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Jnes records game play to a data file which contains the state of the NES plus your input. If you are just interested in capturing movies for yourself or sharing them with people who have Jnes, this is the most efficient way.

However if you want to share your video on social media or you will need to convert your Jnes movie file to an AVI which contains the video and audio. Additionally in order to keep the file to a reasonable size it is necessary to compress it.

Setup rendering to AVI with XvID:

  • Make sure you have XvID x86 installed
  • Open the game you captured the movie from
  • Navigate menu File Capture Movie Play
  • Select the movie you have captured
  • Click Save As and choose a location to store your AVI file
  • In the codec selection dialog pick "Xvid MPEG-4 Codec"
  • You may now Start playback

Advanced users may desire to click the the Configure button to change the bitrate and other quality options. Generally speaking a bit-rate of 750K is more than sufficient for rendering. If you are rendering for publishing I would suggest recording in Jnes and then using a third-party program such as ffmpeg to reduce the file size further. Once rendering starts be patient, it may take a while.

If you are short on time or XviD is not working, Cinepak Codec by Radius is included with most versions of Microsoft Windows, and can be an alternative for short videos.

Known issue with XviD

Some versions of XviD may open a diagnostics window with frame encoding information when you are recording. If this window is left open it will crash Jnes once recording finishes, make sure you close it!
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RockmanHalo 1215471634000 #1

XviD is installed, but I can't right click and save as. Can you gelp me? I wanna try and make a movie in time for a dead-line.

Jabo 1215972611000 #2

Hmm you might want to start up a thread on then and attach a picture of where your confusion is, the comments area isn't a great place for diagnosing problems

DarkRubes 1244830426000 #3

OK, I'm posting my problem here as advised.

First things first, the movie recording is a great feature and a huge timesaver for me. It's extremely easy to use and it works.

My problem: While the recording feature works for me, when I play it back and do the actual recording, it quits when it's finished. Better explained, it will play the entire movie back as it's encoding. When the playback status reaches 100 percent, I get the "JNES has stopped working" message. It then forces it to shut down. My movie is still encoded and plays just fine as an .avi. It might just be a bug or something I have checked that I shouldn't have.

I'm running Vista 32-bit, JNES 1.0.1 and I'm using the basic options for the movie recording (I didn't change anything in the calc options.) I also have "Sleep with emulator in background" and "Limit FPS" checked.

Any ideas?

Jabo 1245665389000 #4

when I play it back and do the actual recording, it quits when it's finished

Are you encoding to AVI while you do this? it might be a problem with the video codec?

DarkRubes 1245783584000 #5

Yep. It's encoding using the Xvid AVI option. What's weird is, is I thought that maybe it was the Xvid causing the problem but when I encode ZSNES movies using the same option, I don't have the problem. It seems to be just JNES and Xvid.

I will try another encoding option and see what happens. Maybe I just can't use Xvid and JNES together.

Jabo 1251322909000 #6

I tried with XviD 1.2.2 and it seems to crash if the status window is open when you stop recording, an easy workaround seems to be to closing it.
REPLY updated 1251405952000

DarkRubes 1253815395000 #7

Ah, I was wondering if you messed around with it. I am recording videos tonight so I will test that and see what happens. I will post results when I'm finished.

DarkRubes 1253823805000 #8

Eureka! It works! No hanging errors when I closed it before the video finished encoding. Thank you!

Nartman99 1343427721000 #9

How can i record audio from my mic i want to post videos to youtube but i want to do commentary too

Magicman1ac 1361131151000 #10

I am using FRAPS but it won't let me Record Jnes is there anyway to make it work?

Yoshistar95 1361278247000 #11

Have you tried the emulator itself?
You can record a movie of a game and convert it to .avi by playback.

Jenn 1364421589000 #12

Question, no matter which type of compression I choose, even none, I just get this weird creepy EEEEEE noise and a skeleton face. Am I going to die? (How do I make the compression work? I installed XVid) Thanks!

Jenn 1364421706000 #13

Nevermind! If anyone encounters my error in futureland, you forgot to put it on the CORRECT game

Max 1382996768000 #14

how can i upload a video to youtube?

Jabo 1383590422000 #15

how can i upload a video to youtube?

you have to record a video in jnes then use the steps described in this article to render it to an Avi file. you then upload this Avi file to using their upload wizard

DulceVid 1389566004000 #16

Hi Jabo, i have a problem recording in Jnes.
i tried to convert into an avi but the emulator crashes. Is there any way to fix it? thanks.

Jabo 1389894289000 #17

You'll want to try another codec, most crashes are due to the compressor.

Frank 1390015919000 #18

Hey, I have a problem with converting my video to a .avi file. I used the Xvid MPEG-4 Codec, but when I play the .avi file, there's only gameplay sound and no video. I opened the right game and followed all of your instruction. I even installed the 12.2 version of Xvid, but it still doesn't work. Any help? Thanks.

Jabo 1391108964000 #19

Hi Frank, I just tried the release on my laptop, unfortunately I don't have Xvid installed here but I used Cinepak Radius which is included with windows and I have audio. Sorry it is not working for you, perhaps you disabled audio accidently or the playback software you are using can't play raw pcm audio?

James 1399350736000 #20

I have a frustrating problem with the avi rendering. All of it, whether it's Cinepak or Xvid, it's all nothing more than just black with audio. What's the deal with that? I played it in MPC-HD, VLC, and previewed in Sony Vegas. The file itself is nothing more than just the audio, with no video.

Unknown_Gamer 1417574513000 #21

When I try to convert it to avi it goes really slowly should I install xvid?

Jabo 1417963711000 #22

I have a frustrating problem with the avi rendering. All of it, whether it's Cinepak or Xvid, it's all nothing

Sorry for the late reply. I was able to reproduce this problem with the latest MPC, not sure what happened this did work once! Windows Media Player and Virtual Dub seem to have no problem with video playback. At a glance I can't say what is wrong but I'll look into it.

When I try to convert it to avi it goes really slowly should I install xvid?

That's the reality of compressing things, it's why the converting step is separate from recording.

Sabknght83 1446530941000 #23

I'm having issues with recording gameplay footage. I'll click:
File -> Capture -> Movie -> Record -> Save As

Then it'll say in the bottom left-hand corner of the emulator:
Recording movie: Castlev.jmv

I'll record for a few minutes (5 or so), then when I'm done I'll click again:
File -> Capture -> Movie

But it doesn't give me the option to "Stop Recording", meaning that it didn't start in the first place, but it still SAYS "Recording movie: Castlev.jmv" in the corner. But it doesn't do anything. There is no file saved anywhere in the folder for the recording that I thought I just made.

So um, wha?

Jabo 1446649092000 #24

But it doesn't give me the option to "Stop Recording"

Really not sure either, I just did that myself in the latest version and the movie sub-menu has a Stop option and it worked perfectly.

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