Jnes 1.0.1 released

posted by Jabo Jnes
Since the release last year I've been working when I could on fixing bugs that cropped up over the last few months to put out a subminor maintenance release. This release also includes all of the languages that have been submitted to me either here or on Emutalk, putting this package together was a bit of a challenge since I also wanted to keep track of who submitted what. I tried to squeeze as much into this release as practical so hopefully a few people will notice things they had been asking for.

As always want to take the opportunity to the thank my Beta Team, Gent for his never ending support as well as squall_leonhart and Iconoclast for staying with me as I tried to get these bugs fixed. At this point I'm pretty content with Jnes for the near term, my focus will be keeping it stable and probably trying to do some new things. If you haven't noticed Project64 has awaken again so I might dabble in that a tad, always something to be done eh.
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Dar 1221413777000 #1

This is easily the best NES emulator I've seen. Congratulations.

With 1.0 I recall a couple of games that didn't work with it so
well, but with this release it seems to have fixed most of it, though "Rolling Thunder" still doesn't work (it just open Jnes without the game).

Thanks for a great emulator.

Gent 1221429441000 #2

Rolling Thunder loads just fine here. I would varify that rom Dar.

PantsuPanic 1221561207000 #3


JNES is my favorite NES emulator and has been for many years. Thank you so much for your continued work on this kickass program. I appreciate the sacrifice in time and effort you've made for this!!!

mustangemu 1221932821000 #4

WOW, im speechless. what can i say? we definately know what you have been working on. out of 30 different nes emulators this is the best. if it had scanlines it would be perfect. but it looks authentic without them anyways. i love every thing you added. i actually got caught up in the game when i was testing jnes. that is when you know you got a great emulator. these last updates finally took jnes to the elite level! keep up the good work, God has truely blessed you with talent. God be with you my friend. Have a nice day, Mustangemu............

radick 1222028593000 #5

I started to use this Emulator about a year ago, and i don't think any other emulator would be as good as this one. Good job!!!

But... still, some Mapper cannot be loaded... Why?
Waiting for the next updates hehe

squall_leonhart 1222118741000 #6

some games have the wrong mapper set to work around issues in older emulators.

CShartTM 1222127516000 #7

Zelda two has drawing problems

squall_leonhart 1222156011000 #8

no it doesn't.

lobsterjohnson 1222509386000 #9

Haha, the default unpack/install location is
c:\\'progam' files\\jnes\\
REPLY updated 1222521844000

Jabo 1222521866000 #10

Haha, the default unpack/install location is...

Not sure why it's funny, but it's fixed.

lobsterjohnson 1222543427000 #11

Not sure why it's funny, but it's fixed.

Just a bit of randomness injected into my day is all.

duma712 1222650270000 #12

I recommend this emulator to all of my friends...we have used every single one we could find for Nintendo roms...nothing worked smoothly..everything was configure this configure that or the emulator did a poor job on roms...i came across this emulator...and it was the first one i found that did the job right...i have upgraded since beta..and have been happy ever since..the only real downside is some game genie codes don't work but that is so far and few..like castlevania 3...that is about it i can think of...i wish i wasn't broke at the moment i would give a donation to reward you for your hard work.


Djul33 1223124923000 #13

Great work.... but "Crisis Force" still doesn't work.
If you can fix this for the next version, it will be awesome

xjp 1223719929000 #14

Yup, that emulator's always done a good job with very few excptions (which were probably my own 'screw-ups' anyways lol)

Still -- keep up the good work

crazyian 1223800969000 #15

hey just wondering i just heard of the emulator and im having trouble installing this game clock tower can anybody help!!?!!?!?

crazyian 1223801105000 #16

and i have jnes 1.01 k? please help im so flustered i could shoot my self!!!!!!!

Iconoclast 1223811167000 #17

Why can you not install it?

crazyian 1224094456000 #18

well i installed it but im just having trouble finding the game to play it!

si82tn 1224136143000 #19

where does the Jnes to download

Iconoclast 1224179529000 #20

Download the game to a folder you can find.

