded the lates Jnes emulator and I can't get it to work properly. With some settings, the colors are messed up and there are vertical lines of color on the screen. I change the settings and the colors become correct; however, when I do that, the game runs VERY s-l-o-w-l-y. I have an older version of Jnes (0.5.3, I think) and it works perfectly. Why won't the new one work just as well?

Tommy 1212253490000 #60

I should clarify that when I say settings, I mean the Jnes emulator settings.

Jabo 1212305847000 #61

I downloaded the lates Jnes emulator and I can't get it to work properly

Hmm sorry to hear that, you should really start a thread on emutalk and post some information about what hardware you are using, I know for example 24-bit color depth hasn't been tested very well as I do not have it, and this could easily cause that kind of thing. Please go there and we'll see how the discussion goes, I'm always personally interested in these kinds of things.
REPLY updated 1212305797000

squall_leonhart 1212517533000 #62

Jabo, check your messages on Emutalk.

Btw guys, heres a new palette file, which will replace the RGB palette in the next release of Jnes

http://sdevfw.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pzXuRi_UibZN1bcFc_wWqMpLd5N3O6b51LX-KyyLDCMmEHShdMhEkDlqwGkCYj7zwqFHrdYKnRGb7-3C5NosfrA/ac ¶
REPLY updated 1212517421000

mudlord 1212699777000 #63


Who needs palletes when we use nes_ntsc?

Authentic colours ftw

squall_leonhart 1213402911000 #64

nes_ntsc is hardly authentic....

Maro 1216974894000 #65

Jnes 1.0 is good but don't have 3,4 player control and memory wiever (Virtuanes have these).Are you going to add these specials?

Jabo 1217438799000 #66

i can add that to the wishlist

Maro 1217569901000 #67

Thanks..If you add those,jnes become the best..
(players can change numbers easyly from memory wiever).

Slater 1231959687000 #68

Greeting. It is not much for its beauty that makes a claim upon men's hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanates from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit.
I am from Japan and now study English, please tell me whether I wrote the following sentence: "As the outcome of the spin is unrelated to any other, roulette is a game of pure chance."

Best regards , Slater.

Nintendo4Ever 1239487984000 #69

Classic never fade...

mario28 1259764808000 #70