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Known issues, bugs, etc

May 21st, 2007 by Jabo Help comments: 67

version reporter description
1.0iconoclast Chess Master does not work properly
1.0squall kirby adv (u) only text area shakes
1.0.1Bippo Ernesti Gimmick save state issue
0.6jabo Life Force fire stage scroll weirdness
0.6Will4u Rad Racer(s) has minor glitches
1.0Will4u Marble Madness "Time To Finish Practice Race:" display is very glitchy
0.6unknown Back to the Future 2 & 3 weird palette
0.6xamenus Spiderman and the Sinister Six, weird scrolling issue
0.6Crazy Brute The Legacy of the Wizard (Dragon Slayer 4) boss battle crash?
0.6unknown Fester's Quest crash at specific point, other emus too? fixed?
0.6jabo Castlevania 3 screen flash after you beat a boss
0.6jabo Adventures of Dino Riki
1.0Riony Tiger-Heli constantly flashing
1.0Pelayus13 Wai Wai World 2: hub in the lower part of the screen is not visible
1.0Wiill4U Firehawk glitches
1.0Gerhalt Alien Syndrome graphics incorrect
1.0Gerhalt Monster In My Pocket graphics incorrect
1.1JP Demon sword graphics incorrect
1.1JP Bo Jackson baseball graphics during at bat
1.1Kettle Controllers with same name selection issue [unverified]
1.1Gerhalt Crisis Force title screen incorrect
1.1NesAddict TMNT1 crashes in stage5 at technodrome
1.1Kirbyfan Mike Tyson's Punchout extra bell ring
1.0Wiill4u Dig Dug II hangs after intro
1.0RyuHayabusa CG BMX event, where the bike turns backwards
1.0multiple Extended Vertical Blank fixes
  • Cobra Triangle
  • Duck Tales 2
  • Wizards & Warriors
  • SMB3 scrolling
  • Eliminator Boat Duel
  • Adventure Island 2

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2007-08-22 at 17:26 #0

There's a small bug on the file browser in the app. If you name a ROM so that it contains a period in the filename BEFORE the period that divides the extension from the name, the program won't recognize the file and refuse to play it. It's a minor issue, but an issue nonetheless.
2009-01-05 at 16:41 #1

Zipped roms don´t show artworks
2009-02-25 at 16:04 #2

I really like using Jnes and I think it is great. I love the cheat support and I am having problems adding a lot of codes for games at once. When I keep clicking in a different window to see the cheats and Copy and Paste over and over again in the boxes, I get a crash window. It says "Jnes encountered a problem and needs to close". I don't think this is major becuse I can just re-open the emu and continue. If anyone had this problem and fixed it, tell me.
2009-02-25 at 16:10 #3

jnes is great and i think it should support .fds (Famicon) roms and the bios rom for it.
2009-02-25 at 23:45 #4

The PayPal Donate doesn't seem to work.

Excellent program btw, been using it for years
2009-03-01 at 14:28 #5

Posts: 344
cool glad you like it, and thanks the button was broken good old paypal haha easy to fix
2009-12-16 at 13:56 (updated) #6

Kabuki - Quantum Fighter has a graphic bug and background is black on level 2-2 (i can see sprites)

same thing with EUROPE and USA version.

2009-12-19 at 20:27 #7

please build a tool that convert jnes 0.30a save states or save battery files to the newest jnes 1.0.1 i have a lot of save files i played in the old emu and i dont want to lose please thanks
2010-03-10 at 19:16 #8

Posts: 344
“  please build a tool that convert jnes 0.30a save states or save battery files to the newest jnes 1.0.1

battery saves are actually portable between versions, you just need to copy the .sav file. I stopped trying to do save state conversions a while ago unfortunately it just simply doesn't work too great.
2010-03-11 at 14:51 #9

A minor issue I've noticed is that games like Duck Hunt, etc, which use a different input method, won't work with the video capture feature.