In Jnes press Ctrl+O and look in that folder. All files with the extension NES, NSF, or ZIP will be displayed in the results list. If the game file you downloaded has neither of those extensions tell what the file name is, because it might be archived, compressed, or wrong. If the file is listed but Jnes returns an error at the bottom-left the image you downloaded is probably very corrupt.
REPLY updated 1224179601000

SyYnTh 1224188068000 #21

It looks great, but while running Megaman 1, I experience slow downs every 10 seconds or so, and the frame rate stays 60, (it may be the ROM) but I have a 3.16GHz dual core processor, 4GB of RAM, and NVidia GeForce 8800 card, so I can run just about anything with out much lag, but somehow NES games are slow? Something's fishy... It may be an incompatibility with my card or something, but eh, Just thought I'd let you know.

SyYnTh 1224188293000 #22

Also thought I'd might mention, as this could well be the problem, I have Vista <_<

Stupid vista...

Jabo 1224258072000 #23

Also thought I'd might mention, as this could well be the problem, I have Vista <_<

Stupid vista...

That is pretty damn weird actually, usually people with fishy things going on have issues but they aren't on dual cores, not sure what I can ask you that would be helpful unfortunately, might want to look at task manager see what is going on your system quite frankly

Squall 1224290151000 #24

try running jnes on only 1 core by setting the afinity to 0 in task manager.

crazyian 1224315831000 #25


Gent 1226499869000 #26

duma712 said

the only real downside is some game genie codes don't work but that is so far and few..like castlevania 3...that is about it i can think of...i wish i wasn't broke at the moment i would give a donation to reward you for your hard work.


Can you please be more specific and let me knoiw exactly what is wrong with those cheats?

The region of game and name of codes etc please
REPLY updated 1226499932000

hi 1228070756000 #27

i just checking new versions.
i have Translated to Korean language.
i just changed to korean my self.
if you need i will send to you.

Iconoclast 1228166604000 #28

I need all the help I can get.

arly 1229095756000 #29

how dow i download jnes 1.0 my computer wont let me do anything with it because it says its infected and it comes up as an aplication what do i do

arly 1229234138000 #30

its ok i figured it out yay

Joshua 1229422352000 #31

Fester's Quest has a HUGE BUG.

Most of the game is a bird's eye perspective. However when you enter a building to switch to first person perspective, the game crashes to start. No adjustments change anything.

Any thoughts anyone?

jerm 1230488559000 #32

am i retarded or what

where do you download jnes at???

squall_leonhart 1231193739000 #33


Soup 1231235179000 #34

Okay, where do I download this?
I found it through pendriveapps.com and clicked download and got an error page.
On multiple computers.
What am I doing wrong?!?!

Dr_Mario_Kart 1231541447000 #35

Why is the "change artwork"(for roms) not working for me?

pomp 1231977193000 #36

I have about ~900 files/directories, and it takes forever to list the directories on the main screen. I am using 1.0.1. The previous version I had 0.6, this was not a problem, the directories listed almost instantaneously

squall_leonhart 1231995393000 #37

0.6 did NOT list instantly it was actually slower then 1.0.1,]

delete browser.cache and let it rebuild

Xlr0 1232135601000 #38

It won't install for me it says can't create output file C:/Program files/Jnes/Jnes.chm

MrShoor 1235631082000 #39

Last version have a graphical bug (with colors). Previous 0.x version draw all correclty.

squall_leonhart 1236088315000 #40

don't install it to program files on Vista.

Colours are fine, use a different palette.

DragonFan 1236582660000 #41

i use this emulator and it runs very well i've had no problems with it also a update for the staff here i was just on the emulator zone's site and that's still 0.6 and it should be 1.0.1 can you like get in touch with them so it's updated.

DarthSyrma 1237505813000 #42

Dragon Warrior I has some serious slow down when the PC casts spells. I had this issue with version .6 and under Options>video if I changed the drawing method to anything but the default this fixed the problem. With your new version, this does not fix the issue. The screen goes black when I change the drawing method. I have to leave it to the default video to see anything, but the whole thing slows down when a spell is cast. I am not sure about the other DWs, haven't played them yet. If system specs would help, I can post those.

Also, I don't see a link to paypal some money to support the cause. Do you do that? I really like your software, I wouldn't mind pitching a few bucks to help you keep it up!

