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To enable the artwork browser mode navigate to Options ▶ Settings ▶ Rom Browser. Once enabled the Rom Browser will display large images instead of default file small icons.

Configuring the artwork is a manual effort left to you, to change a game's image: Select the Game ▶ Right Click ▶ Change Artwork.

It's that simple! The actual artwork files you select for a game are then stored in the "artwork" subdirectory where Jnes executes from. Jnes simply stores the image with the same name as the ROM file you selected so it may load it later.

While no artwork is included with Jnes, Gent has generously put together a box art pack for US region games and it is provided as a download below. You are of course encouraged to download any artwork yourself not included in this pack.

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fettsvett 1204935040000 #1

Very nice. Im in the process of obtaining the European box art to round out my collection. Thank for all your work.

ssombret007 1206313246000 #2

What is the good Rom name convention, and how do I get the roms to conform, so they read the art work? Can you just rename them?

Jabo 1206378148000 #3

What is the good Rom name convention

I added a Wikipedia link that describes the toolset etc
REPLY updated 1206378051000

chris 1345896520000 #4

im having trouble getting the artwork pack to work. some of the games show up with artwork but the majority remain blank. I read your wiki link but im not sure what im lookin for 1348938577000 #5

I keep getting the error message *copying file to artwork subdirectory has failed*

please help

Jabo 1348939827000 #6

You can do the following which might be advanced:

1. Go to the Jnes folder and create a subdirectory called "artwork"
2. Right click on that folder and view the properties
3. select the security tab and modify the permissions for BUILTIN\Users (or COMPUTER\Users) to enable write access

Crippe 1363295076000 #7

This is nice!
Does anyone have another artwork pack or additional artwork for other regions?

SInister 1364953591000 #8

I have created a folder and named it artwork in the JNES folder as instructed, now what? The instructions aren't very clear on how to install the artwork. Can someone please explain this?

DanPerin 1366251441000 #9

If the images are inside the artwork folder, you need to rename all the respective roms same as the images in the folder.

SInister 1378208278000 #10

Does this artwork pack work with Jnes 1.1.1?

Could someone please provide step by step instructions on how to use the art work pack as there is none.

I have tried DanPerin's advise but changing the name of the roms to match the art work makes the roms disappear and become none readable to Jnes.

Jabo 1378228496000 #11

Make the name of the artwork match the name of the game but do not rename the extension: keep the .zip or the .nes depending on the file type

SInister 1378373164000 #12

Thanks alot Jabo it finally worked.

i need help 1400290943000 #13

i have spent hours trying this. i cannot get it to work. please give me a 1. 2. 3. A. B. C. step process. good tools is the most vague program ever and complicated at the same time.

i need help 1400291052000 #14

first off, where do roms go? in their own folder or do roms go into artwork folder........?

Jabo 1400339905000 #15

first off, where do roms go? in their own folder or do roms go into artwork folder

The roms are stored independently from the artwork. What links the artwork with the rom is the name of the file (which I've already mentioned in this thread elsewhere).

If you are having issues, I would suggest looking in the ZIP file to see what to name your rom files, alternatively if you right-click on a rom file there is an option to change the artwork manually (it's also possible the ZIP file doesn't actually have artwork for your game, you should check).

I just updated the article with this information so people don't have to read the comments, if you'd be willing to make a guide as you asked for please go ahead and do that - always happy for some help.

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