P.S. Jnes is a terrific emulator and we all appreciate your hard work.
2010-04-18 at 13:06 #10

Using version 1.0 and I'm running into problems with Jaleco's Bases Loaded. The game plays fine until you go to change innings for the first time, then it locks up. I'm thinking maybe if I update to 1.0.2 that might solve the problem. I will update and post my results.
2010-04-18 at 16:12 #11

Update: Tried it in an older version (0.5.3) and a different version of the ROM and still the same result. So I'll hit up the ngemu boards and see what I can come up with.
2010-04-18 at 17:31 #12

Posts: 169
SMB1 is too fast
2010-04-19 at 11:46 #13

i accept with leonhart . tested , but its too fast,, i just wanted to listen starman music
2010-04-19 at 16:44 #14

Posts: 344
“  I'm thinking maybe if I update to 1.0.2 that might solve the problem. I will update and post my results.

I think I was able to reproduce this, if you turn extended vertical blank on it seems to make this a bit better, should add that to the known issues page at some point, thanks for letting us know.
2010-04-28 at 00:11 #15

I am unable to open this on my 2nd monitor to run fullscreen--only windowed. When I try to run full screen it goes back to my first monitor. Any suggestions?
2010-04-29 at 19:46 #16

I am running Dragon Warrior III and the graphics flicker whenever I move. The effect is less pronounced when I enable triple buffering but it still makes me dizzy. Is there a to make the flicker go away completely?

Windows 7 Home 64 bit
Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+
AMD Phenom II X2 550 3.1 Ghz processor
2010-05-03 at 20:13 (updated) #17

Posts: 344
“  I am running Dragon Warrior III and the graphics flicker whenever I move.

I don't have anything to add really, I noticed this scrolling artifact but it seems to be the same in other emulators as well, it kind of makes me dizzy too.
“  I am unable to open this on my 2nd monitor to run fullscreen--only windowed.

Yea after looking at this briefly it is broken unfortunately, the support is incomplete and tricky, perhaps I can finish this off sometime.
2010-05-16 at 15:19 #18

@jabo: Excellent! It worked. Thanks so much for the solution.
2010-06-16 at 16:21 #19

Tiger-Heli doesn't work at all. It's constantly flashing

2010-07-09 at 08:00 #20

I have new idea to create for new jnes version. Something like nsf2mid - live audio in midi playing - user can choose the instruments for pulse triangle etc. or choose the standard nes sound. I think its not difficult to create. Please read my message and think about this.Sorry for my bad english.
2010-07-09 at 21:58 #21

Posts: 169
yeah.. not even possible.
2010-07-11 at 06:29 #22

Needs more Mappers like 90 and 182. Some rom hacks and other games don't load at all.

I will list some problems with games and hacks that I am having.

Normal Roms:

World Class Track Meet
[emulator needs power pad input support]

Super Mario Bros. 2 (J)
[needs .fds associations & bios rom support]

Doki Doki Panic (J)
[needs .fds associations & bios rom support]

Cobra Triangle
[glitchy graphics: Enable "Extend vertical blank by one scanline" to fix]

Dig Dug II - Trouble in Paradise
[loads rom & title screen, but freezes when you choose a Player game]

Eliminator Boat Duel
[glitchy scrolling in first area: Enable "Extend vertical blank by one scanline" to fix]

[very glitchy & freezes game when start playing]

[loads rom but freezes]

[glitchy opening]

Kirby's Adventure
[hud at the bottom of the screen shakes slightly]

Marble Madness
["Time To Finish Practice Race:" display is very glitchy]

Power Blade 2
[hub at bottom of the screen shakes up & down]

Rad Racer
[the road ahead is always glitched]

Rad Racer II
[the road ahead is always glitched]

Solar Jetman - Hunt for the Golden Warship
[glitchy scrolling: Enable "Extend vertical blank by one scanline" to fix]


Super Contra 3 (Unlicensed)
[Error: Mapper #90 unsupported/doesn't load]

Super Mario World (Unlicensed)
[Error: Mapper #90 unsupported/doesn't load]

Super Donkey Kong (Unlicensed)
[Error: Mapper #182 unsupported/doesn't load]

Sorry for a very long post, but hope this helps.
2010-07-11 at 09:51 (updated) #23

Posts: 344
“  When I keep clicking in a different window to see the cheats and Copy and Paste over and over again in the boxes, I get a crash window. It says "Jnes encountered a problem and needs to close".

