Jnes Version 1.0.1

posted by Jabo Downloads
The following Windows packages are available for this release:


What's New:

  • bugfix: PAR cheats value selection
  • bugfix: mapper 69 irq default value
  • bugfix: solar jetman sound issue
  • bugfix: bank masking issue
  • rewrote fullscreen network chat to be faster
  • added command line option -disablestatehotkeys
  • custom palettes subfolder with drop down list
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Danial 1221770755000 #1

Hey jabo, have a play around with that profile, and see if theres anything majorly not right with it.

squall_leonhart 1221770900000 #2

ignore that lol, i saw your post in .13

ADMASTERMIND 1221912347000 #3

VERY GOOD, BUT THE *Dracula Kun or Akumajou Boku Dracula* yet don't....work..... =/ please fix that (This emulator is the best I know)...Thank you!!!

squall_leonhart 1221961126000 #4

is there an official U or E version?

fantsu 1222065669000 #5

nice, a correction for solar jetman.

Djul33 1223128669000 #6

Still need a bugfix for "Crisis Force" works

ali 1224442699000 #7


Huff81780 1225285193000 #8

Add FDS sopport somehow

Bunie89 1225841795000 #9

I used v0.6 for the longest time, and it seemed to work perfectly. But this release runs too quickly, even with the FPS limiter on, and the graphics options changed and such. What could cause this, and how can i fix this? (I run Windows XP SP3)

Jabo 1225878450000 #10

But this release runs too quickly

Hmm this might take a bit to figure out why, it might be best to start a thread on emutalk. It would be helpful to know what kind of hardware you have (CPU,RAM,GFX,AUDIO) and exactly "runs too quickly" means. The changes between 1.0 and 0.6 from an execution standpoint weren't that great so it might be fairly easy to isolate why its different.
REPLY updated 1225878494000

squall_leonhart 1225954937000 #11

its probably an issue related to certain dual core processors (AMD Athlon64/X2)

Jim 1226483002000 #12

I can't seem to get the new command line -disablestatehotkeys to work. I edited the properties of the Jnes shortcut target as follows:

"C:\\Program Files\\Jnes\\Jnes.exe" -disablestatehotkeys

But when I click on the shortcut I get an error that states "Unknown options in commandline"

Can anyone help?

Jabo 1226761185000 #13

I can't seem to get the new command line -disablestatehotkeys to work

I may have mistyped this either in the doc or the code I'm not sure, try -disablestatekeys it seems to work here but I can't check at the moment. Also no need to double post
REPLY updated 1226761198000

Jim 1226768749000 #14

"I may have mistyped this either in the doc or the code I'm not sure, try -disablestatekeys it seems to work here but I can't check at the moment. Also no need to double post"

Thanks jabo! That worked. Everything is perfect now...works great in full-screen on my arcade cabinet. 1.0.1 is another great achievement!

tim 1232139366000 #15

do you have a emulator for super nintendo if so where is it id love to download it

Jayz 1236982341000 #16

Nice Emulator!

Plays my Castlevania and Mega Man ROMs smoothly
Can't wait for the next version!

Wiilol4U 1237074652000 #17

Great NES emulator that is very compatible, but it's not perfect. I really love that it has that Artwork feature on the browser. It is nice to see a picture next to the rom name.

andy 1243244960000 #18

i need mapper 250 to play time diver

Brain 1243532122000 #19

Very thank you , for emulator

fantsu 1245228770000 #20

Is it my version of the ROM, or why does I have problems with Battle Of Olympus, I mean the audio, it is missing something. I have played this game for years on my real NES, and the emulated audio lacks some channels, or it just sounds quite strange. Anyone having the same problems, my ROM should be good, but you never can't be 100% sure..

Lupe 1251906000000 #21

Jabo do you have this emulator in ubuntu version?, with wine is imposible to use,

squall_leonhart 1252066588000 #22

take it up with wine devs, you are using jnes outside of the recommended specs.

Jabo 1252480761000 #23

Jabo do you have this emulator in ubuntu version?, with wine is imposible to use

Yea I have to agree with squall here, you need to work with the Wine development team on why it's not working before we consider anything.

me 1252527960000 #24

how do i play games on this?

me 1252528064000 #25

it wont allow me to load games.. what would i be doing wrong

Lupe 1252613737000 #26

Sorry for my english, maybe i can't explain myself, i mean if you have ever think in a native jnes for linux, because is a wonderful emulator,i think, i can play jnes with wine but is a doubt of mine if you would do a native jnes for ubuntu

Iconoclast 1252858984000 #27

It would probably be most efficient (and affect quality) to focus on just how wonderful Jnes can really be before working out how best to port it to Linux.

Emulating it via WINE would probably just be an estimation.

lupe 1252881394000 #28

thank you iconoclast for your answer, right now is not working on wine,(well i can't make it work) but i'll be waiting, and check it out, perhaps is a specific configuration or wine needs time to fix it.

Iconoclast 1252940710000 #29

In cases like these, it is definitely possible to revise either Jnes or WINE to affect like issues.

Since in a limited sense that could be compared here, WINE is also an emulator ruling as a more primary process, the developers of WINE would probably be in better positions to not only possibly trace how WINE could be modified but also what Jnes is doing to show this.

Thanks for the report.

Yogesh 1254041467000 #30

The best NES emulator that i have seen. keep up the good work:)

Acid_1 1259258127000 #31

Jabo, just a quick question. Is this ever going to be ported to Linux? Just wondering

Squall 1259298409000 #32



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