Iconoclast 1237717566000 #43

Hey I'll look into the rendering method changing effects some more, and system specs always give info for present and future.

If there was a PayPal source for donation it'd have probably been removed like it was for Project64, but this author co-designs for Project64. If you donate through the Project64 website it will get to Jabo and zilmar, but they use PayMate.

HelpWanted 1237753604000 #44

I have a bunch of NES games saved, but I can't open them on my computer. Is there a specific program I need to download to open them with?

Iconoclast 1237834344000 #45

Does Jnes open them?

DarthSyrma 1238323192000 #46

Well I have been attempting to deal with the slow down on DW I, and I rant he updates for my video card, and it still have major slow down. Even when I turn off the fps limiter, it still lags. So here are my system specs: (this is a notebook)

OS: Vista Ultimate (32 bit)
RAM: 4 gb
Video Card: Nvidia 8600M GT (512 mb)
Proc: Intel Core 2 Duo T8300 @ 2.4 GHz

As I said earlier I don't have this problem with .6 version of Jnes, only with this new version. In the old version I could change the drawing method and this fixed the lag. When I change the drawing method in this new version the screen just goes black and nothing will appear until I change the method back to nothing.

Thanks for your help.

Iconoclast 1238344735000 #47

First try re-obtaining a copy of the Dragon Warrior game. Often problems in the copying process or hacked game images that can be downloaded fairly often can lead people to bad copies. Look for another source.

This check is important since the 1.0 update of Jnes has dropped technical support for hacks, and that's why there have been more reports of slower speeds or other effects tracing to this finding.

Zoinkity 1241604687000 #48

JNES can be run in win9x systems with KernelEx; set the compatibility setting to windows 2000 or higher.
KernelEx is a kernel extension project that allows win9x users to run applications for win2000 and up. You can find it here:

Note, with the most recent release I had to select any language but english to avoid a fatal error. If you want english, use the ??? setting just above it, which is most likely default.

TopGun 1241828314000 #49

Yesterday I translated JNES in my language. It is Georgian. I will be very thankful if you add my language to JNES and if it will be able in new version of JNES.
I couldn’t contact you, so please contact me (e-mail: top-gun-93@mail.ru; Skype: cell-13) or I can paste here link of my KA.msg!
Please respond me !

Sky 1242019341000 #50

Jnes is a good software

Jabo 1242047537000 #51

Yesterday I translated JNES in my language. It is Georgian.

Please upload it to a website like megaupload.com or rapidupload.com and just paste the link here, posts with links require admin approval but I'll make sure the post is received here. And thanks for translation

CharlieOrlando 1243663026000 #52

I came across JNES only recently -- and am I glad finally found it! Yours is a fantastic emulator, the best NES emulator that I've ever tried. Thank you so much for creating, maintaining, and updating JNES. As an "old school" gamer, I really can't tell you how much I appreciate all that you've done to make JNES the rock-solid, wonderful program that it is!

Rushka 1244319509000 #53

Is there any information on PJ64? Is it dead? I believe you are the same Jabo who coded graphics in it? or it maybe possible that I've mistaken wrong turn in my search. But if I am wrong in this, does anyone know who is that Jabo and where can i find him/her?

squall_leonhart 1244573501000 #54

why don't you ask on the project 64 forums at http://www.pj64-emu.com/

Jabo 1244573583000 #55

Is there any information on PJ64? Is it dead? ...

It's not dead, yes I am the same person, but the best place to talk about it is on the forums on the PJ website.

DarkRubes 1244636510000 #56

I know the comments aren't a good place to post questions about the emu but Emutalk is down at the moment, and I have an issue with video recording in 1.0.1. Where can I ask it otherwise for help? Thanks!

Dark Rubes

Jabo 1244647235000 #57

I know the comments aren't a good place to post questions...

Yea I noticed that today as well which is kind of a pain, plus no one seems to actually use emutalk anymore which doesn't help. Only sugguestion I might make is that there is a help article on this site about video recording, it might be best to post it there.
REPLY updated 1244647548000

squall_leonhart 1244775507000 #58

i 'might' create a new emulation board on the vba-m site for emulators other then vba-m to get support, emutalk seems to be dieing a slow death.

