Capcom showcased Megaman 9 for WiiWare at this year's E3. This return to retro 2D side scrolling action seems faithful to the capabilities of the NES hardware in terms graphics and music. It is unlikely that this is actually a ROM under the covers but it is fun to imagine.

Megaman 9 is expected for release in Fall of 2008, and is set after the events of Megaman 8 with new robot masters to destroy.

Attached is a video that shows some of the game footage displayed.

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barkan 1218979578000 #1

who can explain me how to use the item selection cheat for super mario bros 3?

thanks ( i couldnt find another place to post this, sorry )

Gent 1219115786000 #2

I belive you are refering to the PAR Extensions: (AKA Modifier Codes)

You can find guides on how to use the cheat system on the Help section here on the site under Using cheats

You can visit the Jnes Cheat site here

You can get the Jnes Cheat Help File here
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barkan 1219165438000 #3

the guide doesnt help me in this case, what i need an example of this cheat working, i dont know what to type while editing this cheat

it hasnt got de ==> symbol so i dont think its a PAR extension

help please

Gent 1219201229000 #4

I really have no idea what you are wanting then to be honest.

The thing you can do is take a picture of it Via printscreen, paste it into MSPaint and save as a jpeg.

Link it here so we can see exactly what you are talking about and we can then try to help

barkan 1219230777000 #5

here is the pic of the cheat

dont know how to make it work...

download supermariobros 3 rom and try to enable this cheat


Gent 1219448806000 #6

ahh i see it is a PAR Extensions: (AKA Modifier Codes) but for some reason there seems to be a bug in Jnes 1.0 that is not allowing this to be used!

Ok for now download o.6 and use that as this works perfect in that version and in the meantime we will get onto the reason for this bug.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention barkan .

adam 1229752521000 #7

we need to get megaman 9 running on jnes.

squall_leonhart 1229764554000 #8

megaman9 is not a nes format game.

biggy 1240317609000 #9

hey can anyone tell me which button to press for fast forward when playing. like making the game go 2x faster

thx //simon

squall_leonhart 1240435342000 #10


dave 1254549984000 #11

how do I report a buggy problem, I use an older jnes v 0.51 and the screen is fine but with the latest version, parts of the black background are turning grey with some games, could you look into it