I'm not sure how to reproduce this problem, which dialog were you in and what exactly did you do to cause this?

“  I will list some problems with games and hacks that I am having.

Cool thanks for the infos!
2010-07-14 at 21:24 #24

the game genie doesn't work for legend of zelda and i was trying to use it to help my gf on one part but it didn't work
2010-07-14 at 23:22 #25

Posts: 169
works fine.
2010-07-17 at 10:50 #26

First, thanks for the awesome work you won't believe how much nostalgia this brings, second, i'd like to add some minor problems for checking if i may:

Adventure Island 2: general flickering on anything but sprites in any level that involves vertical movement/scrolling, whether ascension or diagonal movement

Wai Wai World 2: hub in the lower part of the screen is not visible

Once again, thank you for the work and time spent into making this possible.
2010-09-29 at 07:19 #27

No complaints just thank you so much im hooked and very impressed cant wait to try the 1.02
2010-10-01 at 10:43 #28

Hi first of all thanks 4 this awesome emulator its mi main and only option to NES, i have a couple of questios why is that in some games i have a flickering image issue?? like in contra, double dragon 3, snow bros, its my laptop or is the current configuration?

thanks in advance!!
2010-10-04 at 11:03 #29

Its me again just upgraded from .6 to 1.02 first two things i noticed were a much needed fix in the dpad settings and zelda 1 no longer flickers when links bombs go off. Awesome so far thanks for project 64 also great. The only 64 emu worth having runs perfectly
2010-10-04 at 11:09 #30

DOESNT NEED FDS support i have all the fds i need and someone had taken the time to convert them all to .nes format before i downloaded them and they run fine on this emu. Hope someone finds that helpful
2010-11-09 at 23:03 (updated) #31

Posts: 169
the GUI menu's tend to become unaligned after closing a rom.
seems it might be related to the fact the entire windown increases slightly in size when launching a game but doesn't return to the pregame size afterwards.
2011-01-10 at 10:21 #32

I tried using Jnes 0.6, and I keep getting a DirectDraw message "Failed to create render target." I tried using "DxDiag" to fix the problem, but I'm still getting the message.

Also, my games work so slow if I use 512x336 or higher size.
2011-01-10 at 10:22 #33

By the way, it also happens if I use a different NES emulator.
2011-09-13 at 17:14 #34

I wanted to report a problem with encoding Jnes videos to AVI. I'm not sure if it's just my system or a problem with the emulator. Most of the time after encoding to AVI the video is unplayable. It turns out that some of the headers don't get written. I believe it's the RIFF header that ends up missing. I haven't seen anybody complaining about this so I am wondering if it is just my setup.

If anyone else is having this problem, I have created a video on Youtube that shows how to fix the broken AVIs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnwdVjHk1gk
2011-09-13 at 18:50 #35

Posts: 344
I just tried it out again in 1.0.2 to make sure, and it works for me with the default windows codecs. The header not being correctly written sounds suspicious as I have not had that problem, assuming you finish rendering the movie from start to finish I can't understand what would cause that.
2011-09-14 at 05:21 #36

I think I've figured out what the problem is. It's actually kind of interesting and would explain why I didn't see anybody else complaining about this. The partition of my hard drive to which I am writing the videos is not formatted as NTFS, but rather Ext2. I can't explain why it would cause this, but so far all my attempts to write to an NTFS partition have been successful. Something about the Ext2 filesystem must prevent the RIFF header from being written. About 95% of the time the video would not play and I would have to repair it.

My guess is that someone trying to run your emulator under Linux using WINE would experience the same problem. I will keep testing it to make sure and maybe I'll see if I can get the same results using Linux/WINE.

