Guides for particular areas of Jnes, some of these guides are contributed by the infamous Gent

Android Privacy Policy

posted by Jabo Help
Privacy Policy
Last updated: August 2022

No information that is gathered from application users. Any in app purchases you engage in are only shared with Google and stored on their infrastructure.

Integration with Media Center

posted by Jabo Help
Windows Media Center is a great platform for providing a usable media experience on top of a standard Windows PC. In this guide we will figure out how to add Jnes to Media Center so you can play your favorite games from your couch. The Media Center team provides basically two points of integration:

  • Native .NET assemblies that are loaded into Media Center
  • External Applications that are launched from Online Media Program Library
For Jnes we will use the second option and add games individually to Media Center using the Application Registration utility it provides. This guide is low level, there may be third-party tools that can help you.

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Movie recording tips for Jnes

posted by Jabo Help
Jnes records game play to a data file which contains the state of the NES plus your input. If you are just interested in capturing movies for yourself or sharing them with people who have Jnes, this is the most efficient way.

However if you want to share your video on social media or you will need to convert your Jnes movie file to an AVI which contains the video and audio. Additionally in order to keep the file to a reasonable size it is necessary to compress it.

Setup rendering to AVI with XvID:

  • Make sure you have XvID x86 installed
  • Open the game you captured the movie from
  • Navigate menu File Capture Movie Play
  • Select the movie you have captured
  • Click Save As and choose a location to store your AVI file
  • In the codec selection dialog pick "Xvid MPEG-4 Codec"
  • You may now Start playback

Advanced users may desire to click the the Configure button to change the bitrate and other quality options. Generally speaking a bit-rate of 750K is more than sufficient for rendering. If you are rendering for publishing I would suggest recording in Jnes and then using a third-party program such as ffmpeg to reduce the file size further. Once rendering starts be patient, it may take a while.

If you are short on time or XviD is not working, Cinepak Codec by Radius is included with most versions of Microsoft Windows, and can be an alternative for short videos.

Known issue with XviD

Some versions of XviD may open a diagnostics window with frame encoding information when you are recording. If this window is left open it will crash Jnes once recording finishes, make sure you close it!

Artwork Packs

posted by Jabo Help
To enable the artwork browser mode navigate to Options ▶ Settings ▶ Rom Browser. Once enabled the Rom Browser will display large images instead of default file small icons.

Configuring the artwork is a manual effort left to you, to change a game's image: Select the Game ▶ Right Click ▶ Change Artwork.

It's that simple! The actual artwork files you select for a game are then stored in the "artwork" subdirectory where Jnes executes from. Jnes simply stores the image with the same name as the ROM file you selected so it may load it later.

While no artwork is included with Jnes, Gent has generously put together a box art pack for US region games and it is provided as a download below. You are of course encouraged to download any artwork yourself not included in this pack.

Emulation issues

posted by Jabo Help
This is not necessarily always up to date. For providing information on problems you are better off replying to the release thread.
version reporter description
1.0iconoclast Chess Master does not work properly
1.0squall kirby adv (u) only text area shakes
1.0.1Bippo Ernesti Gimmick save state issue
0.6jabo Life Force fire stage scroll weirdness
0.6Will4u Rad Racer(s) has minor glitches
1.0Will4u Marble Madness "Time To Finish Practice Race:" display is very glitchy
0.6unknown Back to the Future 2 & 3 weird palette
0.6xamenus Spiderman and the Sinister Six, weird scrolling issue
0.6Crazy Brute The Legacy of the Wizard (Dragon Slayer 4) boss battle crash?
0.6unknown Fester's Quest crash at specific point, other emus too? fixed?
0.6jabo Castlevania 3 screen flash after you beat a boss
0.6jabo Adventures of Dino Riki
1.0Riony Tiger-Heli constantly flashing
1.0Pelayus13 Wai Wai World 2: hub in the lower part of the screen is not visible
1.0Wiill4U Firehawk glitches
1.0Gerhalt Alien Syndrome graphics incorrect
1.0Gerhalt Monster In My Pocket graphics incorrect
1.1JP Demon sword graphics incorrect
1.1JP Bo Jackson baseball graphics during at bat
1.1Kettle Controllers with same name selection issue [unverified]
1.1Gerhalt Crisis Force title screen incorrect
1.1NesAddict TMNT1 crashes in stage5 at technodrome
1.1Kirbyfan Mike Tyson's Punchout extra bell ring

Netplay guide

posted by Gent Help
Setting Up & Using

Jnes already has its saves and screenshots Folders set as Default but you will have to set your Netplay Directory

Click on Options and then click Settings and another Dialogue will open. Once the Dialogue opens, on the Netplay Roms Path Section select where your roms are located. Once you have checked it is correct press ok.

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