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posted by Jabo Jnes
Just thought I would update everyone with some recent developments in the Jnes site. so far I've received a lot of language translations, and I want to thank everyone.
  • Russian (
  • French (The Siskoo)
  • Lithuanian (YoshiDX)
  • Portuguese (Ly Mathews)
  • Polish (hiryu)
  • Finnish (Bippo)
  • Tatarish (u_u86)

Definitely looking for a few more languages if possible, perhaps some more Asian or European ones to round out the selection. If you are interested in translating simply open up the en.msg.example file in the languages subfolder to get started, when you're done post a link here or on the Emutalk forum.

Also of note is the Jnes 0.6 palette is now available for download, along with an Artwork pack done by Gent for US games in the Other Files section. If you've been wanting to check out the artwork feature this is a good opportunity to snag some boxart.
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GID 1204110529000 #1

Why there are no language files in downloads section?

Jabo 1204219352000 #2

I will be packaging them up in an update soon, promise

fettsvett201 1204242385000 #3

hi. I couldnt send a message any other way so im force to use this. I tried to register a long time ago and have not recieved my confermation email. I can log on and read boards and such but i cant post anything. My email is


German 1204430365000 #4

I need the German Language!!!

u_u86 1205054504000 #5

Tatarish (Tatarça) Translation:


[u_u86 ät]

download 1205061012000 #6

how do I download games here?

squall_leonhart 1205068965000 #7


hetors55 1205321293000 #8


I (and our community) really appreciate all your work and use Jnes everyday - it's my favorite NES-emulator. Very stable and useful thing!

And now I wanna say "BIG THANKS" for posting russian language file!

Keep good work and... Good Luck!

hetors55 1205332936000 #9

Because of joy, just now I've done the Wikipedia article (for the present time - only stub) about Jnes for russian language:

again, thank you for the great program!

Sudtf 1206161681000 #10

I'd be interested in doing an italian traslation, but I can't find the example file. Can anyone provide me the link?

Jabo 1206265538000 #11

I'd be interested in doing an italian traslation, but I can't find the example file. Can anyone provide me the link?

Look in the languages subfolder under Jnes, you will see a file en.msg.example, rename or copy that and open it in notepad, translate the contents

Wonderer 1209650040000 #12

Where exactly do you get the games from ... im kinda lost on how to play the games

Jairgar 1209779582000 #13

Hi Jabo,
I'd like to hand out my Estonian language file. My real name is included in the file, but this one is my nickname.

Jabo 1209798985000 #14

I'd like to hand out my Estonian language

Thanks so much!

Jon 1210181281000 #15

What is the deal with the Mappers? Whenever I try to play a certain game, an error comes up saying "Mapper #64 Unsupported." How can I fix this problem?

squall_leonhart 1210287388000 #16

google it. im sick of explaining whats freely available to the willing

Iconoclast 1210421940000 #17

Different games use different mappers. Some of these mappers are not supported by certain emulators.

Some related info is in the JNES documentation (Help > Contents... > FAQ), but it is written you should try out other emulators if a problem like that happens. According to squall Nestopia's a good second try.

Kunio 1211711247000 #18

Hungarian language?

Ivan 1211717422000 #19

I'm Brazilian, Thank You For The Portuguese Pack!

fantsu 1214105494000 #20

How you can get the artwork work?
Hehehe, sounds stupid.
Should I rename it, all of it?!?

Iconoclast 1214150681000 #21

Options > Settings... (Ctrl+S)

You can use the artwork files as the icons for the browser by setting the "Rom browser" option to "Artwork".

Sudtf 1216982298000 #22

I finally realized the italian version. Here it is... Enjoy it.

Jabo 1217080734000 #23

I finally realized the italian version

Thanks this is great!!

Mike 1217324051000 #24

I am also having problems with the artwork feature. I have gone to Options > Settings then set the rom browser to Artwork. I then created artwork that was approximately the same dimensions as the "unknown.jpg" file. I opened the browser, found my rom, right clicked, chose change artwork, then selected the artwork I created. But nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?

Iconoclast 1217348591000 #25

I was able to get the icon of the first image in my browser changed after repeatedly trying to change it and then downloading Gent's artwork pack, but otherwise I'm having the same problem.

Which version of Windows are you using?

Jabo 1217351831000 #26

But nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?

I just gave this a try with a vanilla install of 1.0, right clicked on the rom "Image Fight (U)" chose change artwork, browsed around and selected a jpeg file, it then copies that file into the artwork subfolder under Jnes with the filename "Image Fight (U).jpg". This is how it should work which aspect of this is failing for you?