Deluge 1245531312000 #59

Jnes seems to have some problems playing Cobra Triangle on my machine. The graphics are messed up. Just wanted to report this as a bug.

Reev0 1245536954000 #60

I must admit, was a little irritated to see the icon does not scale down for the start menu, or any size other than 48x48 (looks all jagged and pixelated as a result). So, I made a scalable one. I know it's been almost a year since you released anything for Jnes, but if you want to swap out your icon with the scalable version (still using your graphic) I made, let me know. My e-mail is mike.reev0@yahoo.com. I would have sent it to you via e-mail, but you didn't provide contact information on this site (not that I blame you).

BTW, thanks for making the best NES emulator to date. It works even better than the original system!

Aida 1245662192000 #61

when i try to go on kaillera it tells me that no rom was found on the 'netplay' folder but there is no netplay folder...

Jabo 1245665217000 #62

try uploading it to a file sharing site like megaupload.com and I'll check it out, either way I'll probably take a look at correcting this when I have time as I noticed it as well when I upgraded to Vista

MMMorgot 1246706318000 #63

please, add remapping emulator's functions to the gamepad buttons (e.g. Load/Save)

sorry my poor english)

Farslayer 1246751871000 #64

I'm not sure if the emulator is to blame or not, but Roas doesn't seem to be able to teleport using the portraits. I have all four crowns, I have the crown selected in inventory, but nothing. Anyone else having this problem?

Farslayer 1246751894000 #65

Sorry, that post was about Legacy of the Wizard.

Rushka 1247632721000 #66

If you are the same Jabo then its cool to know you are here! But how do i know you are really the same Jabo? this is a different site and also not much of pj64 section anywhere in this site.

Anyways, I just got unofficial RDB 1.6.020 and authors of that release also mentioned are here (at least on comments) so I am somewhat convinced you are the same person I just home some sort of update on pj64. Btw, there was an update on 1964 which is cool too.

Jabo 1247682178000 #67

If you are the same Jabo then its cool to know you are here! But how do i know you are really the same Jabo? this is a different site and also not much of pj64 section anywhere in this site.

Yea it's me hopefully the domain name gives it away I don't really discuss PJ much here tho since it has it's own website.
REPLY updated 1247682196000

TomSmeagol 1248159286000 #68

An interesting problem, maybe it's just me:

If I use JNES 1.01 to play games and set the Drawing Method to anything other than "None," I get a black screen. This problem does NOT occur with JNES 1.0 or earlier. I'm using Vista x64

BTW, Jabo, thanks for JNES! I've been using it forever and it's great!

squall_leonhart 1248644513000 #69

its your video drivers at fault.

Fr33kSh0w2012 1249680178000 #70


Jabo 1251322861000 #71

If I use JNES 1.01 to play games and set the Drawing Method to anything other than "None," I get a black screen.

I went over that area with a fresh set of eyes and it looks like I messed something up that a strict video driver could cause this issue, if I can find a few moments over the coming weeks I'll see if I can put out an update

Weltall600 1253137051000 #72

I had noticed some posts about Jnes not working correctly on vista. The black screen issue is just compatibility with your video card drivers. As far as Jnes looking pixelated in vista, it is primarily caused by the comctl32.dll file and a couple other control related devices. Windows XP actually operates on a newer version of the comctl32.dll, specifically 6.0, whereas Vista runs on (I want to say) 5.8. It is because of this very reason that I switched back to XP. (Microsoft holds all the rights in what you can do with that specific file D:)

twipley 1253686354000 #73

thanks i believe jnes is the best emulator around.

squall_leonhart 1253968686000 #74

the pixel issue is actually caused by directdraw being emulated on Vista, therefore there is no forcing of a bilnear filter.

twipley 1254065190000 #75

would there be any way to hack the current version so as to disable recognition of f1 to f12 keys? i wouldn't want little children to find out for example you can save-load to beat the yellow devil in rockman!

twipley 1254065288000 #76

also when a little child of my family played once the f1 key was pressed and the girl lost her progress in super mario bros. 3.