Don't worry, I don't count this against your emulator, it's made for Windows not Linux. It's still, in my opinion, the best NES emulator available. Though a Linux port would be awesome, Fceux for Linux has issues.
2011-09-16 at 13:18 #37

The Jnes 1.0.2 emulator works fine when the window size is 256 x 224; but the game runs too slow when I change the size to 512 X 448, even though my computer is fast and has lots of memory.

The main reason I do not use the small resolution is because the words are too small for me to read/see on my laptop.

Is there a way to fix this without having to use the smallest resolution or a newer version of the emulator?
2011-09-16 at 21:15 #38

I'm playing Zelda II and noticed if I tap left then right, link slides across the screen really fast. I don't think that is intended behavior. This is in the enemy screens not on the map. Are there any settings I should play with to get that to stop?
2011-09-16 at 21:25 #39

Looks like a known glitch with the game nothing to do with Jnes.
2011-09-18 at 23:27 #40

I wanted to give an update. I'm sure now that the problem is in writing to an Ext2 Filesystem (and maybe Ext3/4 but haven't tested). All of my attempts to write to NTFS have worked.

I have also tested Jnes under Linux using WINE. It seems to run fine (needs a fast computer), but has problems encoding to AVI. The problem is different: In this case the RIFF header is about the only thing that gets written to the video and it doesn't matter to which filesystem type you are encoding. I'm pretty sure that this is a problem with WINE itself and not Jnes.

Thanks again for the awesome emulator.
2012-09-05 at 09:03 #41

Hi there!
I'm using also Jnes... version 1.1 at the moment.

But I have a problem... everytime if I want to play Super Mario Bros. 2 Lost Levels, then the emulator sees it as a #40 mapper unsupported ROM... what about that? If it's a bug, then this must be fixed then...
I play instead of that a hacked version of SMB NES into SMB2J. And it miss World 9
So that's my main reason why I really want to play Lost Levels! I want to beat World 9! And the red plants are missing too, except upside down ones...

If there's a working ROM... please tell me.
You can also find me on Youtube
2012-10-02 at 21:20 #42

I ran into a couple graphical glitches in the second quest of Castlevania III Ntsc (U) version On jnes 1.1. On stage one there are these skull heads that replace medusa heads in the second quest, you can see them if you input the name "akama" they come out all garbled. Stage 2, the clock tower, you can see there is a blue knight that's all garbled too, and further in the level there is an electric orb thats supposed to go around in circles on a platform that comes out garbled. I've uploaded some screen shots of these enemies. http://imageshack.us/g/692/snap0003ztk.png/
2012-10-03 at 06:20 #43

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 NTSC U version crashes to black screen when you find the technodrome in stage 5. Jnes version 1.1
2012-10-04 at 00:21 #44

Posts: 344
“  But I have a problem... everytime if I want to play Super Mario Bros. 2 Lost Levels

Yea that is unsupported

“  I ran into a couple graphical glitches in the second quest of Castlevania III Ntsc (U) version On jnes 1.1

Cool thanks for letting me know, it may be some time before I can get to looking into these things

“  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 NTSC U version crashes to black screen when you find the technodrome in stage 5. Jnes version 1.1

Verified this recently, will address in next version
2012-10-04 at 17:11 #45

Posts: 104
Are all SMB 2 LL ROMs unsupported?

But I've found a bug with the Game Genie Codes system...
I played Super Mario Bros. and I use the codes, but when I turn them off, it won't take effect in the game
It's not the game itself, I've checked that for if there was something else.

It doesn't take effect also when I reset the game... also power off/on method doesn't work. But it take effect when I shut down the current ROM loaded...

By the way... it's the 1.1 version.
2012-10-14 at 18:42 #46

Posts: 344
Game Genie codes modify the actual code of the game, so each code will behave differently, but this was typical behavior from what I remember. Keep in mind the actual Game Genie cartridge made you enter the codes before the game loaded.
2012-10-14 at 20:52 #47

Posts: 104
So it's a typical behavior? I'll remember that.

