Bionic Command Re-Armed

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One of my favorite games for the NES is definitely Bionic Commando, and I know it makes the short list of quite a few people as well. A mechanical arm, killing Nazis, and an exploding head at the end of the game. What's not to love?

As most of you may know there is a new Bionic Commando game in development for the usual suspects of consoles. Apparently releasing a new version of Bionic Commando wasn't enough and Capcom decided to update the original as a download for Xbox Live Arcade and PSN, to the delight of many fans including myself. Updated graphics and gameplay are on the menu for a release in Spring 2008. One odd thing I noticed is that Nintendo Wii is not on the supported platforms list, which is a shame, so many developers ignore Nintendo when releasing updated versions of classic NES games (like Ninja Gaiden).

Check out the video, it illustrates how seamless the transition from NES to 3D is for this update.

IGN has complete coverage, check it out.
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Hindean 1200864768000 #1

now this is fantastic news! best game ever! looks freak'n awesome

JoshPugh 1201935405000 #2

That games looks freakin awesome, I can't wait until it comes out!!

Fluffy_Bot 1202189646000 #3

You also forgot to mention that many developers overlook the PC when making remakes of just about anything. Beautiful game though, looks fantastic.

Raevin 1207066766000 #4

friggin' sweet, man. It looks awesome! Can't wait!