SithNai 1254445445000 #77

HI Awesome emulator man, this is the best soooooooooooooooooooo far xD; also did you considered allready to port it to the wii by homebrew??? all the emulators of NES at the time sucked very hard xD thanks

Dave 1254550275000 #78

when I try maniac mansion, it looks fine on v0.51 but the background starts to turn grey with the latest version.

I like the latest version cause I need it for my widescreen tv, the older one I have to change to a 4:3 resolution to use it.

twipley 1254576682000 #79

i like jnes (even more than nestopia). it is portable (except for registry writes if you happen to select it as the default .nes viewer). before running the executable though, i like to add the following lines to jnes.ini that i create using notepad:


those lines make several things:
- remove auto-mapping of turbo-keys (has your nes turbo-keys?)
- set v-sync and fullscreen by default (resolution is already set)
- remove welcome screen and new-version check (no firewall prompts!)

that's about it. i really like the fact that jnes automatically chooses the correct display resolution. that is good for people on lcd monitors!

Iconoclast 1254584520000 #80

when I try maniac mansion, it looks fine on v0.51 but the background starts to turn grey with the latest version.

I use an older jnes v 0.51 and the screen is fine but with the latest version, parts of the black background are turning grey with some games

What game? Link to a screen shot to describe issue with gray background?

Dan 1254916465000 #81

Hello! I am very grateful to founders for emulator JNES! Me such thing interests - you could not make small correction - at opening of games (roms) it is possible to choose system PAL (50 FPS), and at opening of files NSF this function does not work. Please, make so that it was possible to open NSF-files in system PAL. Thanks!

pico1 1255242281000 #82

I can't use software mode in either windowed or full screen. The screen just goes black. Also on the older version full screen with software mode ran choppy. Any fixes? Have a Gefore 6800 GT.

squall_leonhart 1255325246000 #83

get a real operating system.

twipley 1255357614000 #84

lol. (backed up, though!)

squall_leonhart 1257404715000 #85

Jabo, you should convert Jnes to D3D9 surfaces as DirectDraw is really imposing limitations on jnes. (adding the HqX filters would be nice too since 2xSaI sucks on LCD panels)

If you aren't using Ddraw, then however you've implemented the renderer is not DWM compatible and causes nt6 to perform slowly when toggling fullscreen back and forth.
REPLY updated 1257404989000

Mario_Obsessed 1259108985000 #86

where do u get jnes 1.0.1???

Rager 1259376317000 #87

Thanks for Jnes from Russia! It's great emulator, but i have some problem with it:

If I use Jnes 1.01 to play games and set the Drawing Method to anything other than "None", I get a black screen. This problem does NOT occur with Jnes 1.0 or earlier. I'm using XP x32.

May I expect on some fix? Thanks.

LTG 1259429231000 #88

As the above poster, i have the same problem. Full screen or windowed.

Squall 1259672766000 #89

Video drivers. the only reason in XP is buggy video drivers.

Rushka 1260655742000 #90

I almost forgot to check this page but when i check pj64 home, i do come here (automatically). Its nearly more then 1 year now, still no update on front page, it will be sad if the next update is just information. I realized I cannot find those Texture packs easily, most of the links are dead and its sad that non of these are centrally located in fixed place. Does any of you know of a place where I can get these texture packs? It would be cool if you know of a site with direct links or something.

Fr33kSh0w 1262397810000 #91


Rushka 1262518520000 #92

yep same Jabo with one exception "deactivated"

Worg 1264594003000 #93

I'm getting that same problem that has been stated above a few times. When I try to run a game on anything other than "None" in drawing method, all I get is a black screen. I'd love to be able to play games with the 2x Sai enhancement, but I've never been able to get it to work with Jnes on any of my machines. The graphics card on this PC is dual GeForce 8500 GTs.

Kyle 1264946723000 #94

Ya I get an error message with windows 7 and it just wont run the exe.

Jabo 1265034536000 #95

I've been trying to get an update out to fix the fullscreen issue.