Super Mario World gets the message 'Mapper #90 unsupported' when starting up. What does that mean?
2013-02-09 at 17:56 #48

Hi, I am new to JNES (or any emulator). I am over 60 so I an not really computer literate. I have managed to put a couple of games into JNES and they run fine, my problem is with "Bandit Kings of Ancient China". When I try to run it the graphics are completely garbled up. Am I doing something wrong or is there something I need to do extra to get the game to run? Thanks for any help, it will be greatly appreciated.
2013-04-21 at 21:55 #49

It'd be cool if there was an option for mapping the jnes file menu to a button on a game controller (aka the alt key), and then be able to use the direction pad, and a button for clicking stuff. I'd like to be able to quit jnes with a game pad.
2013-05-25 at 21:38 #50

One problem with Jnes these games are missing tthe mappers to work.

Action 52.
Don Doko Don.
Don Doko Don 2.
Mappy Kids.
A boy and his Blob.

Thats another problem.
2013-05-28 at 02:04 #51

I cannot use jnes to play nes with multiple games ( 7 in 1 Mario etc)
2013-06-21 at 08:31 #52
The Moonshade Hero

The emulator controls are an issue in The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link... it will happen when left and right are both pressed (when playing with keyboard), and also if Link has not become immobile before you make him go the opposite direction. It will make him slide, sometimes very fast, and can even be abused to go through a locked door without a key! Anyway, it is annoying, needs to be fixed.
2013-06-27 at 22:14 #53

Bubble Bobble - Sprites Corrupt themselves
2013-07-28 at 02:37 #54

Ninja Gaiden 2: Having issues with moving background (and foreground for that matter) on the second level of the game with the train. The graphics flicker in the background, constantly switching between moving scenery and stationary scenery. Dunno if this has been addressed before or if there is anything that can be done. Just thought I'd mention it. I'm guessing cause you have Ryu Hayabusa as your pic you probably have dealt with it or heard about it already. lol
2013-08-01 at 22:44 #55

Posts: 344
I thought that was fixed in the latest release actually, have you tried out a recent version?
2014-05-08 at 08:47 #56

I cannot run Nintendo World Championships. I don't know if it can be run this way (through the program) since it was a special cartridge (talking about the switches, etc).
2014-05-08 at 11:56 #57

I cannot add more than 14 artworks
2014-05-09 at 03:48 #58

Duck Hunt VS does not open
2014-08-11 at 15:11 #59

Nintendo World Championships, Action 52 and similiar roms wont start
2014-11-20 at 14:55 #60
Brian Johnson

I noticed a problem when I tried to load the game "power blazer (j).nes".

What happens is, when I doubled-clicked on it to start the game instead of loading up the game, instead it shows the following message at the bottom of the screen: "Error: Mapper #33 unsupported". Check this out and fix it please.
2014-11-20 at 15:20 #61
Brian Johnson

I forgot to mention the game "Salamander (j)" doesn't load up either, it has the message on the bottom of the screen: "Error: Mapper #73 unsupported" as well - it will not load, please check this out; thanks a bunch.
2015-06-27 at 06:00 #62

i downloaded 1.1.1 but when i load a game it does not recognizes my keyboard inputs, only the hotkeys. i tried the 5.1 that i had already on a different partition that used to work but it did the same thing. i tried 1.1 also and still the same problem.
2015-07-31 at 10:07 #63

The Vrc6 chip sounds incorrect. In the Japanese version of Castlevania 3 on the levels that go upward the screen shakes for some reason, but I still love the emulator, 10 out of 10. Thank you everyone at Jabosoft, love you guys.
2016-01-30 at 18:35 #64

When i open "Super Mario Bros 2 (Lost Levels) (Unl) [T+Por1.0c_Mr.Magoo]" it says:
"Error:#Mapper40 unsupported"
2016-02-17 at 03:23 #65

I have this problem where when I go to set up my xbox one controller (using usb cord) in inputs the entire application crashes. This is a pretty big problem and I hope there's a way to fix it
2017-05-09 at 04:45 #66

When i tried to play the translated Akira rom i got the Mapper #33 error, this is on 1.2
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