Iconoclast 1217361379000 #27

On my end the JPEG is copied successfully to that folder.

Also are you testing a limited account? Of course all I can do is compare our situations; these are not professional questions.

Mike 1217367334000 #28

I figured out what I was doing wrong thanks to something Jabo said.

Before I go into that though, let me answer the questions you had for me.

1) OS = WIN XP Media Center Edition SP2
2) It was copying the file to the artwork folder but the icon displayed in the browser was still "unknown.jpg".

The problem was my understanding of how it worked. I was not sure how it associated the artwork with the rom. However, it is clear to me now that it looks for a jpeg image with the same name. Once I gave it the same exact name it worked. In this case the rom I was using was a sequal to another game and in the title of the rom it had roman numerals and the image had the number 2.

Thanks again for the help!

squall_leonhart 1217393885000 #29

Jabo, can you check the site bugs section in the private forum.


Iconoclast 1217431789000 #30

He's right; the JPEG file must be named exactly as the filename is in the browser including whether or not the good code extension is there. Gent's artwork pack has (U) at the end of all of them, and that's why only Bases Loaded changed for me.

I didn't even need to change the artwork manually to get an update. I just renamed the file.

Jabo 1217438671000 #31

This is all true, that's why the rom browser has the right click context menu for "Change Artwork" so you can do it that way... it seemed like you guys were saying that feature was broken, doesn't seem to be the case tho so i'm glad to walk away

roy_mustang 1219588015000 #32

The Portuguese of the translation is of portugal or brazil?
if portugal i have one done by me of brazil
sorry for my poor english

Zane 1234386649000 #33

why can't someone simply record a video on this emulator like they can on snes9x and vgba in a video format that works, I don't see the purpose or reason or use in having a video format being in jmv being if it can only be watch on this nintendo emulator, unless I'm missing something, any help on that be great.

Jabo 1234388189000 #34

you can render the jnes movie to an AVI after it's finished recording, it's an option during playback of the jnes movie. The reason it's done like this is so you can compress it with xvid later rather than while you are recording your game. kind of hard to do a 2-pass xvid encode while you are playing know what i mean?
REPLY updated 1234388221000

squall_leonhart 1235353740000 #35

Jabo's method is far better, since it doesn't send emulation to a crawl on older systems.

FSzabolcs 1241925962000 #36

I translated into Hungarian language today as good as I can
You can download here the 'hun' language file:

Greetings from Hungary!

Jabo 1242047617000 #37

I translated into Hungarian language today as good as I can

Awesome thanks! I've also cleaned up the other posts sorry that it wasn't initially visible but links require administrator approval due to spam - the warning message that comes is hard to see sometimes i'll try to fix that.
REPLY updated 1242047648000

FSzabolcs 1242179406000 #38

Okay. I would be glad if you add to the translate's list my hun.msg file with my name FSzabolcs! Thx and greetings too!

FSzabolcs 1242179644000 #39

Kunio: Csináltam fordítást a programhoz, innen letöltheted:

Jabo 1242851332000 #40

just updated the 1.0.1 package to include this new translation thanks! keep them coming everyone!

FSzabolcs 1242977196000 #41

Cool, it's good to hear or see this! You're doing your best I think!

Greetings from Hungary!

FSzabolcs 1245057091000 #42

How can I register to this site? Pls give me the link if available to register there..


Harry 1247925811000 #43

Wonder why there is no download link?

Onni 1247973891000 #44

Noobs! You can just make your own language file. That's better!

POLAT 1285502925000 #45

Hey guys and Jabo. I wanted to help so I have translated Jnes to my language.
I put it to my own website.

Turkish Language:

Greetings from Turkey

Jabo 1286388560000 #46

Hey guys and Jabo. I wanted to help so I have translated Jnes to my language.
I put it to my own website.

Turkish Language:

Looks superb! Thanks!

POLAT 1286965789000 #47

Your welcome Jabo. Looking forward to see it in new version of Jnes.

Nautirwryn 1290267295000 #48

May I get a Link for the download on JNES

Nautirwryn 1290267530000 #49

What I mean is how do I download it? I remember having it for another computer but I totally forgot...It was a very long time ago!

Kurariahunter 1290509442000 #50

I was curious if there was any way to convert PC save states to the PSP version.

Dennis 1290547079000 #51

howcome some games can't play?

says mapper 19 unsupported???

Lynnea 1339952004000 #52

I can't do it right away, but do you need Arabic done? I plan on becoming proficient in that language within the next year.

waterboyd 1387676224000 #53

thai translate

Jabo 1388175975000 #54

thai translate