Ya I get an error message with windows 7 and it just wont run the exe.

what error in Windows 7 are you getting? I run Windows 7 on most of my computers with no issues.
REPLY updated 1265034761000

Danial 1265086960000 #96

Jabo, theres some odd issues with windows 7 if you happen to use DDraw. i've verified it on many of my old ddraw games and even the DDraw mode of Eduke32.

Jabo 1265270685000 #97

I've been reading a bit up on that and it seems there is definitely people having issues with DirectDraw, it's hard to get a real feel for where the issue is unfortunately, and I can't find anything from Microsoft about deprecating DirectDraw hardware acceleration.

For Jnes specifically, all of the Windows 7 32-bit machines I've tested on have worked, quite well, I need a more information on the type of hardware experiencing issues, and an accurate description of what is wrong, whether older versions work better, etc.
REPLY updated 1265271281000

squall_leonhart 1265291347000 #98

Well there is 2 issues,

1. Explorer.exe intrudes on the colour palette for 25 colour ddraw games. as long as you use more then this its fine.

2. For those games that use a 256 colour palette, there is a strange freeze issue that occurs in both video and input, theres no direct reason as to why, expect that using applications which draw an overlay (Fraps, Skype, Winamp) to occur sooner.

I've not been able to reproduce the freeze very easily on games that use 16bpp, such as emulators, but on yours there is definitely an issue with texture scaling.

Btw, i really would like to see Kega filter support in a future version of jnes. or maybe a HQ4xS filter

Noah 1265994297000 #99

Hey every1,

I absolutely love JNES, but here is my issue: I have a 17 inch labtob screen with windows 7. When I run any game and adjust video to full screen, the picture looks like a negative copy, all the colors are inversed, like a negative from a camera roll. The smaller resolutions work but I wanted a bigger display to play on. Any suggestions?

Jabo 1266052865000 #100

like a negative from a camera roll

You'll want to post some information about your laptop, and what video resolution you're trying to use, this isn't a known issue.

squall_leonhart 1266083398000 #101

Actually, it is a known issue. Windows 7's explorer intrudes on the DirectDraw palette

Jabo 1266241069000 #102

Jnes uses the same color depth as your desktop in fullscreen, which for most people is 32-bit - so it doesn't go anywhere near the DirectDraw color palette (thankfully), 8-bit resolutions have tons of issues like the one you mentioned where the system palette has reserved entries.

I'd still be curious why he has this issue, something must be awry
REPLY updated 1266241174000

Torrey 1312970893000 #103

How do I play a game on it? I dont understand?

EdoNL 1315737332000 #104

Hey guys, Any news about fixing Festers quest. I still wanna play it:)

Troian 1330392291000 #105

My JNES if having trouble... i cant play it anymore even if i redownload it... you see. when ever i try to play it i stroke a key and instantly at the bottom it says "save state slot:(game im playing)js1,2,3,4,ect. it wont let me actualy use the keys,,, PLZ can someone help me on this one???

orion 1332359135000 #106

I hate jnes. whenever i unzip it with a game in it or without it it wont let me open any rom

Iconoclast 1332369458000 #107

Proper archives of Jnes do not bundle games.

Nor can they be unzipped using them.

squall_leonhart 1332637846000 #108

My JNES if having trouble... i cant play it anymore even if i redownload it... you see. when ever i try to play it i stroke a key and instantly at the bottom it says "save state slot:(game im playing)js1,2,3,4,ect. it wont let me actualy use the keys,,, PLZ can someone help me on this one???

Jesus, try using your brain for a second.

HQX 1334965947000 #109

Why would you be downloading a zip file that has Jnes and a game in it? You obviously are not downloading Jnes from the official website (this website). Seriously, why would you download Jnes from some other website or torrent? Some guy probably put Jnes and a few games into a zip file and uploaded it onto some website or torrent hoping that some idiot would download it. You should only download Jnes from the official website, which is this site. And that goes for most other programs as well. You should always try to download them from their official website, this way you know exactly what you are going to get and you know you are getting the correct program.

HQX 1334966454000 #110

How do you know that the guy (who put Jnes and a few games into a zip file) didn't put a virus into that zip file that you downloaded? It's people like you who get viruses. But I guess without people like you existing, Anti-Virus companies like McAfee & Norton would go out of business.

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