Jnes Version 1.1

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The following Windows packages are available for this release:

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What's New:

  • bugfix: window sizing was slightly wrong on windows 7
  • bugfix: window icon would disappear when coming out of fullscreen on windows 7
  • bugfix: rom browser mode changes didn't update the window properly
  • bugfix: multiple monitors should work now
  • bugfix: input Z-axis was be read incorrectly
  • bugfix: california games bmx event fixed
  • bugfix: NSF works again properly
  • bugfix: stereo audio splits channels again
  • all save and open dialogs now default to the user documents folder
  • rom browser is now faster when used with a network share
  • kaillera should be significantly more reliable to use
  • improved timing and removed extended vblank
  • rewrote artwork rom browser mode into tile view
  • cheat memory search
  • ability to modify cheats now available via right-click menu
  • replaced 2xSaI with HQ filters
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lwares87 1333015605000 #1

has the grahpics in super mario bros. been fixed at all?

xVmaNx22 1339027789000 #2

This is my favorite NES Emulator. Keep the good work!

Linux_user 1339119574000 #3

I have tried this in Ubuntu 12.04LTS 64bit with Wine 1.5.5 and it works great. The only issue which is only using it in WINE 1.5.5 is mapping the d-pad sometimes. If you can't get it to map the controller all I did was pull a working jnes.ini from a working windows pc then it works perfect.

Also I found that it performs poorly in single core computer like the pentium 4 while using an 6600GT and 7600GS video cards with AGP. I know the issue is with the processor since the processor hits nearly 90% usage when running it in Linux with WINE. So you need at least a dual core system at 2.0Ghz per core to get the correct FPS out of it. I have been using this since 0.6 and it works perfect.

squall_leonhart 1339124009000 #4

jnes works fine on single core systems.

WYfox 1342041067000 #5

I have a bug in Mega Man and Mega Man 2. Whenever jumping or firing, there is this low, bass noise the occurs after whichever action. It's almost like a buzz that lasts maybe half a second. This only happens with these two games, 3 and later are fine. This did not happen in ver 0.6. Help would be appreciated! Thanks, Dana

Slayzor 1343913183000 #6

Am i able to play with a friend, me using a NES usb controller and he using the keyboard?If yes, how?

Smokin_kipper 1345199105000 #7

How exactly do you change artwork in 1.1? The option is greyed out for me

James 1347494868000 #8

Can you explain why three different virus scans are picking up trojans from this program?

eSafe is detecting -> Win32.Heuristic.210
SuperAntiSpyware is detecting -> Heur.Agent/Gen-WhiteBox
TrendMicro HouseCall is detecting -> TROJ_GEN.F47V0718

James 1347495804000 #9

Ahh hell it works awesome. Who cares. Probably false positives.

Jabo 1347878309000 #10

Glad to hear, that's new to me as well.

Yoshistar95 1349037603000 #11

I have problems with playing Gradius NES and Gradius II NES... the graphics disappears all the time. The Vic Viper (Player 1 or 2) has for the most of the time a part visible... same for other sprites.
I've tried it on the FC emulator for Wii, no graphical errors... so the graphic reading for those two games doesn't go well

But sound and other stuff are perfect game lags too... but that's normal

Guy 1350328083000 #12

I was wondering if there was any way to fix the artifacts on the right side of the screen in Super Mario Bros. 3. I know it is a well known thing, but it is somewhat distracting. Especially when you've played it on a real NES before.

Yoshistar95 1350495830000 #13

I have no idea how to fix it
I'm planning to play SMB 3 too, but SMB 2 (American version) is first

Crimson Frost 1353743778000 #14

The emulator doesnt save my configuration.

I changed the Input, Video, Audio configuration, then close the Emulator. When I reopen it, all my config are gone, they all reverse back to the default configuration (??????)

Maverick_Hunter_X 1353744405000 #15

It's a known problem but apparently your settings get saved by clicking the red-x button instead clicking Exit via the File menu.

Here's what Jabo posted about it:

Just wanted to follow up, TheRocket was able to help me work out what the issue with saving is, if you are using the File menu to exit the application it will not save settings properly. Instead click the red-x button in the title bar and it should save properly.

I myself didn't found out about this until recently and had to use 1.0.2 as a workaround earlier.

Crimson Frost 1353763058000 #16

Yahooooo!. It worked, Thanks..............
Now I remember it, Jnes1.1 stopped showing the Language check window wen i open, Maybe because i did hit the X button after all ^^

Jnes is my fav NES EMU, U guy r doing great ^.^ kEEP up the good work

JUAN 1355275164000 #17


Sett@ 1361769309000 #18

thank you creator

LunarKitsune 1368562878000 #19

i use recently tried to play Pinbot, when i tried to load the game the bottom of the window said "Error: Mapper #119 unsupported" any ideas what could be doing this? i'm thinking a graphical mapper isn't supported.

it's one of the games that i have a hard time finding a working emu for.

Eduardo 1368636954000 #20

Hey Bro,can you add Scanlines?

squall_leonhart 1369306193000 #21

really flickery screen edges in smb3
window mode vsync doesn't work either.

Am1g0 1370827464000 #22

Some items are not present in the file "en.msg.example" you could update the file? Thanks

Tray 1450587686000 #23

Dude, whyd you remove the Jnes App from Google play? I accidentally deleted mine and i went to re-download it but its gone. I really liked that emulator mann

Jabo 1450992181000 #24

Dude, whyd you remove the Jnes App from Google play?

I didn't, there is a blog post about why Google removed it.

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